A US judge has denied the charge of raping Cristiano Ronaldo in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A Nevada woman has lost her chance in a US court to force international soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to pay more than $ 375,000 in cash in connection with a 2009 rape in Las Vegas.

U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey in Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit in court Friday to punish the woman’s lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall, for “misconduct” and the use of stolen and descriptive documents describing the conversation between Ronaldo and his client. maloya. Dorsey said this made the case worse than redemption.

Dorsey said in a 42-page statement that denying the charge without the possibility of retaliation is a severe punishment, but said Ronaldo was hurt by Stovall’s actions.

“I see that buying and continuing to use these documents was wrong, and simply banning Stovall will not end Ronaldo’s prejudice because the documents that were misused and his secrets were wrapped up on the grounds of (opposing Kathryn) Mayorga,” the sentencing said. “

Stovall did not immediately respond Saturday to phone calls and emails. Messages regarding Larissa Drohobyczer have not been responded to. They can appeal the decision to the 9th Supreme Court of Appeal in the US in San Francisco.

Ronaldo’s Las Vegas lawyer, Peter Christiansen, was on tour and was not immediately available for comment.

The Associated Press often did not name the alleged rapists, but Mayorga gave permission through Stovall and Drohobyczer to make his name public.

Dorsey revealed earlier this year that he was ready to file a lawsuit against Stovall after failing to meet a $ 25 million lawsuit based on Ronaldo or his teammates breaking a 2010 secret agreement by receiving reports of this. appearing in European literature in 2017.

The Mayorga case – which was filed in 2018 in a state court and in 2019 was transferred to federal court – alleges Ronaldo or his associates violated a confidential agreement before publishing the “Cristiano Ronaldo” article based on documents he received from “whistleblower. Portal Football Leaks.”

Ronaldo’s legal team criticized the reports for the electronic publication of documents that had been stolen from law firms and other European organizations and sold. Christianen also said that much was changed or made.

Christiansen and the lawyer for Kendele Works in Las Vegas have been at loggerheads since the case came to light in 2018 to prevent the deal from being leaked.

Mayorga is a model and former teacher who lives in the Las Vegas area. His case alleges that he met Ronaldo in a nightclub and took him and other people to his hotel, where he allegedly beat her in the bedroom. She was 25 years old at the time. She was 24 years old.

Ronaldo’s legal team is not opposed to Ronaldo met with Mayorga and had sex in June 2009, but he maintained that it was mutually exclusive and not rape.

Mayorga went to the Las Vegas police station at the time, but the investigation was canceled because the mayor did not name the shooter or report the incident, police and government officials said.

Ronaldo, now 37, is one of the highest paid professional athletes in the world. He plays for English Premier League club Manchester United and is the captain of his home team, Portugal. He spent the last several years playing for Italy in the Juventus team of Turin.

Las Vegas police have reopened their rape investigation after the Mayorga trial, but Clark County Attorney Steve Wolfson decided in 2019 not to prosecute.

Wolfson, a state attorney in Las Vegas, said a long time had passed and evidence did not prove that Mayorga’s allegations could be substantiated by the judges.

Stovall insisted that Mayorga did not violate financial stability. His case sought to prevent him, accusing Ronaldo and the “organizers” of conspiracy theories, tarnishing the reputation, breach of contract, coercion and fraud. In documents filed last year, Stovall spent $ 25 million plus a lawyer’s fees.

The prosecutor claimed that Mayorga had a learning disability as a child and was so pressured by Ronaldo’s lawyers and lawyers that he would not be able to resolve his grievances and accept $ 375,000 in August 2010.

Dorsey followed the advice of U.S. Attorney General Daniel Albregts, who had issued initial and legal decisions in the case, to be dismissed on the grounds of misconduct, Stovall’s “inappropriate behavior” and reliance on confidential and stolen information.

“There is no way for the case to proceed without the court having to say what the reasons are and the evidence based on these documents,” Albregts said in an October 2021 report to Dorsey.

Stovall “did wrong in requesting, receiving, and using Football Leaks documents to challenge the Mayorga case,” Albregts said. He criticized Stovall for being “rude,” “irrational” and “insulting” for attempting to declare a secret agreement through legal and court proceedings and urged Dorsey to reject Stovall’s claim that Mayorga had no intention of signing the 2010 agreement.

Circuit 9th decided earlier this year that it might be up to Dorsey to decide the question.

It was not immediately clear on Dorsey’s verdict if people could still look at the Las Vegas police report made by Ronaldo after Mayorga filed his lawsuit in 2018.

Albregts stated in March that the New York Times ‘refusal to accept the police’ collection could be “a signal of a ‘compulsory state’.

The protection order Dorsey issued to block the release of the 2010 contract does not apply to the Las Vegas Metropolitan police station, Albregts found, and “does not prevent the LVMPD from publishing its investigative file.”

Attorney Margaret McLetchie, a newspaper attorney, did not respond Saturday to the ceremony.


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