At 177 km / h the car collides with the bus and makes the kids “fly”; See the moment

Posted on 04/29/2022 21:26

Response to the video led to calls for more safety measures on school buses – (Credit: SkyNews / Reproduction)

A video that went viral this week shows tragic footage of a school bus crash in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. On record, high school students laugh or whistle with their phones, until a loud crash is heard, and a second later, the students are thrown to the other side of the bus. Many were seen flying in the air as their seats were broken. Watch the video captured by the agency Sky News:

When the car stopped, when it tipped, passengers fell to the ground and some shouted “My God”. The images point to an accident that occurred on February 23, but the images have only been leaked to US social media this week. Seven children were taken to hospital and two suffered serious fractures that required surgery.

However, it is estimated that adolescents will have more emotional damage. “These kids have been going through this trauma for a while, because whenever they get on the bus they will remember what happened,” Alfred Lucero, the grandfather of a 13-year-old student who broke his pelvis, told the news. Channel KOBFrom Albuquerque.

The man responsible for the crash was a white Mustang, which collided with the side of a school bus while the driver, Mario Perez, 49, was competing with another.

Mario was traveling at a speed of 177 km / h in an area where the speed limit was 65 km / h. The driver in the accident broke his femur and he did not drive until the case was tried, but was allowed to wait for the trial at liberty.

After going viral, public defender Jonathan Iberra, who defended Mario, said The Washington Post The video is not conclusive evidence of the customer’s guilt. “We understand the nature of the video, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t tell the whole story. We have to let the judicial process work as it pleases, ”the lawyer said.

The response to the video has led to calls for more safety measures on school buses. State Representative Bill Reham wrote a bill in 2019 that would make seat belts a mandatory item in this type of transportation. However, the proposal did not come from the New Mexico Senate Education Committee.

“If the kids were wearing seat belts, they wouldn’t be flying through the car,” Reham said.

The school bus model front and back are protected, but there is no reinforcement on the side

Per The Washington Post, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says school buses are considered the safest way for children to get to school. The agency says that every year, only six children die in a school bus, and about 2,000 are taken in private cars.

The NHTSA further states that school buses are built with a subdivision technology, where the rear and front of the vehicle are strong and distribute the impact in a way that does not harm the passengers – even the seats are designed so that they can absorb the impact energy. For this reason, buses “do not need seat belts”.

However, technology fails to fully protect the car. The Achilles Hill vehicle side of the school transport. “The current compartmentalization is incomplete because it does not protect school bus passengers from the side effects of public transport and rollovers, as passengers are not always fully seated in the seat carriage in this accident,” the NHTSA noted.


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