Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Kevon Looney: An excellent contributor to the Warriors’ Game 4

BOSTON – In order for this to enter the highest level of Steph Curry’s game, a 43-point ability to squander home court chances away from the Celtics, the Warriors must win. To succeed, Curry needed help. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, two of his most famous friends, did not give enough. So, with the list at risk, who can?

Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole and Kevon Looney.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr reviewed all aspects of Warriors’ Game 3 Loss and selected, among other changes, round tweaks that might sound inconsistent. Kerr replaced Looney and Otto Porter Jr. in the starting line-up, he often expected to spread out on the ground with Green out there to open up the game, but he was also planning to use Looney more, even on the first bench.

“I didn’t play him well in Game 3,” Kerr admitted. “That was my mistake.”

Looney scored 17 minutes in Game 3 and even one minute in the fourth quarter. He played 28 minutes in Game 4, plus 7 minutes, 24 seconds of the fourth quarter which revived the Warriors header after a 107-97 victory.

The fourth quarter ended with Green, who played well in the first three, on the bench with Looney down as the only senior. Afterwards, a great deal of noise surrounded the Green part of the equation, considering the strength of the teams and the personality being played.

“It’s more important to rely on Loon and what he can do than with Draymond,” Curry said.

Changes to the starting line did not do much for the Warriors. He dropped 12-6 and was left with only two teams for the first five minutes, while Robert Williams III continued to smear them with glass. Then Looney came in and had four rebounds for the first two minutes, setting in as the Warriors looked to be missing every time they did not play.

There has never been more time on this list when the opportunity for growth has been curtailed for the Warriors. Looney’s position in the middle of the first quarter is appropriate. Here is the second of his first two appearances. The Celtics had become a minority, bringing down Derrick White for Williams. White found himself on Looney when Curry created a 28-footer line. Curry misses. Looney just beat White and held on, and the lead that led to Wiggins 3, one of two in the first quarter of 3s from Wiggins.

Looney’s 157 bombs are the third highest in the playoffs, and his 56 frustrating rebounds are sixth even though they are used lightly on some nights. Boston Al Horford leads all playoff rebounders by 191. But he has played 743 minutes. The Looney 157’s come in 410 minutes.

The effect on the glass is not limited to its size. It also affects his speed and how he calculates angles. See the sequence for the second quarter. Looney has never been mentioned as having a problem with the game. It went to Gary Payton II, but Looney made the show.

Look at him, moving slowly, anticipate where the ricochet of Wiggins is missing down and going up to the right to a small section in front of Jayson Tatum. Tatum is in a better position to get back on track, but Looney’s efforts send Tatum down. In a dispute, he steals from the border to Payton, who gets an undisputed advantage.

It is a second chance at two points. The Warriors had 19. The Celtics had only 12. In Game 3, Boston had 21 second chances, and the Warriors had 11. That eagle is directly related to the rise of Looney’s minutes.

“Loon is important in everything we do,” Kerr said. He ‘s our best, best-of-breed player. One of our smartest players. He always stays in the right place. with the left hand (to restore the Army. up to five). “

Curry rested for seven 48 minutes in Game 4. This is due to Poole’s failure to end Boston’s defense. With White and Marcus Smart, the Celtics have a much better defender than the Warriors face, plus Williams, who now has 12 blocks in the series, roams around as a defender on the back wing. The Celtics all together had Poole disrupted.

But Poole got into Game 4 with a brutal and slow approach. He hunted for his shot frequently but was not intimidated by the 3s or running to the kidneys and challenged Williams whenever he thought he saw daylight. He instead ran into his jumper when things needed to.

It called for the start of the second half when Curry hit the bench. Poole nailed 3 big seniors and, because the Warriors played well defensively, prompted them to add-2 to the area where Curry rested.

Poole’s work was under a huge microscope when Kerr decided to rest Curry to open the fourth quarter, defending the point of one point. Any shot he fired at this point would have fulfilled the main points of his career.

The Celtics climbed twice in the first quarter of the fourth quarter. Another Boston would stand up and score, and Kerr would probably be forced to chase Curry back. But that’s when Poole wiggled around the long green screen, reading how Williams switched and jumped patiently to jump in the middle of the free line to score a goal and buy Curry a longer break.

“Wow,” Thompson said. “The stability he has been playing with for 22 years in all these competitions is amazing.”

The Warriors lost a few minutes for Curry to start the fourth with three points, meaning they were extra-1 without Curry in Game 4. It is acceptable for them. He also came in with 9:13 on the left and the Warriors came down two.

This is the end of the first season after Curry returns. Jaylen Brown missed 3 corners, but the ball bounced back to him, and Green, almost, flew away. In Game 3, this is the kind of repetition that the Celtics can return.

But in these cases, Wiggins carefully reads the carom and punches to the left and hits the side to protect the ball and triggers a quick breath on the other side. He is slow to move and finds Poole to the right. Poole sighs and flies Brown to sleep for Williams to return to the area to protect the kidneys. These are Wiggins and Poole combining the main moment of the fourth quarter.

Wiggins had no rebound in the first half of Game 4. They finished the night with a top 16 rebounds. He had five appearances in the second half, five in the third and six in the fourth.

For the rest of his career, Wiggins scored just 4.4 points per game. He has not been around 5.2 in his eight regular seasons. It has been part of the constant criticism of his game, that the failure to translate his size, height and power runners on the edge of the game.

But the story has changed in the game as the Warriors come down, trusting Wiggins as a junior player. He has rewarded them with 7.3 rebounds per game. What has changed?

“I want to win,” Wiggins said. “I know recovery is a big part of this. I just want to win.”

Wiggins was great in his 43 minutes. Kerr can’t get him off the ground. He oversees Tatum or Brown in most games, he has to fight hard and he has been the second best of the Warriors.

Wiggins has an disappointing 50 rebounds in the game, the second highest in the league. The 49th and 50th came in the fourth quarter of Game 4. This below is the biggest of them all, probably the biggest frustration of his career.

The Warriors are down four points with the clock ticking by less than five minutes. Their appearance is declining. Poole passes White on the left wing but fails to float in another of Williams’ strongest competitions. But look at the other side. That’s Wiggins leveraging Smart, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, after leaving the scene and grabbing a pogo stick back at Williams before clearing another shot.

Curry has been consistent in these NBA Finals. He has been great in all four games. But the Warriors have lost twice because they have not received enough support. They will not win Game 4 if they do not come with 43 transcendent points. But they won’t win if Looney doesn’t come back, Poole don’t score and Wiggins don’t give 44 minutes for workhorse.

“Everyone’s up,” Curry said.

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(Photo by Andrew Wiggins and Derrick White: David Butler II / USA Today)


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