After the death of children, work at Villa dos Corianos is banned –

Following the deaths of five children, the tax auditors of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security suspended, this week, a work was carried out at Villa dos Corianos in the municipality of Formosa do Rio Preto in western Bahia. According to the information published by the entity on Friday (13), The inspectors visited the site and made an inspection.

Investigation Was opened by entity 29 April to determine labor responsibility for the fatal accident that occurred at Fajinda Oasis.

The property of the Doalnara Group is managed by Koreans and the work – where the accident occurred – is the responsibility of the agricultural cooperative of Formosa do Rio Preto, which provides services on organic food production farms. The company has not yet commented on the matter.

Prohibition report

According to MPT-BA, a hearing with cooperative lawyers last Friday (06) had already recommended isolating the area and suspending work on the cemetery.

The prohibition report submitted by the inspectors has identified the accident site as a Construction of a septic tank In the vicinity of Villa dos Corianos, Fajanda is known as the residential area of ​​Oasis.

The Labor Tax Audit is still waiting for the documents requested to complete the accident report, which should be attached to the MPT investigation.

With the formal ban on work, those responsible for the service are prohibited from continuing to work and the area must be provided with complete isolation so that there is no risk of entry for staff or people outside the service.

In order to resume work or even quit the service, one has to prove the appointment of a special technician so that he is responsible for the safety measures in the trench operation.


Embassy of the Republic of Korea Two have sent letters to the Bahian municipalityIn search of more information about the deaths of five children. According to Formosa do Rio Preto City Hall, the document was issued and sent on April 30, and it also mentions City Hall in Bareiras.

The embassy asked for help in sharing information about the April 29 case. The five dead were Koreans between the ages of 6 and 11.


Five Korean children have died After being buried in the construction of a reservoir in the town of Formosa do Rio Preto, In West Bahia. According to the municipal government website, two of the dead were 11 years old, two were seven years old and the youngest was six.

Initially, it was reported that the children were buried on a farm called Paraiso, known as “Villa dos Corianos” around 12pm and after 3pm, when the parents missed them and started looking for them. However, on April 30, the city government corrected the information and said that the burial was done around 9 am and the bodies were found at 12 noon.

Also according to preliminary information, the work will be for the construction of a grain reservoir, but City Hall also stated that, in fact, the hole was opened for the sanitary purposes of the community.

The dead included 7-year-old Luiz San Ulso and Rio Lindo, 11-year-old Rujion Kainje Seojun Kaing and 6-year-old Ron Want. You The bodies of five children were buried on May 1. The private ceremony took place inside the ‘village of Koreans’, at the same place where the accident took place.

The Formosa do Rio Pretor City Hall has declared three days of mourning for the dead. On Instagram, city mayor Neo Araujo expressed grief over the accident. “We are deeply saddened by this tragic accident. The people of Formosa are disappointed. We sympathize with the parents and other family members. We pray to God that they will support us in this moment of sorrow, “he said. See the post below. The case was registered as an accidental death at Formosa do Rio Preto police station, according to civil police.

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