At the Masters, Tiger Woods will take Ice with them

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Tiger Woods stood in the glorious sun of Georgia one evening last week, long before the heat of the cold, the hours of fire ahead.

“A lot of help, a lot of ice, a lot of ice water, it’s just cold to death,” Woods said of his plans before the shooting at the Augusta National Golf Club. “That’s just part of the deal.”

The needy is an athlete whose medical history has been closely monitored and documented – by doctors, as well as many physical therapists in theaters, chat rooms and the media – for years. But with Woods chasing his sixth Masters Tournament title in less than 14 months car crashes made leg cramps, a 46-year-old golf course recovery could be more important than any green reading.

“If they can move around here in 72 holes, they will compete,” said Fred Couples, a 1992 Masters winner who trained with Woods before the tournament opened Thursday. “She is very good. She is very good. “

The families probably had high hopes when they spoke Monday. Woods fired an impressive 71 tackle on Thursday and 74 on Friday to achieve the perfect result over the weekend. Combined together, the rounds, up and down as it were, were spectacular displays of brutality and grit that helped Woods control his game for years. But cut-off trips are expected to be much cheaper.

Woods talked all week about how he was not affected by his golf skills, though he was openly concerned about the damage to the body that had had its easy days before.

That is why he and his team have to spend many hours in the middle of the cycle trying to achieve the desired desires: reduce the swelling that comes with walking around the nightmare of Augusta, and keep the rebuilt Woods “branch of the mobile phone warmed, lit and exploded next. day, ”as he put it.

“Most games, if you don’t feel good, you have a friend to give it to, and they can carry stuff, or a ball, one day a week,” Woods said. “We now have four straight days, and no one can carry anything except me. I have to find a way to do it. ”

According to Woods, he has not taken a day off from his rehabilitation work since he came out of bed three months after his one-car accident near Los Angeles in February 2021. fibula in his right leg, and that caused doctors to add sticks, plates and leg braces. wake.

Subsequent recovery had to be exchanged for gambling and, in a case not uncommon for Woods, an unshakable confidence in his ability, a waste of his ability to be.

Some changes seem easier to accept than others, such as new shoes to help stabilize education. But experts have revised the protocols of the past and when I finish – “if I go ahead and break it down, they go and fix it at night,” Woods said Friday – who has greatly improved the time it comes to playing.

Those tactics, which can last for hours, have left Woods to spend less time, say, hit a thousand balls a day and clean up, again, the complexity of his game.

“It hurts me and laughs at the simple things I just do that can take a few hours here and a few hours to get ready and finish,” he said. “Therefore, the time to do, to do what I want to do, adds a lot of time to both sides.”

The goal, he said, was to strengthen the strength that enabled him and any other champion in Augusta, to provide enough rest to make golf golf more viable than dreaming.

But these methods can soothe, not quench, the pain, which Woods said exists “on a daily basis.”

But he still insists that pain is not a problem. According to his history, he had no unexpected obstacles in his early days back in Augusta.

Woods’ question – as well as the rest of the field in Augusta – is how long a prepared leg can withstand. The training, which was extended this year, now represents 7,510 yards, the longest in the history of the competition, which was first played in 1934. Woods predictions have come a long way.

“I was expecting a lot of pain and discomfort,” Woods said Friday. “It’s a combination. I can walk this golf course – I can wear tennis shoes and walk, it’s not a problem.

Soon he set off, perhaps on another ice night.

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