Amazing preparations for Qatar 2022

US beat Grenada 5-0 on Friday night in their final match before the 202nd World Cup. (Photo by John Dorton / ISI Photos / Getty Images)

In another corruption-free environment, the 2022 World Cup kicked off Thursday ahead of 90,000 festivals in Los Angeles. This is how American football officials dream of, however, the second week of June every four years, is when the world’s most popular sport begins.

But in an environment disrupted by Qatar, the United States national team instead entered the 20,000-seat stadium on Friday night. It won the smallest Caribbean island number 170 in the world in a non-satellite game on English TV. Two of his best players, given the night off, got on their feet and relaxed.

This is how Austin, Texas, sent USMNT to the World Cup which seems to be in the offing. This was the team’s last game on American soil before the World Cup, but it ended without a play or game tradition, just before midnight ET and world eyes on the NBA. The US will fly to El Salvador this weekend, then head off for a summer vacation. It meets again in Europe in September, for a short time. And, 24 hours after the players competed at their clubs in November, they will gather in Doha – with the opening of the World Cup in seven days.

For this reason, a three-week tour, four cities in May and June, is the closest thing USMNT will find in training camps before the World Cup. There was a lot of loose day in Cincinnati, as well as a big shot in Austin. There was a team alliance – a video game and a golf-born dinner – and the inescapable idea that the World Cup venues were on the line.

However there were a number of players absent – some injured, some just resting. There were no video sessions at the World Cup rivals. And “we didn’t have many training days,” head teacher Gregg Berhalter admitted. “We’re learning a lot from these guys in this game” – yet two of the four games are facing a very low level that can’t be compared to the recurring challenges in Qatar.

All of this includes the bizarre, highly controversial transfer of the World Cup to which USMNT hosted.

Pre-World Cup camp without hype

Because of all the hardships, not to be forgotten, is that in 2010, a small peninsular emirate with a summer temperature of up to three feet became free to participate in this World Cup. Qatar initially promised cooler weather technologies that could protect against extreme temperatures and make the competition possible on the June-July cultural window. But in 2015, FIFA, which called the idea a “major threat” even before deciding on Qatar’s summons to the United States, moved its course in the winter.

In doing so, it disrupted the 2022 football world.

Throughout the 21st century, the game had grown significantly. Players had quadrennial habits. They finish the European club season in mid-May, then connect with their national teams and prepare for the biggest games in their lives. They train themselves individually, drill out opponents’ strategies, and explain their cases in sections or from the 11s. Most of the patriotic fans will see them take them to the World Cup. Cameras follow any direction.

But here in Cincinnati, last Sunday in May, at a press conference to which journalists were invited, there were no cameras, and not a single journalist. When the USMNT players returned to the town hotel the next day, there were only two people looking for an autograph. At the 26,000-seat stadium two days later, for the Moroccan Games, there were thousands of vacant seats.

It did not sound like a regular transfer list, players and coaches agreed. “I don’t think we still exist as much as we used to,” Berhalter said that week. “I think this is an important camp for us as a team, but I don’t think the world is saying, ‘The World Cup is near.’

Amazing Qatar World Cup prep

However, Berhatler had other concerns. He believes that the hype, in the end, “will grow.” Either way or not, they have to choose a World Cup team with just one week and two proof games five months before the election. The US will play El Salvador on Tuesday. It will play two friends in Europe in September. And so it will be.

September is when the formation of the groups began, but ended abruptly. MLS players may be able to meet for the first of November, but there may be only six or seven on the final list. The rest of the USMNT will be fighting, and seeing as little way as possible, at their European clubs for up to eight days for the World Cup to start.

As a result, Berhalter has said, this is when a major review will take place.

As a fan of competitive football, Berhalter would have preferred a non-disruptive training ground. He planned to gather his entire team in Dubai ahead of Qatar, he said, until the US played the day of the opening of the World Cup, which made the plan even stronger. He could have spent these weeks in June, but his first team played 23 consecutive games against rivals North and Central America; and the CONCACAF regional football governing body has thrown in two more this month; USMNT had to take action in the third and fourth games against rivals in the World Cup.

“We will not have enough time on the field, which is a shame,” Berhalter said in April. “But then that’s it.”

AUSTIN, TX - JUNE 10: United States head coach Gregg Berhalter speaks at the CONCACAF Nations League match between Grenada and the United States at Q2 Stadium on June 10, 2022 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Omar Vega / Getty Images)

USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter will have a short time with his players in the 2022 World Cup. (Photo by Omar Vega / Getty Images)

“We have to be effective in these weeks in June,” he continued. But many players arrived with tired bodies and tired minds for nine months of clubs largely due to the World Cup competition. Educational staff recognized the need to reduce stress. “We just have to remember how we are pushing them, and how we are wasting their time,” Berhalter said. He left some – especially Ricardo Pepi – in the whole of June.

For many of them, the most important part of the preparations for the World Cup will be the coming season of Europe. “It’s very important,” said Tyler Adams early in the spring, “to get in, rejuvenate the body, mind, breathe well, and you can start [2022-23] good weather. “

It is also necessary, for Adams and the dangerous number of USMNT settlers, to enter the field.

Adams, Christian Pulisic, Zack Steffen, Antonee Robinson, Sergiño Dest, Yunus Musah and Pepi were not always the starters in their clubs when the 2021-2022 season fell. Matt Turner is heading to Arsenal as a reserve option. Brenden Aaronson has gone to Leeds and should fight for his place. Weston McKennie, Chris Richards, Gio Reyna and others are injured, and they have no place in their respective teams when they return – wherever they come from.

Across the pool of US players, and even in the first 11 years, the future of the club is uncertain. This skepticism is an inevitable part of professional football, but it is present at a very high level within this USMNT – and is being promoted by the mid-season World Cup. Some players, like Adams, do not to be to play more frequently to play for the national team, Berhalter said, but it is part of a changing market.

“Things are changing fast in football,” Berhalter said in the spring. A leading mark of the World Cup format will be the appearance of the clubs. “Guys can have a good look, and suddenly they make their case look good [on the roster]. ”

Berhalter will be visiting others in the fall, but has been a few months ahead of his first World Cup as a coach at home in northern Chicago. They will monitor their game, and the data from the game, via graphics. With just 10 days to go, the list of 23 or 26 men will reach FIFA on Nov. 14 – a week before the USMNT open against Wales.

“When we get to Qatar, it’s a game changer, and you leave there,” Berhalter said.

“It is not enough to prepare well, depending on the time we have,” he admits in the morning when he has the qualifications. “But every team will always do the same. That’s why we can deal with it, just like everyone else.”

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