Archie is 3 years old and proves that he is the real kid that breaks the tradition

The firstborn of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel, Archie Harrison is 3 years old this Friday (6/5). The boy came to earth and broke with royal protocol, such as receiving the name of his baptism and presenting it to his subjects just two days after his birth. In the face of a few months of living and the unprecedented decision of his parents, the boy has “gone on to enjoy a life that no other royal child has ever lived before.”

When Archie was 10 months old, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to leave the senior branch of the British Crown and start a new life in North America. The family first settled in Canada and then permanently settled in the United States. Far from the limitations of the royal family, learn the details of the child’s routine and the differences between him and his cousins ​​- George, Charlotte and Louis – who continue to follow the royal protocol. Claudia Meireles column tells you to beat!

Archie’s naming picture, the firstborn of Harry and Megan
1 – Untitled

Although he ranks seventh in the line of inheritance of the throne, Archie does not have the title of prince like his three younger cousins, the sons of William and Kate Middleton. According to The Mirror, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not want their son to have a status for a more normal life. However, Meghan and Harry denied the episode and wanted to name the heirs to ensure royal protection.

“He’s just known as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor,” the tabloid said. If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex disclose it, the boy may use his father’s title of Earl of Dumberton and be called Lord Dumberton. However, the British press reported that Harry and Megan did not want to name the heirs.


2 – Away from relatives

Living in California, Archie grew away from his paternal relatives, such as his grandfather, Prince Charles; Uncle William; And cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis. To reduce the distance, the boy’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, usually makes video calls to be present and present in the child’s life. As a Christmas gift in 2020, the king sent the baby a waffle maker. The boy loves to enjoy breakfast.

Queen Elizabeth, Archie, Harry, Meghan Merkel, Philip and Doria Ragland
Queen Doria is watching her great-grandson Archie with Ragland. The boy is the son of Harry and Megan.
3 – Limited picture

It has become a tradition for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to publish official portraits of the three heirs on their respective birthdays. The same is not true of Meghan and Harry. Before resigning from the monarchy, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared several important stages of family life. After leaving, they practically went into hiding. Parents of Archie and Lilibet Diana, the pair have always loved to keep their privacy complete.

“The couple decided to go against the tradition of taking photos on the steps of the hospital after birth. It also kept the naming as a personal celebration, but released two official photos that day. The most recent records of two Sussex children appeared on the Christmas card. Until then, Lilliputian Diana has never appeared in official clicks. Archie is fascinated by his father’s red hair.

Color pictures of Prince Harry, Megan Merkel, Archie and Lilliput Diana
Reunited family! Harry, Meghan, Archie and Lilibet Diana
Click to post Megan and Harry to celebrate Archie’s 2nd birthday. Parents choose not to show their first child’s face
4 – Separate daycare

Real kids tend to start their high school careers at the traditional Wilcox Nursery School. After kindergarten, they went to Thomas’ Battersea School. According to the British Portal, Archie started going to the classroom earlier this year. At the institution, students learn “emotional literacy”, mindfulness, caring for the environment and how to be kind. There are also Spanish, music and theater classes.

One of the differences between Archie’s school is its focus on environmental protection. For example, children often go to gardens with fruit trees, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

Meghan Merkel and Archie
Archie is running along the beach
5 – Unusual animals

Archie is another member of the royal family who is fond of animals. Passion is believed to pass through the veins of members of the Windsor dynasty. The father of the pet, the little boy has two dogs, one named Guy and the other Pula6 The baby does not have a four-legged kitten. He likes chicken. In the house where he lives in Montesito, Pimpleho goes to the chicken coop and feeds the birds.

Boy inside the chicken coop with colorful boots
The image appeared during Meghan’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres

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