Al Horford family explains why Sixers’ fans’ hated ‘

The Sixers have been knocked out of the playoffs that seem to be forever, and for those who have experienced the tragic 2019-20 season, seeing Al Horford do well in Boston should have been another blow among many. The Boston Celtics hated by two winners to raise another flag, and when they get there, Horford will be the main reason.

Horford’s stellar postseason run has a lot of people who find ways to write floral stories about him, including Jared Weiss at. The Athletic, who sat down with members of the Horford family to discuss a resumption in Beantown. Inside the piece, which touches everything from chocolate milk to its play on the floor. But there was also a twist in the direction of the Horford reception in Philadelphia, where Horford’s two sisters and brother looked at power:

The whole family, it seems, did not leave Boston. She was ready for the game, and Anna became famous on TV when her brother was the first part of the organization. He was heartbroken when he texted his family members six minutes before the news.

“We remained fans of the Celtics in Philly and in the OKC. We could not give up,” said Maria.

“Philly fans hated us there,” Anna added. “They hated us for it.”

“We continued to settle in Boston, because they are not bigots,” Josh said. [The Athletic]

Being as kind as possible to Horford, he alone was not responsible for his difficult season in Philadelphia. A quick look around all the other parties involved tells you this. Ben Simmons’ bans as a source of frustration have been clear since then. Joel Embiid’s night and day skills were not as they are today, the team often wakes up and falls depending on whether he was mentally ready to play the night he was given. Josh Richardson was not made to be the most important part of a team with a few strikers. Tobias Harris was disfellowshipped from the full-time ministry in a small group. Beyond all this was a team of coaches whose message ended, failing to motivate players to do well or to redesign levels to develop their skills. Brett Brown takes most of the offense as a head coach, but Celtics head coach Ime Udoka was the mainstay of the team that had the best defensive talent in the league and did not come close to the game, nor did he. they do a lot of change to meet the time or the opponent.

If you have the impression that it would not have played a defensive role because he played for Horford as a second senior, you could shoot the spot to show Boston’s potential to play in two senior games this season. Various staff, and Embiid certainly were not as light on their feet as Robert Williams, but they managed as a team. The numbers on the line were larger: with Embiid down every line without Horford that season, the Sixers were better with 10.6 points over their opponent, the 82nd percentile on offense, and the 95th percentile on defense. With Horford and Embiid out of nearly 2900 points, the Sixers had 4.7 points over opponents, 84th percentile on offense, and 61st percentile on defense.

On the other hand, there have been several attempts to wipe Horford’s hands for the worst weather in Philadelphia, which ignores the reality of that year. Brought to because of his playing skills and his ideas about past leadership, Horford does not like to be led by a role model in any future. Hand he was as careless as anybody else through the media, not keeping problems at home. His diligence – or his ability / willingness to sing, choose how you would do it – was inconsistent with anyone on the team, even if he had the opportunity to play solo without Embiid. If Horford was at Philly to be the founder of the culture, he left and it became clear that most players just fall into the culture of the team.

But in particular, Horford was not very good at the role Philadelphia was required to perform, and it would have been enough to stop each player at his or her own prowess, not to mention a player who has harassed his teammates in the past. Playing well and adding to the hit-or-miss after fans saw the height Jimmy Butler was able to hit last season was a matter of course, and Horford never dropped a hole.

The idea from his brother Horford that Boston fans are, “not dickheads” and means that Philly’s fans are very rich in a number of areas, especially since the people of Golden State are very concerned about the support of Celtics fans during the Finals. And I do not mean that like the digging of Celtics fans, which in my experience is cut from the same fabric as Philly fans. They are passionate, sometimes very enthusiastic people who go all the way depending on how confident you play your teams. If the beloved Sixers player left Boston and did not win as a player and leader when he was highly paid by the Celtics, I assure you that their relatives will not be accepted as heroes in the Southie.

Unbeknownst to us, the Horford family explained well why the footballer and his extended family had never felt love in Philadelphia (with an emphatic emphasis):

“I tell people I think we showed his return to Boston because we all want it badly. Just think of it,” said Anna. “Al has said about this, too. He always dreamed of his home in Boston in Philly and in Oklahoma. Somehow, the stars got along, and we got back here, and it just went well. ”

See, they can admit so much. Horford’s commitment to an organization that paid him excessively and misused him never materialized, and it became apparent all the time. True, he was paid a lot of money to change his beliefs and become a professional, but he is not the first or last person to leave a place where he did well on the big pay day to realize he did not have what he had. wanted or wanted in his new home.

Just be great and be honest about it now. No one hated Horford or his family because he loved the place he hugged them during their peak. But when you have a year of a new relationship only half because you can not give up what you had in the past, do not be surprised if you kick your ass to resolve it.

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