Avoid accidents with children by keeping the house safe; I know how

Anyone who has a child at home or one of the caregivers knows that as much space is organized to avoid accidents, there are risks from time to time. Children can be very curious, active and fearless. In addition, they develop their skills quickly, which is why it is not an exaggeration to say little to care.

It is advisable to keep products that help prevent confusion for a few seconds from opening the gap for inconvenience and in more serious situations involving their health.

It is possible to eliminate “traps” in sockets, drawers, corners and even on the floor with several options for accessories. Discover some items designed to keep children out of harm’s way.

Bath mat – Buba

Price: BRL 59.99 *

Photo: Amazon


Bath mats with suction cups attached to the floor to ensure the balance and stability of the baby. Its textured surface prevents possible falls and its vibrant colors make bathing more fun and enjoyable. “Standing outside the bathtub is great for my son’s adaptation to bathing,” Thai said on the Amazon website.

Fence – Security 1st

Price: BRL 759.99 *

Child Playpen Safety Safety 1st - Amazon - Amazon
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Opened side by side with zipper and octagonal layout, which provides more space for the baby. Portable and easy to carry, it has a handle bag for storing and transporting plapen. “It’s delivered on time, well packaged, easy to open, close, pack and carry wherever you want, very practical. I like it! I highly recommend it”, evaluates consumer Barta Silva on Amazon’s product page.

Versatile lock – Vivababy

Price: BRL 31.99 *

Multipurpose Lock Protection Child Safety Child Brotherhood - Amazon - Amazon
Photo: Amazon


Locks to prevent children from opening and closing drawers and cabinet doors, from hitting hands and fingers. It has 3M double-sided tape for greater fixation. To unlock, just press the blue button. Easy to install and adjust. “Excellent product! It can’t be closed, it’s easy to open and close. Baby can’t open it!”, Commented Manu.

Eva Rage Kit – Tatami

Price: BRL 207.50 to BRL 189 * (9% discount)

Children's Colorful Eva Mat Mat Kit - Amazon - Amazon
Photo: Amazon


Kit with 20 mats produced in EVA. The fitting allows assembly of desired size. Indicated for activities on the floor, including non-slip, which provides stability for children. Dimensions 50 cm x 50 cm x 1 cm. Four units are required to cover 1 square meter. “I was amazed at the quality and ease of assembly,” says Patricia F.

Socket Protector – Lolly

Price: BRL 7.90 *

lolly plug protector Child Protection Child Protection - Amazon - Amazon
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The socket guard prevents the child from placing their fingers or other objects in the socket, which can be a shock. This model is recommended for two-hole round sockets. “I think it’s very safe, because even an adult will not be able to remove it without using the key,” said consumer Fernanda Fernandez on the product page on the Amazon website.

Children’s socks – Trifil

Price: BRL 24.90 *

Children's socks 0 to 3 year old trifil - Amazon - Amazon
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Kit with 3 pairs of socks with non-slip sole, available in sizes 20-23. The products are made of cotton and polyamide. The sole has small rubberized circles, which help prevent slipping. “Older 4-month-olds are using it easily. It will still serve for a long time,” Natacha Brito commented on the Amazon page.

Door Grill – Cosco

Price: BRL 251.90 *

cosco Child Safety Door Grill - Amazon - Amazon
Photo: Amazon


Plastic frames with adjustable widths from 66 cm to 107 cm can be used in different sizes and types of doors. Its installation is easy, as it works under pressure and, according to the manufacturer, does not require tools, hinges or screws. Suitable for children 6 months to 2 years old. “When I got it, I was a little skeptical because the material was so light. But the grid is really safe, it’s flexible to put in place and adjust, then it stays well connected,” said Vivian P. Vieira said in an assessment on the Amazon website.

Angle Defender – Buba

Price: BRL 19.90 *

Buba Corner Protector Child Safety Protection - Amazon - Amazon
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Kit with four units. To ensure the safety of children in everyday life, especially when they start to walk, easy application on tables and furniture with corners. Essential items to avoid accidents. “I put it on my bookshelf and it’s still stuck,” said Leonardo Julio, a customer of the product on the Amazon website.

Security Grid – Total Magazine

Price: BRL 104.90 to BRL 98.72 *

Child Protection Grill Total Magazine Safety - Amazon - Amazon
Photo: Amazon


Measuring 82 cm x 72 cm x 4 cm, it weighs 2.65 kg. It has pressure fixing, eliminating the need to drill holes in doors or walls. It opens for both sides and has a latch closure. Prevents children from moving around in unwanted or dangerous places, such as kitchens and laundry areas. “Easy installation, it fulfills what it promises, I bought it to block some environment for my one year old son”, says Ricardo on Amazon page.

Crib Screen – Baby Deluxe

Price: BRL 88.64 *

Baby Deluxe Baby Crib Screen - Amazon - Amazon
Photo: Amazon


Breathable goat protective fabric that protects without disturbing air circulation. Prevents the baby from walking through the bars on the legs or arms. Adjustable, so that it covers the entire side of cribs of different types and sizes. Composition in 100% polyester. Recommended for children up to 3 years. “It arrived on time, excellent material, beautiful, great finish, safe. I recommend it!”, Says Michelin Noguira on the Amazon website.

Protection Grid – Petutil

Price: BRL 109.63 to BRL 99.63 * (9% discount)

Child Protection Gardel Petutil - Amazon - Amazon
Photo: Amazon


Produced in respiratory fabric with dimensions of 87 cm x 41 cm x 35 cm. Its folding structure does not require drilling, which makes its installation very easy. Just place your base under the mattress and the grid will be tight and secure. “Amazing product, it’s extremely safe and protects the baby,” said Keila, a consumer of the product on Amazon’s website. Caldas says 6

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