Arkansas are holding rallies to beat Oklahoma State after an 8-run inning

STILLWATER, Okla. – Arkansas scored eight runs on top of the eighth inning to finish off the run from five innings, and the Razorbacks stunned Oklahoma State with a 20-12 wild win over Saturday night at O’Brate Stadium.

Arkansas (40-19) advanced to the NCAA Stillwater Regional tournament, where they will play either Oklahoma State or Missouri State on Sunday at 6 p.m.

Oklahoma State (40-21) will play Missouri State (31-28) in the playoffs Sunday afternoon. Both teams need to win three games in two days to win the divisions.

Missouri State saved its season by scoring in the final six games to beat Grand Canyon 8-7 earlier in the day.

Arkansas built a great season with seven innings, plus a huge Jalen Battles strike in the first game from Trevor Martin to emphasize the top of the eighth inning, which saw the Razorbacks go from 10-8 to 16-16.

Their military rush sent many orange-wearing OSU fans to the exit hotspots like hundreds of red Hogs.

Before the war, Arkansas put seven runners down and hit just once, leading Peyton Stovall.

Zack Gregory and Braydon Webb were hit by the ball before the OSU Roman Phansalkar was replaced by Nolan McLean, the Cowboys’ third baseman. McLean beat Brady Slavens for the first time, but went on to beat Cayden Wallace and Michael Turner in a 10-yard touchdown run to make it 10-10.

McLean then hit Chris Lanzilli with a pitch to lead the Razorbacks, 11-10. Robert Moore also pulled a full walk to force another run and some change, from McLean to Martin.

Arkansas also made four appearances in the ninth inning. Lanzilli hit three times – 50th of his career – Moore before entering the same RBI produced by Stovall.

The Razorbacks’ 20 runners who became second only to the NCAA postseason, one of the 21 embarrassed winners of the top victory in North Carolina State last year.

Arkansas trailed Oklahoma State by five runs multiple times, plus 10-5 after the Cowboys had scored three times against Zack Morris and Kole Ramage in the sixth inning.

The Razorbacks cut OSU’s lead to 10-8 in the top seven in Turner and Moore’s two outer games.

After Jake Thompson led the seventh round against Zebulon Vermillion, Arkansas called in, Brady Tygart, to keep the game close. Tygart ran batteries to upgrade the starters, but Chase Adkison went down to Moore in second place to build the buses full.

The Cowboys scored twice against Tygart at the end of the eighth. Caeden Trenkle walked in and Zach Ehrhard was hit by a pitch Brett Brown before scoring both and two-out singles.

Will McEntire replaced Tygart and made the final flight from David Mendham. McEntire left all four fighters he met to close out the game.

Arkansas played behind many of the Cowboys after scoring five goals in the bottom three to lead 7-2.

McLean ran twice home to the left against Evan Taylor to give the Cowboys a 4-2 lead. Taylor allowed two other runners before he was replaced by Morris and one in the inning. Morris hung his first pitch for Roc Riggio, who ran the broken ball on the right wall to put OSU ahead 7-2.

Arkansas also made its first rematch between midfield innings. Wallace led the fourth round with the Razorbacks’ third home game in the playoffs, and one of Turner’s two-time two wickets cut the Cowboys lead 7-5.

Turner, Lanzilli, Moore and War all had 4 RBI of the Razorbacks.

It seems that Arkansas will move on to sixth place after the War was decided and Stovall was hit with a series of pitch. With runners in the corners, Webb ran a double rope caught on running water by the middle Trenkle to steal the Razorbacks at least once.

Arkansas did well against OSU All-America right-wing Justin Campbell, who allowed 5 runs and hit 7 in 5 innings. But the Razorbacks did not start well from left-back Hagen Smith, whose starting point 1 1/3-inning was the shortest of the year.

Smith worked on the first 38-pitch of the season which ended when Marcus Brown selected a player for the third division with a full start.

Smith was released after 46 yards, 22 of which were beaten.

Slavens and Moore hit just one run in the first and second innings to give Arkansas the lead.

OSU responded to all running under the inning. Riggio rallied, went wide on the pitch and scored a throwback with third baseman Wallace to build the game 1-1 at the bottom of the first.

Riggio doubled against Taylor in the second inning to find Adkison, who led and walked against Smith.

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