Astros extends 11 game wins

WASHINGTON – Another major departure for pilot crews and Jose Altuve’s first start was the Astros who needed to continue on Friday night.

Framber Valdez held the Nationals to one race in 7 2/3 innings, and the Astros defeated Washington founder Josiah Gray five times in the first inning, including the homers and Altuve and Yuli Gurriel, to extend their 11-game winning streak. 6-1 win at Nationals Park.

“They were attacking early, and we didn’t jump on anyone for long,” said Astros manager Dusty Baker, whose 2,009-year victory led to the passing of Leo Durocher to 10th place in full-time science. winner list. “I feel good to lead, start Framber. That was the first inning.”

The Astros, who have won 15 games in the last 17 games, can tie the knot with 12 consecutive club wins and win Saturday night. All Astros team-mates have allowed 10 to earn in 99 innings (0.91 ERA) in 11 club games.

“You see the statistics, we’re still in the whole league badly, but we’re at the top of the list,” Baker said. “The casting will take you a long time until your error is gone.”

Take a closer look at how the Astros achieved their 11th consecutive victory:

Valdez begins closing in the seventh
Valdez threw 105 yards – most of them an Astros pitcher this year – but failed to finish eight innings, which would have built the team stronger. He has a 2.08 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP in his last four innings, each of which has been a good start in interpretation.

“Framber was very good,” Baker said. “He started to tremble, but well we had the first lead, and he took us inside the game. We’re trying to get him through that eighth so I don’t use too much of my bull. When you start singing like that, your bullpen is new. This is very important during this game.”

By the time Valdez went to the hill, he had five steps, which helped him to relax. He left two single-out singles for the first time before sending 15 of the next 18 batters to make it to the seventh. The Houston runners have a 0.95 ERA in the winning race.

“Obviously, flexibility does a very good job,” Valdez said. “We all help each other and advise each other and see if someone is doing something wrong, someone can help fix it. I feel good that everyone is doing well. ”

Gurriel plays at home for the first season
It has been a slow start to the season in the American League for the Warriors, but Gurriel lost in his first game in the first inning and added a sharp nine. Homer was his first since Oct. 2, 2021 – height of 102 bats.

“We were all happy for Yuli, because he hit the first one,” Baker said. “The first one seems like the hardest to find. I hope they start moving from there.”

Gurriel said hitting coach Alex Cintron helped him change the way he stood in the box, which helped him see the ball better.

“I’ve been working hard and adapting all season to get the results we want,” Gurriel said. “Unfortunately, it was not so, but today it is an example [that] the work is worthwhile. ”

Gurriel, who won the AL Gold Glove last year, once again demonstrated his defensive skills as he started and finished the 3-4-3 double in six games. What made the game even more impressive was that Gurriel was looking down at the first bag when he grabbed the ball instead of looking at the ball.

“It’s just a drama that I try hard for,” he said with a smile. “I just went in and found a briefcase. I knew I had a ball. “

Alvarez is causing another long-term explosion
Their Alvarez 438-foot run in the middle of the third circle was 11th season and third in the last two games. He briefly tied the Yankees slugger Aaron Judge to lead the AL, but the Judge hit his 12th Friday. Could they be in the early stages of a home run with the Judge?

“To be honest, it’s not something I care about much,” Alvarez said. “A lot of people have brought this to me, but for now, my goal is to try to do a good job and go play every day.”

11 players in 27 games are Alvarez’s top scorers with 11 home runs in a single season, ahead of his 2019 AL Rookie of the Year campaign, where he had 11 homers in 30 games.

“Right now, I’m really looking forward to trying to connect with the ball, as I always do, and fortunately, things are going well,” Alvarez said.


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