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90 + 4 min A free-kick in the center line gives Villa one last chance …

90 + 2 min The corner of Ings is led by Buendia near the post. He was stressed and not very fortunate. Villa played well tonight, and you could make a 1-2 or 2-2 charge to be a good result.

90 + 2 min van Dijk cleared the ball at the fingers of Ings, who tickled Matip cleverly in the area. Ings did well in the last quarter of the game.

90 min Four minutes of extra time. Naby Keita is down, and Jurgen Klopp – who has been on the move for the second half – is trying to get Mo Salah’s curiosity about something or something.

89 min Money flows into a side net from the right corner of the place. Alisson was covered, and it was the wrong decision with Ings and Buendia waiting in the area.

88 min The home team loves handball as the ball hits van Dijk on the edge of the field. Jon Moss is not interested, nor is he a VAR member.

70 min Emi Buendia replaces Philippe Coutinho. (Yes, I missed it – sorry.)

85 min: Ings have a banned goal! That was the end, to be chased down Alisson from the narrow side, but he was far away. And deep down he knew.

Aston Villa’s Danny Ings has found the net but has been ruled out due to offside. Photo: Matthew Ashton / AMA / Getty Images
Ings deals with frustration.
Ings deals with frustration. Photo: Carl Recine / Action Images / Reuters

84 min: Alisson Rescue! Villa is still in this. Ings, surrounded by defenders, abracadabras ample space to shoot from the solid side. Alisson moves to his right to save and kick the ball then more and more Chukwuemeka to follow.

83 min A sweet half-volley from Keita, 25 yards from the yoke, spins around. Martinez was covered but it was a fun hit.

81 min Ollie Watkins has been replaced by Bertrand Traore. I think Watkins either shot or pulled something during a difficult match with van Dijk.

80 min “Hello Rob,” wrote Becky Scarrott. “I wrote down what you shared last time – thanks for mentioning it! She can prove she’s a lovely person. She also makes a simple cappuccino.”

Contributors who have personalities and / or lives are a very good thing. See also: Dean, Michael.

79 min After a well-prepared game from Villa, the legendary Ings cross finally makes it clear with Alexander-Arnold.

77 min Salah was shot by Mings after a successful game with Jota. Liverpool’s third goal seems to be close, but as I say I’m not a fortune teller.

76 min The Tsimikas exit corner leads to Alisson and Matip, a victory that exists because Alisson is at a distance of 90 yards. I meant Martinez obviously.

75 min: No Line! A smart Mane / volley chest from the right of the six-yard box out of line with Cash. It could be that it was going too well and Cash was not lucky.

74 min A few crosses from Alexander-Arnold, who had a high-profile game, as Villa had planned for them. Liverpool have been a better team in the second half, yet Villa had a similar chance. They remain a threat to what I am saying.

72 min Salah was just about to pass by right away, running on Keita’s long trek. Konsa did well to lift him up and Salah passed the ball to Martinez.

72 min “Jon Moss is selling some Beatles Albums and Merseybeat mixtapes tomorrow!” says Terry Weston. “Humph!”

Has he become so bad? There have been a few choices here and there but no big deal, or my short-term memory has gone to the pan?

71 min: Liverpool’s transformation Mo Salah replaces Luis Diaz, who has done nothing but create what could be a winning goal.

69 min: Opportunity for Ings! Watkins passes very well for Ings, who hits the top line once but then passes the ball slowly. This allows Alisson to charge and maintain the mark individually. No one does it better.

67 min I was about to write that Diaz and Jota exchanged wings while Diaz made a goal. He’s back right now, an idea that would have led to people being ridiculed if not for Jurgen Klopp he knew more about football management than I do.

That’s a very good goal. Thiago won the ball in the middle of the game and found Mane. He moved it to Jota, who cut Diaz to his left. He ran to the Mings and hit a smooth cross towards Mane, who headed the highest header past Martinez. Mane was kicking back when the ball came to him, but he acted smart and straightened his head well.

OBJECTIVE! Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool (Mane 65)

Luis Diaz moves to the left wing and scores a goal right away!

Sadio Mane scored a header.
Sadio Mane scored a header. Photo: Craig Brough / Reuters
Liverpool's Senegal player Sadio Mane (L) celebrates scoring.
Liverpool’s Senegal player Sadio Mane (L) celebrates scoring. Photo: Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

65 min Villa did not panic during the break in the second half. Sounds like Liverpool knocking them down slowly before receiving the 83rd minute winner, but I have never been a predictor.

63 min: Liverpool’s transformation And Liverpool change: Thiago replaces Curtis Jones.

62 min “I don’t know what makes you an RT,” says Francis Mead, “but mentioning ‘Liverpoo’ for 32 minutes would be a sign of Putin’s habits.”

What did Frasier Crane say? “Apo and there is no danger. ”

62 min: Villa transformation Carney Chukwuemeka comes on Marvelous Nakamba in midfield. I think Douglas Luiz will go into the bouncer section in front of the back four.

61 min “Bring Salah to Jones,” says Joe Pearson. “Keep Jota in the middle. Put Mane in the middle. Please.”

I don’t hate to break you, but Mane is already playing in the middle. Salah is happening soon, NQAT.

60 min The best Cash cross is well protected by Matip, who had Watkins (I think) waiting for him behind him.

60 min This inheritance is for people with a problem.

59 min “My respect for Jon Moss went up a notch when he did not send Stevie B to Leicester,” says Yash Gupta. “That day was my birthday and it’s still a very WTF moment. However, I want Villa to do nothing but Klopp’s frustration.”

The Stevie B?

57 min Alexander-Arnold hits free ball in a remote post. It was a clever idea, hitting the yoke with force rather than twisting it around, but it did not work well.

55 min Liverpool have extended their lead since half. Mane were intercepted by McGinn 25 yards from goal, which gives Alexander-Arnold another chance. This free kick is average over the previous one.

54 min Mo Salah is one of the Liverpool players in the running. I don’t know why I struggled to tell you this, because it would be an issue if he didn’t warm up. The three coaches didn’t play well tonight – I don’t want to think too deeply about one game, but Diaz feels good and dangerous when playing from the left.

52 min Ings is looking for a better way to Watkins, whose slightly heavier touch allows Tsimikas to make the most of the momentum. That was a great defense – if it doesn’t fit the goal, then 0.4 on the old xG.

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