Anne I, the Russian empress who built an ice palace and sent a couple there on their wedding night

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He was a Russian aristocrat and she was the daughter of an Italian innkeeper. But this didn’t cease Prince Mikhail Alekseevich Golitsyn from falling head over heels in love with Lucia.

The situation imposed by him for the marriage was that he convert to Catholicism, even when secretly – which represented no impediment.

But this transformation was an unforgivable sin for Anne of Russia, the nation’s ruler when the couple arrived in Moscow in 1732. And he’ll do his finest to make them repent deeply.

It was unacceptable for a man of Golitsyn’s stature to go away the Russian Orthodox Church, particularly if the motive was love.

Sarina suffered from bitterness, a highly effective emotion that would typically be extra damaging than hatred. His reign turned often called the “Dark Ages”, one in all the saddest durations in Russian historical past.

And whereas expertise has taught us to watch out when judging girls primarily based on historical past written by males, the episode of Prince Golitsyn’s punishment is actually not a level in its favor.

Tsar’s daughter

Anna was the daughter of Ivan the fifth, often called “Ivan the Ignorant”.

Despite being a tsar, Ivan truly carried out solely ceremonial duties. The one who truly dominated was his half-brother Peter I, often called Peter the Great.

Anna’s uncle’s powers coincided with the loss of life of her father, when she was three years outdated. In 1710 Anne married Frederick III William Kettler, Duke of Courland and Semigallia (now Latvia).

Emotional, she wrote in her engagement letter: “I can not guarantee your Highness that nothing might please me greater than to listen to your declaration of affection for me.”

Frederick III William Kettler (1692-1711)

Frederick III William Kettler (1692-1711) was 18 when he married the Empress.

“For my half, I guarantee your Highness that I share your sentiments,” continued Anna. “At our subsequent completely satisfied assembly, to which I look ahead, I shall take the alternative, God keen, of showing them in particular person.”

Their wedding was lavish and complemented, two days later, by a curious – to not point out – celebration hosted by Peter the Great: a wedding with bride and groom and dwarf visitors.

“During the feast, the dwarves sat at the miniature desk in the middle of the room, whereas the courtiers watched them,” historian Lindsey Hughes recounts in Peter the Great – A Biography. in free translation).

“People laughed out loud once they noticed the dwarves, particularly the greatest, ugly ones, with their hunchbacks, big bellies and quick, bent legs that made it troublesome to bop, struggle or fall over,” he added.

the widow

During the occasion, interpreted by Hughes as an expression of Peter the Great’s contempt for the couple and the whole Russian courtroom, the newlywed husband drank incessantly and quickly fell ailing, unable to recuperate.

He died two months later, leaving Anne as ruler of a unusual nation at the age of 17.

Bell Jar Colocol

Getty Images
The Tsar Colocol bell built by Anna Iª is 6.14 meters excessive and 6.6 meters in diameter.

She wrote lots of of letters to get her a new suitor, however her uncle ignored her pleas, as a result of if she remarried she would lose management of Courland and Semigallia. Therefore, Anna needed to resign herself to her destiny, in opposition to her will, not understanding what was actually ready for her in the nook of her world that was arduous to think about.

When Peter II – the grandson of Peter the Great – died with out a single youngster, Anne succeeded him. Her selection as empress was the results of a determined try to seek out a Romanov able to seizing the throne and stopping a coup.

Anna was not the solely possibility, however the Supreme Privy Council of Russia, an govt physique made up of rich households, selected her considering that Anna can be simply manipulated.

But they have been unsuitable. Anna signed a doc with all the essential circumstances in order that the energy wouldn’t be in her arms. But on his arrival in Moscow he broke the treaty, abolished the council, and re-established the autocracy.

ice palace

The new empress had little curiosity in authorities affairs and relied on her lover Ernst Johann Biron and a small group of German advisers to run the state.

A replica of Empress Anna's Ice Palace, built every year in St. Petersburg since 2005

Getty Images
A duplicate of Empress Anna’s Ice Palace, built yearly in St. Petersburg since 2005

Meanwhile, he engaged in extravagant leisure and gross debauchery, primarily at the courtroom of St. Petersburg, in addition to financing such lavish initiatives as the Russian Academy of Sciences based by Peter the Great and the Tsar’s Colloquial Bell, which was the largest bell in the world. the world

In the winter of 1739-1740, the empress embarked on a work of fantasy combining magic and science: a totally furnished palace made totally of ice, a first in historical past.

The venerable architect Pior Eropkin and the scientist Georg Wolfgang Kraft used big blocks of ice sure with frozen water to construct the “Ice House” on the banks of the Neva River between the Winter Palace and the Admiralty.

Behind the facade adorned with open-mouthed dolphins, there was a room with a clock, a refectory of dishes and meals, and a room with mattresses, blankets, pillows and curtains, carved from ice and painted in pure colours.

There have been ghostly statues of birds and animals round the palace. Among them, the most spectacular was a life-size ice elephant which, based on eyewitnesses, was water by day and boiling oil by night. He might “shout like a dwelling elephant, with sounds produced by a man with a trumpet hidden inside”.

The palace was a splendid extravaganza for the empress to have fun the current Russian victory over the Ottoman Empire. There was no higher method to symbolize “the absolute victory of Russia over all infidels” than to type and prepare marriages with the punishment of the transformed prince – his most well-liked type of leisure.

the prince

An 1878 painting by Russian painter Valery Jacobi, left depicts newlyweds Mikhail and Avdotya sitting on a frozen bed.  Empress Anne is the lady in gold

An 1878 portray by Russian painter Valery Jacobi, left depicts newlyweds Mikhail and Avdotya sitting on a frozen mattress. Empress Anne is the girl in gold

By this time, Mikhail Alekseevich Golitsyn had ceased to be a prince a few years earlier.

Anna 1ª exiled her beloved Lucia, quickly after changing into conscious of her existence. He referred to as off the marriage and stripped him of the princely title, demanding that he be referred to as solely by his first identify, even on official paperwork.

Later, even she did not enable it. After turning her into his jester, he nicknames her Kavasnik, forcing her to spend her days serving a conventional drink referred to as kvass and entertaining him and her visitors, or retaining it in a basket beside her desk.

But the last blow got here in the winter of 1740, when the thought of ​​marrying her to one in all his servants, the hunchbacked Avdotya Chumennova, who thought her the ugliest of all of them, got here to her.

On February 6, the unlucky couple, dressed as clowns, have been blessed in a church and positioned in a cage, raised on an Asian elephant to steer them. Accompanied by a caravan of ambassadors from all the nations of the Russian Empire, the creature led them to the Ice House, the place they’d spend their wedding night.

Upon arrival, they’re compelled to face bare and locked in their rooms, whereas Zarin forces them to consummate their marriage earlier than she dies.

When Buzheninova noticed her new husband in peril of loss of life, she satisfied a guard to offer him his fur coat in trade for her most stunning possession: a pearl necklace that the empress had given her as a wedding present.

Anne’s rage in opposition to the prince and Lucia as a result of they liked one another as she by no means might, impressed a love story that felt like a fairy story.

The Russian-French historian Henri Troit reported that the couple emerged from the ice jail the subsequent day, “with nothing however a runny nostril and some snow”.

Empress Anna of Russia died in October of the similar 12 months.

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