At Masters, Tiger Woods Finishes, Individual Success

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Tiger Woods had 212 yards to green on Sunday morning. Holding the long iron, he was swaying at just the right speed and in this way. But something went wrong with the ball, and in the millisecond it took Woods to switch from the downside to follow, he left the club. It fell on his left shoulder.

The shot flew 30 yards closer to his target, and Woods was furious. His shoulders fell off. He sighed and pulled the club out of the grass and slowly pushed forward a bit and looked at his right leg which he had repaired after having his car accident in Feb. 23, 2021.

The 2022 Masters Tournament, which started with a happy smile for Woods as he returned to the Augusta National Golf Course surrounded by a support team of friends, played him in his final hours in small, humble ways.

Woods’ error in the fifth round of the final round was one of many things, in the second of three consecutive innings in the front nine. Since its impressive, impressive opening once — under Article 71, Woods has been partially paralyzed – delivered by leg ulcers, spinal cord injury caused by cold weather and the need to walk and play for seven consecutive days for the first time. in 17 months.

By Sunday, the overflowing crowd at his opening game had dropped dramatically as fans rushed to see the leaders of the fourth round, which ended three hours later.

But as Woods made his way up the 18th hill, a large crowd of expectant fans applauded.

After two bogey at No. 17 and 4-foot putt at No. 18, Woods finished around six par, 13 in the race. He shook hands with his teammate, Jon Rahm, raised his hat in public and left the group, smiling and shaking.

It was not what Woods thought when he decided to return to professional golf within five months of announcing his days as a top player. But Woods certainly does not see his four-day scoring in this year’s competition as a measure of his form.

After Thursday’s first tour, Woods, who for a quarter of a century was known to be the sole target of every race to win, was asked if the mere appearance at Augusta National was a win.

“Yes,” he replied. “Absolutely yes.”

It was Woods’ confession of confession, but it paints a picture of him climbing slowly into the mountains on Sunday, often walking. He did not finish anywhere near the leaders, but he did finish.

After his final tour, Woods said he was grateful, after all he had experienced, to play this year in a tournament he had won five times, and that continued to mean a lot to him. He said this week they did very well in the unbeaten game.

“People around me understand, they see,” Woods said. Some of the players around me have seen, and seen some pictures and things I had to put up with, and they appreciate it more than anyone else. Because he knows what it takes to do this here at this level. “

He added: “It’s been a difficult process and you know, I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to experience a variety of things that have happened. But in 14 months, I can play in the Masters.”

It looks like Woods will not play again until the PGA tournament in mid-May in Tulsa, Okla. Woods said his development plan could be followed by the path Ben Hogan took when he returned to golf from a car accident in 1949. Hogan broke his neck, hip, ribs and knee, and suffered serious injuries. Hogan won the US Open the following year with two other major golf leagues in 1951 but skipped many other games.

In November, in his first public comments since his accident, Woods sparked Hogan’s return as the next show.

“I think the only thing that is true is to play one day – never to come back – but pick and choose, as Mr. Hogan did,” he said. “Pick and choose a few events a year and you play around.”

On Sunday 10th, Woods again badly shook his driver. He held on to his club and leaned against it as his ball pulled into the woods.

Woods then used the club as a stick to support his right side as he descended the slope which resulted in a drop of 80 meters from the tee box to a distance. Arriving on the slope, Woods handed his driver over to his friend, Joe LaCava, and he became a soldier.

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