Balsonaro is right: English journalist did ‘unplanned adventure’ – 06/09/2022

As I write this column, an English journalist is missing on Amazon.

Dom Phillips has been living in Brazil since 2007, married to a Brazilian, writes for Guardian And prepares a book on Amazon. As a reporter, he has collaborated for North American newspapers The Washington Post, New York Times And Financial times. His last contact with his wife was on Thursday (2), on his way to an area without cell signals. Phillips promised he would call on Sunday, which he did not.

Phillips was not alone. He enters the Vale do Xavier indigenous lands, where the Amazon comes close to Peru, along with the indigenous Bruno Pereira, a funai worker and expert in the region. For more than a decade and until recently, Bruno has been the regional coordinator of the Funai unit, which covers the area that the pair will visit. In 2018, he adopted the general coordination of isolated and recently contacted Indians. After Bolsonaro’s selection and body changes, Bruno will be released from the adjustment in October 2019. Its relocation from Funai’s headquarters in Brasilia to Amazon will serve the interests of loggers and prospectors.

Last Sunday (5) Phillips’ wife did not receive the promised phone. On the same day, the pair’s last movements were tracked via satellite as they navigated the Itakai River. Since then, there was no communication till today (Thursday) afternoon.

Activists have accused the (so-called) competent authorities of obstructing the intensification of search efforts – and blamed speedboat and helicopter dispatch for pressures from the international press and movements such as Brazilian indigenous articulation.

“Adventure not recommended”

On Tuesday (7), when the news finally got a response, Jair Bolsonaro commented on the disappearance of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira in an interview with SBT. “Two people on a boat in an area, completely wild, is an adventure that is not recommended,” the president said. “Anything could happen. It could be an accident, it could be that they were sentenced to death.”

The video is available on UOL.

The two sides are different in the President’s announcement. One of them is the tone of resignation, the absolute consistency with which Bolsonaro proposes the death penalty. It’s like saying: it’s part of the game. It is reminiscent of previous statements by the same author, equally humorous, which repeatedly demonstrates his already infamous contempt for life. “So what? What do you want me to do?” “I’m not a grave digger.” “We’re all going to die one day.” No anger, no rebellion. There is no power to move or sympathy. Not even a protocol “we will spare no effort”.

The other side is the power of the stubborn, vindictive and cowardly Bolsonaro to hold the victim accountable. In an interview with SBT, he responded almost automatically in the sense of blaming the two missing. Who told you to go where you shouldn’t? Why was it just the two of them? Her allegations are unacceptable. “Who told you to wear such clothes?” Its Siamese twins, perverted “Is it time for a straight girl to walk down the street alone?”

There are arguments in this regard. An equally distorted argument. Without saying what the president of the republic says, basically the following: Don’t mess with loggers, miners, hunters, deforesters and anyone who is committing any kind of crime on Amazon, because you will get hurt.

Two weeks ago, a black man was killed in Sergei after being tortured by federal highway police agents. Police officers arrested Genivaldo de Jesus Santos in the trunk of a car and sprayed him with pepper spray until he suffocated to death. “We cannot generalize to everything that happens in Brazil,” he said. “The PRF does an exceptional job. Justice must be done, without exaggeration, and without media pressure, which always has one aspect: the aspect of robbery.”

The similarity is clear. In response to a reporter asking him about Genevaldo, Bolsonaro turned around and linked him to the bandits. The answer can be summarized as follows: “Bandits, stop protecting inconvenient journalists”. This time the President repeated the same thoughts. “Stop interfering where you are not, you bad journalists.”

Risky profession

I agree with the President when he says that Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira are “an adventure that is not recommended.” Balsonaro’s practice as a journalist in Brazil has proven to be a growing adventure. And our ruler is responsible for this scenario.

It was fortunate that the day Bolsonaro reacted with the usual contempt for life to the disappearance of an English journalist and his adventure partner, Tamara Hochgreb Matos, a judge at the 24th Civil Court in Sao Paulo, condemned the president for moral damages. Collective in the class of journalists. It’s probably, by the way, he’s been receiving threats and abuse ever since.

A sentence of this nature is unprecedented in Brazil and it was published on June 7, which is considered as the day of freedom of the press.

The public civil action that resulted from the conviction was filed in April 2021 by the Syndicato dos Journalists de Sওo Paulo. In it, the entity details numerous offensive statements made by Bolsonaro against newspapers and journalists since its inception, many of which were intended to legitimize or disqualify the profession or to embarrass and intimidate press professionals.

“Such aggression and intimidation from the defendant, who is none other than the head of state, has a profound effect on his supporters,” the judge highlighted, “and contributes to the virtual and even physical attacks that journalists are beginning to suffer জু across Brazil.” It prevents them from exercising their freedom of the press, which is one of the pillars of democracy. ”

Bolsonaro will have to pay R $ 100,000 in state funds to defend its diffuse rights. For the adventure of journalism, the profession remains “not desirable.” But some of us are stubborn. We understand that proper investigation, news, condemnation of rights violations and factual information are morally binding, in Sao Paulo or Sergio, Vivendas da Barra or Valle do Javari. Everything and above all. Blessed are those who are enterprising. We will follow.

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