After the recent sacking of Willie Calhoun, he is ready to leave Rangers: ‘I feel like I need to change places’.

After a month of grace to start the season after closing and shortening spring, the MLB teams are expected to cut their ranks this week from 28 to 26 players. Similarly, the Rangers moved a few on Sunday, including one that was a good one. unexpected: Willie Calhoun was selected as Triple-A Round Rock.

In a phone call Sunday afternoon, Calhoun indicated he could receive a sale.

“(I) will go to Triple A and set myself up to sell,” Calhoun said. “I want to be sold.”

It is not uncommon to see a hitter with an average of .136 beats Triple A. But with Calhoun, there is more. Not only did his early season debut show that he was hitting the ball hard with a bad result, but almost the entire time Calhoun and Rangers were broken uncontrollably.

When the Rangers sold Yu Darvish to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2017, Calhoun was the subject of a return package that included pitcher AJ Alexy and defender Brendon Davis. At the time, Calhoun was hitting .298 / .358 / .574 (.931 OPS) for the Oklahoma City Dodgers, with 23 runs at home in 99 games. By the end of the season, he made his first appearance for his big team, and things were going well for the youngsters.

Since then, it has been a paved road.

In 2018, Calhoun was the first cut group in spring education. He later admitted it was a frustrating blow for him, but the first season, he lost 24 pounds and reorganized his system in an attempt to make it a major league. It was not enough to get a place on the Opening Day, and it took a few days to make the decision. In July, after returning to the big leagues, he was relegated, but at the end of the season, he had a record high of .269 / .323 / .524 (.848) and 21 runs at home in 83 games. As 2020 circled, he was ready to make the list. of the Opening Day.

Then the running ball broke his jaw, which took him a while to win, physically and mentally facing the jars on the left. By the end of last season, when the hamstring problem prevented him from playing in return, his future with the team began to doubt.

His departure now seems inevitable. On Sunday, after the Rangers’ 7-3 win over Braves, Calhoun – who did not play on Saturday or Sunday and suffered a 0-for-11 fall – was relegated to Triple A in favor of Zach Reks, who went 2-for-5 in both games.

“Initially, I felt that what we were seeing was good; it was going well, “said manager Chris Woodward after the game. Apparently, he is still walking, not chasing; some of the spice has been good. But the same vibration – we have asked him to work slowly with his vibrations. I don’t want to have too much talent, but some of the old ones that have been shaken are very visible, especially on the middle squares of the plate.

“Right now, we don’t see this as a long-term solution,” Woodward continued. “This is what we see as good for Willie, as well as the team.… But Willie needs to make it – I would not say a big change. But he should understand a little bit about how this type works best for him. . “

“I feel like all my work has been repeated,” Calhoun said over the phone. He recalled his time at the University of Arizona, where he struggled with sub-700 OPS in his first year. When he finally came out – “going somewhere I wanted to stay” – he hit .432 and 1,472 OPS at Yavapai College. The Dodgers elected him in the fourth round.

Speaking of his dissatisfaction with this season, Calhoun says it is not just a frustration for many years of failure. He believes the Rangers are asking him to be a different fighter than he sees himself.

“I do not agree with some of the striking ideas of the new guys,” Calhoun volunteered, saying he had not met the striking coaches. “I’m not doing well (information) well. I’m not 6-4, 230 pounds; I can’t run home. I don’t have that strength.”

Calhoun said he was in small groups with the Dodgers, he was a “two-runner / runner” but as part of that history, he hit a lot of balls on the ground – something Woodward said. especially in explaining team decision. “Then I came here, and they wanted me to start it. They were the ones in the small groups. They knew that, but they thought they could make me a (strong) person.”

Another topic of discussion was the Calhoun tragedy earlier in the year, and its potential for starting a walk, even though the beatings are not falling. Calhoun has 8 (6) more defeats this season, and insists he believes he can continue this season.

“I know I could be a .300 shooter,” Calhoun said. “It will be in another uniform, of course … I do not know if I will play Rangers’ uniform. And I informed them of that.”

He then referred to what happened at the University of Arizona.

“I feel the same way,” he continued. “I have been wanting to leave for the last year, a year and a half. I feel like I have to change my location. ”

He added that he shared the idea with the group as part of Sunday’s talks to inform him of his resignation.

“We want Willie to go,” CEO Chris Young said via text message in a comment. “This game is about doing good. If he goes out and does well, there will be a chance for him.

In the meantime, the change of location in Calhoun will be a distraction from Philadelphia – where the main airline is heading to Reno, where the Express will start six games on Monday. Joined by Sam Huff, Kolby Allard and Josh Sborz – all re-elected Sunday.

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