Adoption: The story of children who have turned women into mothers

The path to motherhood does not always go through pregnancy. Many women fulfill their desire to become mothers through adoption for various reasons. And life is changed by love, new challenges, achievements. This is the story of Telma Apollinario, Virginia Silva and Alien Vieira, already with their children, and also Lice Christina, who is also waiting for the child of her heart in her second pregnancy.

Telma and her husband, Joao Carlos, joined the adoption queue and went against the grain when Mariana’s parents were about 9 years old. It is an age group from which children rarely find a family and leave the shelter when they reach majority age only to find their own destiny.

In Espirito Santo, there are currently 786 sheltered children, of whom 514 are over 6 years old. According to the National Council of Justice (CNJ) panel, a total of 100 adoptions are available.

Virginia Silva Between her children Gabriel and Raphael: Her involvement in the adoption has made her a support group. Credit: Fernando Madeira

Shelter is the first stage a child goes through when he or she cannot be in charge of a biological parent. Therefore, there is a difference between the number of people accepted and those who are able to accept effectively.

The judiciary initially seeks to reunite these children with their families, giving them time to reorganize, but if this is not possible, the parents are deprived of this power so that the girls and boys have access to a new home. There is no set time from the shelter until the child is available.

For Administrator Virginia Silver, her first child arrived within two months after she was approved for adoption. He jokingly said that in the nine months that most women have to prepare the house and receive a newborn, the social worker’s phone call was shortened to 4 hours from the moment it was received.

Gabriel arrived at the age of 50 days and two and a half years later, Virginia gave birth to Raphael at the age of eight months. Adoption of multiple children, as the administrator did, is not uncommon.


For those who wish to resort, there is a procedure called habitation, where the candidate expresses himself before the court about his motives. Among other steps, the applicant must indicate a profile including the gender, color, health status of the future child. Older children are usually left out of the list at this stage, as well as those who are sick or with a group of siblings.

Among the sheltered children, at least one of the 419 siblings is in the same condition. Of the 100 people available for adoption, 69 have siblings and 30 have health problems.

In the assessment of Baker Alien Vieira, there is no need for fear or prejudice. From the moment a woman decides to become a mother, it makes no difference whether the child will be formed in her own womb or in her heart.

Lais Christina, Joao Americo Procopio and their daughter Alice
Lisa Christina, six months pregnant, Joao Americo Procopio and their daughter Alice, born naturally, are waiting in line for adoption. Credit: Fernando Madeira

And there are many families willing to adopt. Today, Espirito Santo has 643 suitors available, including couple Lys Cristina and Joao Americo Procopio, who joined the ranks because he received a diagnosis that he could not conceive normally. Until Alice arrives and now her parents are waiting for Helena. Even then they are waiting for their adopted child.

In the state, there are support groups for families who are planning or have already adopted, such as Gerando com o Coração, with other couple adopters run by Virginia Silva. There is also work created by the State Judicial Adoption Commission (SEJA) that promotes, among other things, promotions awaiting you with children and adolescents ready to move into a new home.

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