Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifiers report in 2022: Leclerc burns Baku pole as Perez joins front line Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifiers

Charles Leclerc made an impressive contribution to the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, with Sergio Perez placing himself in the front row in P2.

Leclerc set a final benchmark of 1m 41.359s, surpassing Sergio Perez by two points ten times faster than Sergio Perez in the Q3 break. Although he had value for some time before, Carlos Sainz failed to make one final attempt and finished fourth – behind Max Verstappen.

George Russell unveiled the top five Mercedes, Pierre Gasly sharing his third line with the solid AlphaTauri show. Unhappy with all the time, Lewis Hamilton took seventh and shared the fourth line with AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsafuna.

Sebastian Vettel took P9 to Aston Martin while Alpine’s Fernando Alonso topped the top 10.


1: 41,359

Red Bull Competition
1: 41,641

Red Bull Competition
1: 41,706

1: 41,814

1: 42,712

Q2 saw both McLarens and all Alfa Romeos removed: Lando Norris 11th and Daniel Ricciardo 12th; Zhou Guanyu 14th and Valtteri Bottas 15th. Among the orange and red pears was an Alpine driver, Esteban Ocon.

Kevin Magnussen of Haas was left in Q1, taking P16 for a while on the grid, drivers Williams Alex Albon 17th and Nicholas Latifi 18th.

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll fell in Q1 and started P19 temporarily on the team in front of Mick Schumacher of Haas, 20.

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Q1 – The red flag creates turbulence as late as a space collision

Long shadows passed through the Baku City area at the right time on Saturday evening, after Perez led two of the previous three episodes – Leclerc over Friday FP2.

But it was Verstappen, who eliminated his team, who set the Q1 benchmark with a time of 1m 42.772s, Perez just leaving 0.011s in P2. Ferrari was not far away, Leclerc 0.143s left third with Sainz another tenth in P4. In the bottom line as time went mercilessly they were all Williams, Bottas of Alfa Romeo – who gave up his first run – then Stroll and Schumacher.

The red flag can follow, stopping the session with two minutes and 30 seconds remaining after Stroll errors; The Aston Martin driver closed and knocked his front wing into Turn 7. But on the next line came his last mistake, a Canadian hitting the barriers on Turn 2.

NOTE: Double Stroll damage can be red flags in the Baku qualifying area

See the mad fights at the end of Q1, Mercedes leading the line of cars out of the pits, many drivers being told to push out – chasing the final race as drivers began to fly. round side by side.

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Although he started on his chest along with Latifi, the Bottas only came out in five categories, claiming P15 is a margin of 0.165s more than Magnussen of Haas.

Williams Albon drivers – angry that Alonso had broken his legs – and Latifi were fired in the 17th and 18th respectively, while Stroll sat 19th after his accident and Schumacher finished Ha20 P20s.

Gasly jumped on the P5 to knock down Aston Martin Vettel driver for six, while AlphaTauri Tsonaka team-mate took the P7 and Mercedes’ Russell P8. A solid show from Zhou put the ninth Alfa Romeo ahead of Alpine Ocon.

Hamilton finished 11th with Alonso taking 12, the Alpine driver entered the Turn 15 run-off at his final level – which caused Albon to bounce back and upset Williams’ captain this time around. The McLaren drivers were the following, Norris 13th and Ricciardo 14th, with Bottas last making Q2.

Released: Magnussen, Albon, Latifi, Stroll, Schumacher

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Q2 – Perez is back for the most part

Hamilton, Ocon and Ricciardo were in trouble after the opening, while Alfa Romeo had not yet come out. At the beginning of Q2, Sainz was top 10 with Leclerc – who made a mistake coming out of the last corner – while Verstappen and Perez were just a few hundred behind Monegasque.

Vettel, like Stroll in Q1, had big locks on the Turn 15 and went into the locks with seven minutes to produce a short yellow – again the strength of Aston Martin’s front wings.

The rule was broken when Perez climbed to the top with a time of 1m 41.955s, Leclerc 0.091s back while Sainz finally had 0.133s from Mexico. Verstappen, fourth, was 0.139s behind his teammate – while Gasly finished in the top five.

In the P6 was Mercedes’ Hamilton, who was clearly disappointed after repeatedly trying to make P11 before receiving a helpful pull from Russell (P8). In the middle of the Mercedes was Vettel in P7, and behind them was Alonso in P9.

With a disappointing interest rate when he encountered a slow-moving Hamilton, Norris assisted in his last attempt to fly and came out Q2 and 0.022s on the AlphaTauri Tsoda. Fellow Ricciardo came out on 12th, while Ocon was 13th. Alle Romeo’s Zhou finished 14th, Bottas 15th.

The session ends with Hamilton being investigated for slow driving.

Released: Norris, Ricciardo, Ocon, Zhou, Bottas

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Q3 – Sainz clocks shot at low cost

There was no visible shadow of Q3, so the sun was down. Temperatures also went down, and drivers were able to get more power out of their soft parts.

Gasly started the race from Russell to Hamilton, but the Red Bulls and Ferraris were yet to come out. And when they did, it was Sainz who set the pole time with 1m 41.814s, Leclerc 0.047s from Turn 12. Perez was next, 0.126s from Sainz, and Verstappen fourth and five hundred. The Scuderia was second only to two in terms of qualifying…

Perez’s story made him stay in the garage a little longer than his teammate, leaving him without a control. And with Sainz looking to keep his value, there would be no draw or from Leclerc either.

The Spaniard almost hit the barriers that came out of Turn 2 when he pushed the edge and lost nearly half a second on his attempt. Leclerc did well in the first round, and the second… and it became clear that it could be on the pole when he set a benchmark of 1m 41.359s.

Sanz maintained the benchmark early in Q3

Verstappen fired a small shot into the second half but Perez covered him with eight hundred, second on the board. And, cursing the extra inches they took from Turn 2, Sanz settled on fourth.

Russell took the top five Mercedes, 1,353s off the pole, while Gasly took six for AlphaTauri.

Disturbed by porpoising, Hamilton took seventh for Mercedes, two-tenths behind Russell, while Tsotaka was just over ten points behind Hamilton on his way to P8.

Vettel had another 0.04s behind Tsinetsa nine and in P10 was Alonso, Spaniard 0.08s behind a four-time champion.


Leclerc took fourth place in a row – and also the second straight Azerbaijani GP column

Key words

“Sounds good, this. Obviously all the price points feel good, but this one I probably didn’t expect, because I thought Red Bull was strong, especially in Q1 and Q2, I had a hard time realizing we were fast, but in the end, it all came together. good performance, very happy… I’m very happy about tomorrow ”- Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

What’s next?

Perez and Leclerc face off the front line as Verstappen and Sainz chase each other. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​set to start at 1500 on Sunday. head to RACE HUB to see how to do it.

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