After a horrific hit at the Avalanche center Nazem Kadri, being stopped by a warm chair in Hade hockey should wait for Evander Kane.

Will anyone give the Avs a broom, to be able to sweep Edmonton out of the NHL race and get rid of the Oilers tyrant Evander Kane and trash?

Kane is a stain on hockey games. The type that needs a brush is a wire brush to remove the smell of ice.

Kane’s actions against Nazem Kadri, demolishing the Avalanche board on the board with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, are in line with the actions of a tyrant who is known to light up a fake COVID-19 card and is accused of burning a stink bug. gambling debt.

“Hitting, is the biggest threat in hockey,” Colorado coach Jared Bednar said Saturday after Avs beat Edmonton, 4-2, to lead 3-0 at the end of the Western Conference. Kane “hit him in the head from behind, eight meters from the planks.”

That NHL should stop Kane in at least two games is a challenge. The real brain is why Kane is hired by a team in a hockey-loving city like Edmonton does.

Failing to beat the Avs, Kane began trying to injure everyone in a Colorado sweater that bothered him. His singing card is doomed. It is dangerous to turn the back of an innocent hockey player.

“Obviously, it’s a big loss,” said Bednar, who did not expect Kadri to be on the list again soon. “She came out. They have been on the list for at least … if not. ”

It only took 66 seconds in Game 3 for Kane to panic. With Kadri picking up a punch across the finish line to the side of Edmonton player Mike Smith’s glove, Kane reprimanded his opponent and handed a disgusting post in the Avs that caused Kadri to slip, his left shoulder breaking the boards.

“I don’t like it,” said Avalanche Landeskog captain, who witnessed Gabe Kane’s low-key shot on a Colorado bench.

These vicious beatings are unforgivable, “which gives you a cold,” added Landeskog. “You were taught from infancy not to do that.”

Kadri was late getting up in pain. Unwell, he immediately went to Avalanche’s dining room and did not return to action.

Hockey is a challenging game for brave men who take pride in their crooked noses and are not afraid to spit in their pockets. But who raised Kane to disrespect the enemy?

He was given a maximum of five minutes for boarding Kadri. This was not playing hockey. This was a prearranged attack.

If the NHL has a lot of intelligence, the league office will suspend Kane in at least two games, for no other reason than to prevent Kane from injuring someone in the Avalanche squad for the Stanley Cup.

Avalanche often dominated the game so Game 3 would be a joke if it wasn’t for Smith. The Edmonton goalie was a walrus, floating on the ice, throwing every inch of his body in front of a Colorado shot, stealing Andrew Cogliano and Landeskog and shaking his head saves the most impressive can make anyone say: coo coo ca choo.

But the gods of hockey make notes. There is a warm chair waiting in the hockey Hade for Kane.

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