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Oh In the first eight days of June alone, four children died of Acne Respiratory Syndrome. The information was passed by Acre Health Secretary Paula Mariano, who confirmed that at least one child was waiting for a bed in a pediatric ward in Rio Branco, the capital of Acre.

The secretary reported that in most cases respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has appeared in recent days. Folder concerns with the rapid evolution of the clinical condition of children with this disease.

  • Acre Acute Respiratory Syndrome 10-month-old baby dies in ICU
  • Fiocruz says the number of Covid-19 cases shows an upward trend among states with an upward trend.

Of the four deaths in June, two had sexually transmitted diseases and Within 24 hours there were three children who were admitted to the hospital in Rio Branco. One of the dead was little Theo Dantas, 10 months old, this Tuesday (7). The baby had been hospitalized in Rio Branco PS since Monday (8) and was awaiting transfer to the Children’s Hospital.

“We want to make it clear that unfortunately the children have died, they are alive, we sympathize with the family, but we know they did not die without help. PS provided support, yes, that’s our role. This is a scenario that not only at the state level, but at the national level, we are still going through an epidemic, sequencing those we enter and what we have been able to do, it was discovered that it is not cowardly. . We know this is the season for respiratory viruses, “said the secretary.

Also according to the information, Five children died of shortness of breath last month. In the state

Regarding attendance in the case of Respiratory Syndrome, Health reported that there were 668 attendees last year and more than 1,200 attendees in 2019. This year, from January to June, there were 957 consultations, of which 197 evolved in May alone and of these 81 for children who were referred to the emergency room.

Mothers report waiting for a place in a pediatric bed in Rio Branco – Photo: Private Archive

The secretary said that due to the increase in cases, new beds have been set up in the emergency rooms of the Children’s Hospital and Rio Branco. According to him, the child is currently in the hospital 48 ward beds and 9 ICU beds, all occupied, In addition to 10 new semi-intensive beds, which are not available to patients. The PS has 16 infirmary beds for children.

According to him, there are no children, this Wednesday (6), waiting for the ICU bed, but waiting for at least one infirmary. Paula Mariano further explains that this number varies all the time, according to the discharge and the arrival of new patients.

Despite this information, Glacimara da Costa reports that her daughter Amanda, just 10 months old, is waiting in an ICU bed for a vacuum. “My daughter has been admitted to the emergency room here since Friday. [3]He came with pneumonia and anemia and we are waiting for an ICU to be emptied and we have not been able to do that yet. ”

The mother reports that she has been waiting in the ICU in Rio Branco since Friday (3) with her daughter

Also since Friday (3) waiting for a bed with oxygen for her child, a woman who chose not to identify herself said that several mothers in the improved bed inside the ER in Rio Branco have the same condition.

“In my case, I am waiting for the sixth day today. We were in the emergency room, we were kept in another room because the number of stops and intubation of infants and children is much higher. And then we were transferred to an improvised room, but it was full of pregnant babies, they had to put us in another ward, with an improved bed. My baby was 1 month old, had respiratory failure, had trouble breathing, ”said the mother.

Her son was born prematurely in the seventh month of pregnancy, and she reported that she was in the ICU for 12 days and then she was in the ward for a while and was released. But, after a few days, she started to feel sick, her skin turned purple and she decided to seek help.

“I was advised to come to PS. When I got here, I waited all day because there was only one doctor and he was in the emergency room. She got worse, which is why they told her to move to a children’s hospital or maternity hospital, but these days they say they don’t have a bed. Now, we are in an improvised room, there are a lot of kids here, everything is improvised. I wanted as much help as possible, no mother wants to lose her child and children are dying here all the time, it’s horrible, a real horror movie, “he said.

The mother says she is waiting for a bed for her son in an 'improvised' place on the PS in Rio Branco.

The mother says she is waiting for a bed for her son in an ‘improvised’ place on the PS in Rio Branco.

Hospitalized 22 days after birth

Young Apollo’s father, just 1 month and 15 days old, businessman Diego Belem reported that he had spent nearly 11 days in distress with a sick baby and even waited for an ICU to be emptied. She said her son was under cardiorespiratory arrest for 35 minutes, but he was resuscitated and able to recover. The baby was released on the 1st day of the last day.

“She was hospitalized 22 days after her birth. This was one of the first cases here, so much so that they did not know how to deal with it when it started. She started to get worse on April 21st, we saw her breathing, we took her to the ER, the doctor ordered an X-ray and diagnosed bronchiolitis, gave her medicine and treated it at home. But, he got worse and we went back to the ER, who was already another doctor, who had stopped the previous medications and told us for nebulization and washing, we asked no need to be hospitalized, he said no and we I went home “, father reported ..

About three days later, the baby’s condition deteriorated, his hands turned purple, and the parents returned to the emergency room. According to the father, the teams found that the bronchiolitis had turned into pneumonia and the baby had been put on oxygen.

“It simply came to our notice then. They then take him away from Oxygen for another X-ray and then he goes back to Oxygen. In it, he had a stop, and the world collapsed for us. It took 35 minutes for him to recover. Since then we have been waiting for an ICU to be emptied and we found it in Santa Juliana. At the hospital we saw several other children in the same way, with the same problem, there was a crowd, ”Belem said.

The health secretary, who is a doctor, advised parents to avoid contact with children, to give them plenty of fluids, and for those who are old enough to wear masks. “It simply came to our notice then. I also suggest that if the child has a cold, parents should not take him to school. ”

The number of cove cases increased

There is a tendency to increase the number of Kovid-19 cases among the acre states On Wednesday (1st), the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) released data from the infographic bulletin showing that 19 states and federal districts are showing signs of increasing long-term trends.

The bulletin considers information entered into the Influenza Epidemiological Surveillance Information System (Sivep-Gripe), administered by the Ministry of Health, referring to the period between 30 May – 22 and 28 May.

Also, according to Fiocruz, in the last four weeks, cases of Covid-19 have already matched about 60% of the record of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), including viral detection in the country. Last week, the index was 48%.

The prevalence in cases with a positive result for respiratory virus was 4.0% in influenza A; 0.4%, influenza B; 25.1%, RSV; And 59.6%, Sars-CoV-2. Among deaths, the presence of this same virus among the positive was 1.6% for influenza A; 0%, influenza B; 4.1%, RSV; And 91.1%, Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

Nineteen of the country’s 28 capitals follow this upward trend. They include Sao Paulo, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and others, as well as the acre capital Rio Branco.

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