And 50 years of Sonhos e Memories by Erasmo Carlos?

“The world was changing and so was I,” Erasmo Carlos said on Instagram this week, recalling one of his best albums, 1941-1972 – Dreams and memories (1972). Recently, Brazilian fans of the Scottish band Belle and Sebastian were surprised to see the group’s touring guitarist Dave McGowan holding a copy of the LP in a photo taken during the band’s brief tour of London. Although this is not the first time that the singer’s name from Rio has been linked to the band. In 2015, during the group’s Brazil tour for a performance at the Popload Festival, drummer Richard Colburn Was already mentioned Erasmo as one of the B&S acclaimed Brazilian artists.

Dreams and memories A lot has been mentioned in the last few days. But its commemorative date will take a while: newspaper notes at the time of publication indicate that Phonogram’s second album, Tremendao, was only released in late November 1972. Like any other national classic of 1972, Corner ClubBy Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges, Dreams It was developed by a single with elements that would already be in the LP, but it appeared in different versions. In this case, its versions The world of dogs And My sea, Released as a single in the middle of the year. The first track was made for the movie machosBy Reginaldo Faria, in which Erasmo worked (and whose first title, Veto) was Dolls, As it appears on the label of the compact).

Tizuka (Monday Square The most beautiful tribute to a musician in a corner of Rio from Rio), continues its retropicalism I mean, gambleIn the stone memory of the old days Good morning, Rock’n’Roll And continues with “my very close theme, matured by life, record of existence, my hippie moments and added to the family”, as he puts it.

Married to Narinha for a few years, who was present inside the photo with Erasmo and her son Gil Eduardo, the singer talks to her partner Roberto Carlos about new times, family life, friendships (not by chance, it’s all songs from her first album Roberto and Erasmore). Appears tracks like themes The world of dogs, my sea, cricket (With slide guitar played by six-string pioneer poly)Her smile. Erasmus also quickly went back to the past to read again Smoking is prohibited Like hard rock in the style of Bolha and Modulo Mill (whose keyboardist, Luiz Paolo Seamus, played the synthesizer on this track).

Old lifeA simple listening samba-rock that captivates the beauty of the best songs, melodies and voices on record – something strangely similar to the singer-songwriter Starship Soldiers, From yes. However, adhering to an unwritten law of that progressive period, Dreams and memories A kind of conceptual album without a concept, which brings discreet noise between tracks, movie clips and loose voices of his son Gil Eduardo (“Christmas is coming and I want to give everyone a lot of presents!” Old life)

“This record was my last nostalgia”, Erasmus recently told Pop Phantom. “I miss my childhood, my adolescence. I put everything on that record. Then I did not miss anything (Laughter), Because I’m really alive now and in the future. “

I need to find a friend immediately The album was composed by Roberto and Erasmo Impeccable (1968), by Roberto, but dropped from the album and replaced by Stepmother. It ended up in the Mutantes Reporter – the group version, with some similarities The size of the thingYardbirds’s, came on The Divine Comedy1970. Erasmus ends Dreams and memories In a country-rock tone, with co-author’s version. And he made a point of publishing it as a period document, which finally had the voice of an announcer speaking in English about the Vietnam War – still running at the time.

“The song was made for that purpose, it was during the Vietnam War, and it was during the drama. HairMusic from around the world Aquarius It was blown away and it was that hippie, thing of peace and love. And the need for a friendship, a friendly shoulder, was great, “Erasmo told us.

And it’s your turn to discover a classic of Brazilian pop music. Listen at high volume.

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