Amar’e Stoudemire leaves Nets, criticizes Kyrie Irving on ESPN show

In two appearances on ESPN on Thursday morning, Amar’e Stoudemire revealed that he had left the Nets where he had been instrumental in the development of last season and Kyrie Irving’s transformation, saying the absence of a superstar – due to his refusal to receive the vaccine – was detrimental to the Nets especially chemistry. its.

Even Stoudemire announced – which attracted some in the group unnoticed Stand up by Mike Greenberg, expressed his strong criticism of Irving and his effects on team chemistry earlier in an interview with Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams on. Taking First.

Here is Stoudemire answering Stephen A’s question as to whether Irving’s absence hurts the Nets …

“Yeah, I think it hurts. It hurt us a lot because we didn’t have enough cooperation with Kyrie to do chemistry with the team, and the team, “he told Smith as he explained how his playing career as a midfielder between January and March made things even more difficult.

“They are playing remote games depending on the city … That’s why it made it difficult for our coaches to know who was going to play even Kyrie. That’s why it was difficult for us to achieve this, yes, it was part of it.”

In all, Irving played 29 games, six of which were at home while the Nets used 43 different teams to start 82 games. The 10-year-old simply added that Irving’s absence hurt “the whole team”.

“I don’t know if it hurts between James Harden and his teammates,” Williams and Smith said. “Obviously, we can’t do all the chemistry with the whole team, with these three guys, for James, Kev and Kyrie to play at the same time. We haven’t had many games with the three guys on the court. So I can’t comment on the three guys together but it didn’t help.”

Stoudemire disputed Stephen A.’s claim that Irving and coach Steve Nash, a former Suns teammate, would not have participated in the Nets.

“I do not agree with that. I think Steve and Kyrie can figure it out, “said Smith. her dedication to being a great player because I feel like Kyrie should be on the Top 75 list. But at the same time, you should take this as an incentive to come next season and prove it, prove yourself to be the best player and do it all the time throughout the season. “

pa Stand up, after announcing, “I decided not to return with the Nets for the next season,” Stoudemire thanked Sean Marks first for his comments at a press conference Wednesday at the end of the season, then offered to help the Nets resolve the issue with Irving – and with his best friend, Durant. He called for a “sit-down” between Marks on one side and his two stars on the other side as well as another language of alliance that could give the Nets and other options if Irving misses next season’s game. Without such a commitment, Stoudemire doubted whether the Nets should bring Irving back …

“I think Sean Marks is doing a good job of trying to put power back in his hands and make sure he manages things,” said Greenberg and Jalen Rose.

“But I think it’s Kevin and Ky, they’ll really sit down,” said Stoudemire of the Nets GM, “because Ky since coming to the Nets has missed more games than he did. and ‘Kyrie what is your goal? Do you want to be the best player in the game? Do you want to do more in the league? What are your goals?’

“And if they all understand ‘Hey, we want to make this special here, we want to win the competition,’ and he has volunteered to play the game, then I think you’ve got him back.”

Speaking of co-operative language in any development, Stoudemire said he believed that something should be done collaboratively, not verbally. Otherwise, he said Irving could “change” and the Nets would be left with no way to accuse him.

“I ‘re thinking about what needs to happen and to talk to Kyrie going forward, you need to add this conversation within the agreement.

“You can say you are there and ready to play next season, but you really will do this or just stop playing and if so you can be the way they say they are going. “If he doesn’t play these things will happen,” Greenberg told the federation.

He and Rose agreed that such language would be difficult for Irving – or any other player – to accept, and it is extremely rare, as all three agreed.

“It’s hard. It’s hard to do but because of the chemistry because of what Kyrie has now, not playing all these games all the time, and missing all these games you have to find a way to try to make this happen,” he said. he said.

However, Stoudemire said that if all goes well, the Nets still have a way to win everything but provided information that it is all Kyrie’s commitment.

“I think so, I think so,” he said of the Nets’ chances for next season. “If Kyrie comes back and plays the way she did this season, as well as the entire season with a training ground and a whole year under her belt, then she has a chance to do chemistry to win the competition.”

This is the second time in two days that someone in the group has criticized Irving in ways that have never been seen before. Marks has clearly stated his intention for the All-NBA player three times.

“I think we know what we’re looking at,” said Marks who sat with Nash at a media briefing at the HSS Training Center. “We are looking for guys who want to come here and have something bigger than them, play unselfishly, play team basketball, and be present. This is not just for Kyrie but for everyone here.”

Stoudemire played with Nash from 2002 to 2010 and Nash signed him last year to work with older men. Stoudemire recently praised the work Nash has done this season, and has addressed any issues, both inside and outside the court.

Irving was not the only member of this year’s team that Stoudemire criticized. He also beat James Harden.

Stoudemire said Harden is not “in good shape,” does not “take his body seriously” and “fails to focus on this in the rest period and prepare himself in the training camp and season and get to this point. And I don’t think this happened to him in the past and the whole season.”

In addition, Stoudemire said that if he were the owner of the 76ers, he would be very careful to secure a Harden max contract, which in his case could mean five years, $ 259 million and a salary of more than $ 61 million. last year when he will be 37.

“I can’t do this if I’m the owner of the Sixers,” Stoudemire added. “I don’t see the commitment that I need to see from the top 75 players. You have to have another commitment and look forward to being the best player you can be and to being with your teammates when they need you the most.

“In Game 6 you will want him to play at a high level and if he can’t, and as a senior player, I don’t want to give you a big deal if you don’t show it. I can deal with this problem.”

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