Application for immunization of children – General

Matthias Sims, 37, nurse Natalia Vanderlei, took her 2-year-old son, David, to get a measles and flu shot. (Photo: Tlio Santos / EM / DA Press)

The mayor of Belo Horizonte, Fouad Noman (PSD), appealed to parents to vaccinate their children against the flu, measles and covid-19 at the inaugural D-Day of vaccination in the capital yesterday. Similar to the old campaign, City Hall has set up a vaccination post in Americo Ren Giannetti Municipal Park and counted the presence of Jade Gotinha.

“Historically, everyone has been vaccinated against measles and has never had a problem. I’m making this an appeal to parents. Let’s get the children vaccinated,” the mayor said. The flu vaccination campaign for children aged 6 months to 5 years started yesterday. Vaccination against measles started on April 4. 120,000 people of this age are expected to be vaccinated against the flu and measles.

Regarding vaccination against COVID-19, children can only start vaccinating from the age of 5 years. In this age group, ages 5 to 11, 75.2% of children have already received the first dose and 36.3% have received the second dose. The mayor reiterated the importance of the vaccine. “I’ve vaccinated against everything. I’ve taken 4 doses of Kovid-19 and the flu dose. The vaccine is basic.”

Nurse Natlia Vanderlei Matias Simes, 37, took her two children for vaccination. David, 2, has taken doses against measles and flu in the municipality at Park. Cau, 9, was taken to a health post for a second dose of COVID-19.

Natalia took advantage of Saturday to update her vaccine and warned mothers who have not yet taken their children to be vaccinated for fear. “I’m afraid that children will not be vaccinated. Vaccination is very important in preventing serious diseases.”

Solidarity of parents

Municipal Health Secretary Claudia Navarro says mobilization campaigns have contributed to increasing parental loyalty to the vaccine against Kovid-19. “We need to talk about the importance of the vaccine and show parents that one dose is not enough for Covid,” he said.

The Secretary recalls that City Hall has intensified its campaign to summon parents. “We understand that children do not want to be vaccinated. Parents do not want their children to be vaccinated. We have worked hard to make parents aware of the importance of vaccines,” he said.

The Secretary pointed out that the solidarity drive is continuing even today. “We will have four points where we will link vaccination to retirement.” This Sunday, May 1, children between the ages of 5 and 11 will be vaccinated against COVID-19 at BH da Gente’s locations in the center-south, Pampulha, west and northwest.

The goal of the flu vaccine is to help reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases in children. “After May and June, a very large number of respiratory diseases will begin to appear,” the secretary thought.

Josen Gusmo, state coordinator of the Secretary of State’s immunization project, pointed out the reasons for the low adherence of children to vaccination against measles and COVID-19. He noted that in the case of measles, Minas did not report cases of the disease in 2020 and 2021, which may have led to less loyalty. “It creates a false impression that the disease can’t come back. People don’t get vaccinated because they think they won’t get sick, which is wrong,” he thinks.

Regarding influenza, he emphasized the importance of such campaigns. The vaccine prevents severe cases of the flu, reduces hospitalization and death. “The influenza vaccination campaign has been going on for 24 years because it has had an impact on public health. It is important that people get vaccinated,” he concluded. He also defended the importance of vaccination against COVID-19.

The secretary said that until tomorrow, Belo Horizonte will receive a vaccine against COVID-19 for use by the public over the age of 60. According to him, 250,000 vaccines are needed to cover the elderly population. “From the moment we have all the doses, there is no obstacle for us to start vaccinating immediately,” he guaranteed.

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