At the Masters, Tiger Woods Shows Great Light and Signs of Struggle

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The sun rose through a narrow path in a cloudy sky as Tiger Woods approached the first tee Thursday at the Masters Tournament. It threw the place like a light. But the light was not necessary.

It seemed like every eye on the Augusta National Golf Club – as well as millions of other viewers around the world – turned to Woods, who was returning to top golf after 408 days in a catastrophic catastrophic crash. one car accident.

About five hours later, Woods marched on the 18th fairway to clap his hands, not only acknowledging his successful return to competitive golf, but also realizing that he had done so on a grand scale.

In his first team of experts in 17 months, Woods shot 71 with three birds and two bogeys. To be sure, he looked rusty, and many of his well-known metal objects were often leafless. He did not get along well with his driver and played par 3 of Augusta National double down with 5 points alike, in contrast to his usual routine.

But Woods’ placement, always his great strength, saved him over and over again. He stepped out of the 18th hole with a bigger smile than the frightened one who briefly illuminated the first hole.

Afterwards, Woods was grateful, as well as his regular competitor. He was already looking forward to climbing to the top of the board as the race progressed.

“This is where I should be,” Woods, who was arrested on the 10th, said of his role (Sungjae Im led the fourth round with five-under 67). Of the thousands of fans who flocked to each of the play venues, he said: “The venue was electric. I am very fortunate to have such an opportunity to play and be received. ”

Although Woods seemed impatient at times, he seemed strong enough to withstand the pressure to walk up and down many of the Augusta National mountains. However, there were signs indicating that he was approving of his right leg and his recovered leg, which now includes sticks, plates and support brackets. For example, he often sat on the back of his golf ball as he used to do to count the putts near the level of the game.

In the ninth hole, as Woods left the tee, he appeared to be shaking as his right leg seemed to be moving with difficulty. He looked at the next few steps. As Woods regained his composure afterwards, he took a deep breath as the day progressed.

“Traveling is not easy; It is difficult, ”he said. “It will be difficult for me for the rest of my life. That is the way it is, but I can do it. ”

No one can accept a slight victory, Woods admitted that just sitting in Augusta National and finishing 18 holes was a complete victory. Asked why, he said: “If you could see how my leg looked when it was here – from there to here, it was not an easy task.”

Woods began his day with a bold march to the first tee, where he met with a thrill. After picking up his hat, he drove to the first street. But his shooting strategy, as he did Thursday, disappeared. Slowly descending on the green, Woods encountered a kind of putt no golfer appreciating the lush green – slippery, broken 12-footer. But he dried up accordingly, and the green space roared.

He was not sharp in the second par-5 hole, which was often the place where Woods could count birds, if not an eagle. But the smaller shot resulted in a higher interest rate, a foreign chip and two pieces of putt. Three other groups took place when Woods settled into a good song. Then, hitting from a high altitude of the sixth floor, Woods skillfully fired his shot into the air. Within seconds, it landed on the green and quickly stood about 18 inches from the hole to become a simple bird.

As he sat down, fans around the Augusta National grounds, where large white giants were all over the place, saw Woods’ name appear near the top of the board. More roaring.

Leaving the sixth green, Woods shrugged his shoulders disrespectfully and closed his mouth to – without – hide the grin. Perhaps the prospect of leading the Masters within an hour of his return to the race seemed a bit far-fetched, even for him.

But, starting with the seventh hole, the repeated mistakes were with Woods just looking to follow the leaders. For five holes, from the 7th to the 11th, he destroyed the best photos after missing the green with his shot.

Woods was rescued along with a nervy putt on the seventh green, but did not get close to sinking the 8-foot par putt at 5-8 holes and exited with his first bogey round.

In the ninth hole, he drove his car through the trees that were just left on the left side of the road before leaving another short path, though he also kept a clutch putt. He did the same when his 11 green path went wrong. He had two immovable holes in the small, 12-hole holes, then fired a par-5 13th hole when he reached the green two stripes. This made him one of the rounds.

Another deforestation in the forest at the next pit brought out the old Tiger as he badly hit the ball to cross the big pine trees on the way to the green. His maker, however, could not save him, and he returned until one day with the bogey.

Another unfair move led to a habit similar to the 5 15th hole, but Woods, as he has often done in the past, kept a small 3 16 hole game as he drowned in a crooked, climbing 23-foot putt. for birdie. This success also led Woods to make his first boxing match.

Going around in the 60s wasn’t out of the question, but Woods just drove the habit on the 17th hole. But the rotation ended with an improvement as he recovered to stand up to 8-foot putt and defend himself around.

Leaving the final hole, Woods, a five-time Masters expert, seemed to be on the verge of giving a full warning.

“We have a long way to go,” he said of the race. “Golf has changed a lot – cold, dry, twisted. It’s going to be very difficult.”

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