ACN Brasil offers ‘Children’s Bible’ on YouTube and an app

“If Jesus had to give an example today, he would not only say things about the countryside, the rural world; I must also talk about the city, the digital world, to highlight what the Gospels tell us. ”

Given the wide possibility of connection through computer and SmartphoneThis realization of Friar Rogério Lima, Brazilian ecclesiastical assistant at the Pontifical Foundation Ajuda à Igreja que Sufre (ACN Brasil) is a starting point in understanding the inspiration for one of the organization’s most recent actions: creating a digital version of the “Children’s Bible”.

Published by ACN in print since 1979, “Bíblia da Criança” has already been translated into 191 languages, distributing 51 million copies, including 10 million in Brazil, and helping to spread the gospel to the younger generation. “Even today, we hear the testimony of many priests that their professional awakening began in infancy after this contact with the ‘Children’s Bible’,” Friar Rosario recalls.

More accessible and attractive

The digital version of “Bíblia da Criança” is available on the ACN Brasil YouTube channel and also in the “Bíblia da Criança” app. In all, there are 100 chapters: one for the presentation, 44 for the Old Testament, and 55 for the New Testament.

The videos last one to four minutes and bring out an illustration referring to a Bible passage that is described and also presented in the text.

“This audiovisual content allows children and adolescents to come into contact not only through writing, but also through other means that capture their attention, such as the description of God’s Word, the effect of words, its tone. Conversations, children and adolescents. Leads teenagers to develop that interest in all stories, so that the Word of God begins to enter their lives and hearts with much more power, more efficiently ”, highlights Carmelite Freer.

Stimulus to dialogue about faith

With the promotion of “Children’s Bible” on the platforms OnlineACN Brazil hopes that content related to the history of redemption can be more easily shared in families and in catechism meetings, providing dialogue about the experience of faith.

“The short duration of each video was designed in such a way that the child is interested in the content, but does not keep this knowledge for himself, or isolate or keep it away from others. What we want is for her to see the content, assimilate it and share what she understands with her family, other children and colleagues in the Catechesis group, “explained ACN Brazil’s eclectic assistant.

“It’s not about the child accessing another piece of content that, like many others on YouTube, often leaves them without a conversation, separated from their parents and educators.” Our suggestion is to resume the importance of constructive conversation and see the child interact, since when he watches a short video he is not satisfied with that brief information, and thus, out of his natural curiosity, he asks more about it. For parents, grandparents, catechists, who provide the desired conversation and interaction, ”explained Frei Roserio.

Catholic Process Facilitator

Although the recent availability of “Bíblia da Criança” on the ACN Brasil YouTube channel and app is a recent one, catechists who have already accessed the content have praised the proposal and reported that it is helpful in the cataclysmic process.

“Catechesis is not just about content assimilation. It’s an experience and depth of belief, and children are actually much more involved and fix the content through words and images. For example, when reading a Bible passage, names can sometimes be difficult to understand, but in the video the child is watching the content and listening to what is being read, their attention is fixed and their creativity is activated.

From there, cachesis became something more relational, much more an experience of faith and an assimilation of one’s Christian life. Thus, ACN Brazil’s great goal with ‘Children’s Bible’ is to contribute to the evangelism of our church’s young and future youth and adults, “Frey Rogerio highlighted.

Necessary observations of an adult

Finally, the ACN Brazil Presenting Assistant noted that although the content and purpose of the “Children’s Bible” in the digital version is to facilitate conversations about Bible content and beliefs, it is essential that access is always accompanied by a. Responsible people – parents, catastrophes, older siblings – since it has been embedded in the Internet, in a multi-content environment, not all children and adolescents benefit from development.

“It’s essential that we, as adults, commit ourselves to monitoring the child’s access to the Internet, which unfortunately can be a gateway to communication with many bad things.” Similarly, the child should not be left in front of the screen for extra time. If there is such care, then of course access to the ‘Children’s Bible’ on YouTube and the app will help build a new generation with good values ​​and not just help them memorize aspects of church doctrine, but, yes, reflect what is taught. Integrate it and make a safe, healthy choice as a follower of Christ. ”

Access the “Children’s Bible”

Via the ACN Brasil YouTube channel Link.
Through the “Bible for Children” application Download Free Play Store And then App Store

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