Anita has AIDS and participates in a cult that sacrifices children #rumor

Rumors – It was found that singer Anita has the HIV virus and isn’t receiving therapy. He is hospitalized because of AIDS. He participates in a group that sacrifices 40,000 children a 12 months.

It’s not at present that we see individuals who discover themselves politically massacred on the Internet. One of the newest instances is Anita’s. After he took a stand in opposition to Bolsonaro, a lot of faux information began to seem, well mannered, very low stage.

Just a few days in the past we revealed pretend information about intimate movies that had been leaked on-line (some had been of different ladies, others, notably, had been a deepfake). Now, the “bombshell” reveals that he had the HIV virus and was hospitalized with AIDS.

The video (which is not going to be proven right here) additionally suggests that she might be a part of a satanic cult that sacrifices 40,000 children a 12 months and determined to forgo therapy to contaminate males. Read excerpts from a message circulating round:

Anita not launched from hospital because of AIDS How lengthy will Globo help false endometriosis as a result of robust nonetheless not launched from hospital? Today, 2022, nobody dies of HIV as a result of measurement is so superior. But those that drop out of therapy solely drop out for undetectable viral masses and are capable of infect others out of spite.

We know that Anitta is a part of Satanism and has all the time promoted it on the web, encouraging the Ekedi entity, the identical entity that served Kajuja Candombele. And we additionally know that satanic rule is human sacrifice to realize success. 40,000 children disappear yearly, in Brazil alone, and disappear with out a hint. These children feed teams of artists and function sacrifices for darkish forces.

The kid’s coronary heart is extracted and devoured by cult members in search of fame and success. Anita bowed to Lucifer, dressed as Baphomed, the god of Freemasonry, representing Satan.

Larissa de Honório Gurgel did not assume twice when she exchanged Jesus for Satanism and at present suffers from AIDS. This is the goddess to whom idol worshipers bow in all love. The worst Satanists are usually not members of this sect. The worst Satanists are devotees, who see and do not wish to see, wish to see and do not wish to see. But Jesus had already mentioned that idolaters wouldn’t inherit the dominion of heaven due to the blindness of idolatry.

And each one shall be embroidered based on his garment. Satan is thirsty. And Satanist artists, feeding his thirst with the blood of lacking children. Those are the children who’re being sacrificed proper now to avoid wasting the mighty. Let time converse. And allow us to not be polytheists. Because the tip is close to. And the separation of the wheat and the chaff is about to occur. There be all the honour and all of the glory to God. The relaxation is idolatry. And in the tip individuals will give up to Satan.

Does Anita have AIDS and does she take part in a faith that sacrifices children?

Of course, such bombastic data will resonate with nice drive on the Internet. What not everybody notices is that all of the allegations (very severe, by the best way) bear no proof.

Before speaking concerning the case, we have to take into account one thing. The first is that such an intimate matter, even when actual, shouldn’t be trumpeted frivolously. If somebody has HIV, what do it’s important to do with it? Bragging one thing like this solely tarnishes the repute and stigmatizes those that have the illness. That mentioned, let’s get to the case at hand.

Throughout the speech (barely offended) there isn’t any proof that Anita has AIDS. Simply, the particular person talked and talked and nothing. No cited supply, a useful check and even a speech has acknowledged Anitta’s illness. For those that do not know the burden of proof is on the accused. Also, is the thesis offered a bit loopy? Why would nobody know that Anita had AIDS and solely a random particular person on the web would know? Kind of bizarre this gifted creature has all of the “holes”, is not it?

As if that wasn’t sufficient, the opposite allegation, that Anita participates in a satanic cult that sacrifices 40,000 children a 12 months, can be utterly unfounded. Apart from the character of spiritual superstition that religions of African origin undergo, there isn’t any proof or justification for the allegations. Of the 40,000 “disappeared” yearly (that can be 1 million in the final 25 years), why do not we now have precise instances of children sacrificed by Anita?

Frankly, what’s being shared is so disconnected from actuality that it’s exhausting to disclaim. But what we now have to say is that statements like these of the particular person in query (biased, with out logic and with out proof) shouldn’t be taken into consideration.

In brief: the knowledge indicating that Anita has AIDS (the HIV virus) isn’t legitimate. The story comes out of nowhere, bears no proof, and is strengthened by “satanic cults” and different misinformation about youngster sacrifice.

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