Amazing change can be in practice

TAMPA BAY – Inside the coach’s office as Gerard Gallant and his staff struggle to lead the New York Rangers into a playoff game, there has been an ongoing debate.

Should they keep things the same to show that their team is not afraid? Or would you change to help them more?

“That’s a good line,” Gallant said following a Saturday morning game at the Amalie Arena. “Obviously, we’ve talked about maybe a little change of line and see where it goes from there. But we’ve done this all along, so it’s not a big deal.”

There’s no big deal – unless you consider these options it could be the difference between the incredible speed coming to an end or the final push of the Eastern Conference for Game 7.

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But despite Gallant’s move to Game 6 against Tampa Bay Lightning, which kicks off shortly after 8pm on Saturday, his team does not see any change in his schedule.

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