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Controlling AL MVP Shohei Ohtani was sidelined for the current game due to stiffness of the right groin, where he was injured while attempting to hit two games in the seventh inning. Jack Mayfield Ohtani’s hit in the ninth inning, when DH’s place was next to the plate. Ohtani told’s Rhett Bollinger and other reporters that it was something he had to be careful about and wanted to play tomorrow. angel manager Joe Maddon took the wait and see.

Naturally, any of Ohtani’s injuries affect the Angels in two stages, as they are also expected to start Wednesday’s game against the Red Sox. With the Los Angeles option Jose Suarez in Triple-A today, it may provide an opportunity for Jaime Barria or Kenny Rosenberg to take up space around the six Halos people.

Angels know who will start the opening Tuesday, as Maddon said Noah Syndergaard takes the ball. Syndergaard has been plagued by injuries since last Friday due to illness, but appears to be in good health, and coughed up part of the bullpen today without incident.

Information from around AL West…

  • Jose Altuve is at a speed that has put him off from the 10-day injury list Monday when stars launches home run against Mariners, Astros GM James Click told reporters (including The Houston Chronicle’s Chandler Rome). The left hip fracture sent Altuve to IL on April 20, although the stress was not severe at the time, and Altuve returned shortly after 10 days. 250 on its original appearance of plate 41.
  • Matt Carpenter was one of several fighters who signed a minor league contractor who managed to break their contracts today, but Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News says Carpenter has given his share of the exit and remains in supervisors organization. Not surprisingly, Carpenter (born Texas) was chosen to stay, as he had already offered another chance to leave when the Rangers heard from the kids at the end of Spring Training, and Carpenter also said he needed more. time to get out and change its flexibility. The former Cardinals who stood out did well on Triple-A Round Rock, hitting .239 / .327 / .457 and two home runs at 52 PA.
  • Both supervisors and sailors connected by Trevor StoryBefore the market closed, and The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal also claimed that all AL West players had offered Story a similar contract for a free $ 140MM deal that he eventually signed with the Red Sox in March. On the same day in the first season, the media struggled with huge demands, which forced Texas and Seattle to go to different parts with their plans. The Rangers instead frustrated both Corey Seager and Marcus Semienwhen the Mariners (who wanted to use the Story as a second soldier) found out Adam Frazier from the Padres, and later added Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suarez on the player side in some trades with the Reds following the closure. Interestingly, Rosenthal claims that Story has changed its form since signing with Boston, and is now a Wasserman Agency client.
  • sailors agent Ken Giles still three or four weeks away from playing any game, even if he has started a throwing program, Athletic’s Corey Brock reports. Giles instituted mid-thumb training Tommy John 020 will return in October 2020 until Open Day, with Gil’s right thumb tendon in his back too far. As a result, the old man to the right had to resume his extra work. However, Giles is in a hurry to pick up M’s bullpen coming in June, and could be a plus if Giles can get back to his old form, as the right one sometimes seems to be one of the best downloads. baseball in MLB seven years.


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