Acres Children’s School staff improved bathroom for children’s bath without structure Acre

Employees of the Marcio Bestin Cowry State School at the Do Povo Housing Complex in Cidade, Rio Branco, had to raise money from their own pockets to build a bathroom in the school yard to bathe children. The school is the first full-time school in the state and does not provide adequate infrastructure to serve students in grades 1 through 5.

Parents and guardians of students have complained to Amazon Network Acre. A reporting team visited the school and heard from parents and coordinators about the condition of the school. There are complaints of lack of attendants, open culverts, bushes and even roads leading to the institution.

Since full-time education is provided, children must bathe on site, but, according to the school, the number of showers does not support the needs of the students and so, the staff arranges showers near the outdoor area.

# MEAJUDAJAC1: Parents complain about lack of culverts, scrubs and attendants at a school in the capital

Rodlin Gomez, a housewife and one-year-old mother, said the bathrooms were built with the staff’s own resources and the cleaning staff bathed the children.

“The thing is, they take it out of their pockets because we’re abandoned, the secretary doesn’t care about anything. The staff fixed it because the bathroom. [dentro da escola] It is small and has many children. They had to make this bathroom out of their pockets. They do not make such a good income. [servidoras da limpeza] To do one function and finish another, which is helping our children, “said the mother.

Regarding the school’s structural problems, the Acre Education Department said the maintenance would be done soon, but did not specify a date or timeline.

Black canvas bathroom coverings are used – Photo: Reproduction

At present 180 children are enrolled in the school. Of these, 21 need child caregivers to help with school routines, but parents complain that there are no professionals in the area and children are harmed.

Manicureist Nancyrlin Nunes da Silva is one of the students who needs a caregiver. She says her son has four children in his home who need special care, three of them autistic and one disabled, but the students are not cared for. So the teacher has to take care of all the students.

“There are many special children to take care of just one teacher. Every child has a right to a caregiver. I have a report that Neuro has passed, with the need for a person and unfortunately, there is no one. I need a diaper change, sometimes The cleaning girls take her to change because the teacher can’t leave the room and leave the others [alunos] Alone “, he lamented.

The structure is made of black canvas and has several fountains – Photo: Reproduction

The school’s education coordinator, Inacio Morera, says there have been requests for caregivers at the school since 2020, but, according to the education secretary, there are no professionals who accept school appointments.

“Even without caregivers, these kids are still here the way we can be present, we’re participating. However, the presence of these professionals will help us a lot in our school. The surrounding area is violent and in the end it is not crowded, “he argued.

Nansirlin said he understood the situation at the school, but asked the education department to fix the problem. “Teachers, instead of teaching ABC, have to take care of special students more than others. Then it hurts the whole class, including my son. It’s our right, it’s the law, we have the right to have a caregiver for us. Boy. If I’m not mistaken, at school. There are reports of 17 children. The Department of Education does not support 17 children, it is the law, and it is wrong, “he said.

Manholes open on school grounds concern parents – Photo: Reproduction / Red Amazonica Acre

The parents further said that the food stored in the freezer for the children is owned by the employees. They had to lend school equipment so that perishable food would not be wasted. In addition to the problems that exist inside the school, parents complain about a manhole opening right in front of the school, which is dangerous for children.

The culvert is about 3 meters long. Another obvious problem is the condition of the road, made entirely of gravel, which makes it difficult for those who come to pick up their children from school to enter. Underdevelopment around the school is another problem that worries parents and guardians.

“What makes us even more insecure is that we need to have a more affectionate approach to clearing work because our school faces a block that has not been completed, there is no accommodation. We must have this weed cleaning service,” he said. Teaching Coordinator.

Due to the lack of open culverts, asphalt and scrubs, the city government says the entire area of ​​the housing complex is under litigation and cannot be interfered with.

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