Acres in a series of deaths from respiratory distress

Lawyer Helen Christina, representing Sergeant Erison Neri in the attempted murder case against medical student Flavio Andres, participated in this week’s CipódCast broadcast by ac24horas, provoking the reaction of the Association of State Civil Police Representatives. Acres – Adapole.

At one point in the program, the lawyer said that representative Carla Evan de Brito, who presided over the investigation, hid some of the videos from security cameras and delayed the defense’s access to the evidence: “I was told he would appeal to her in a political interest. There is a way to have the spotlight, will appear ”, said Helen Christina.

In a statement of refusal released this Tuesday (7), Adapol said lawyers use personal attacks on delegates as a defense weapon, alleging that the investigators’ notebooks covered evidence to delay access to defense, as Carla Evan, among other deputies, said politically. Was inspired by the work that was in favor of potential pre-candidacy for the electoral office.

“The behavior of the sublime Karsajik, in which case he advocates a great public response, uses the personal attack of the delegates as a weapon of defense. Despite his role as a defender, trying to tarnish the honor and dignity of a civil police representative does not depend on the lawyer who performs his duties, which is constitutional in a criminal investigation, ”the note said.

At ac24horas, spokeswoman Carla Ewen said all images related to the case had been collected and made available. He further added that not only videos but also the testimony of witnesses is important for the investigation allegations. This Tuesday, he confirmed that there were no barriers to the defense’s access to the investigation and that its performance was impartial and truth-seeking.

“There have already been cases where I have been advised to file because I have not been able to find a valid reason for it and in that case we have found the necessary material and formed a complaint. “If Cassidist feels he has been harmed, he should seek legal redress and not resort to such tactics in an attempt to protect his client by tarnishing the image of a class of police chiefs and performance,” he said.

The hearing of the directions and the trial of the case will be held next Thursday (9), when the criminal court of Epitaciolandia will decide whether the accused will go to the popular jury. Last week, Arison Neri’s defense judge asked Joelma Noguira to suspend the proceedings for suspicion and to establish an incident of mental insanity for the military.

The full text of AdPol’s rejection note:

ADEPOL, a class entity that brings together the civil police representatives of the Acre State, comes to express their views on the interview with lawyer Helen Christina, which took place this Monday (06) on the YouTube channel “Na Ponta do Cipó” and published on some websites where the representative Carla Brito His performance was biased when he shot and killed a medical student in the town of Epitaciolandia / AC, investigating a military police sergeant’s case.

There is no doubt that advocacy is a pillar of law in a democratic state, which constitutes an essential and essential function for the promotion and administration of justice, so that the free exercise of this constitutional duty is undoubtedly ensured not only in law but in law. The constitution itself. Federal.

Despite his role as a defender, attempting to tarnish the honor and dignity of the civil police representative does not rely on the lawyer, who also fulfills the constitutional responsibility of criminal investigation.

The behavior of the great executive is the reason why he uses the patronage of the great public reaction as a weapon of defense. Claiming that the evidence has been covered up has delayed the defense’s access to investigative notebooks, among other damaging assumptions such as the current pre-candidacy for election office is a cunning and desperate move.

There is no rationale for building an effective defense to represent those.

ADEPOL ultimately reaffirms its respect for the Acres Act, based on morality and civility, where each actor plays his role with dignity and loyalty, but rejects and rejects any attempt to attack the representative, a public figure who plays a role in promoting peace. And social justice.

Rio Branco, June 07, 2022.

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