(A) Gentes smiles around kids in 2022

Vanessa Soares

The team returns for a weekly visit to the Joanna de Gusmao Children’s Hospital, this time visiting patients in their room.

By: Paolo Luis Cordeiro

(A) Gentes do Riso is now near children at Joanna de Gusmao Children’s Hospital, for a loving and playful eye that is able to “change the color” of the hospital environment. After overcoming the challenges of a season of epidemics – first with virtual interactions, then to meet those who can travel there in the Sun area, they will return to work inside the hospital from next Wednesday, June 8th. Till December 14, the hospital will have 25 shifts with Psychology and Pedagogy sector.

In room (A) after the arrival of the pair of gentes, wonder, then “Can we enter?” The game begins only with the child’s consent, the game is involved, the interaction becomes inevitable and laughter appears, even, many times, in the presence of pain, which for a few minutes is no longer focused.

“Within the hospital unit, we find direct relationships between staff and patients with their peers in the most diverse treatment systems. This is where we feel the greatest power of work transformation: the common place of comfort, for a few moments, moves away and becomes a stage, a play, a place of freedom and collective creation, it is resigned and begins to be the other. Colors since then, “said Egan Seidler, (a) Gente Jubi.

The group, formed in 2011 with the support of Joanna de Gusmao Children’s Hospital, consists of 14 artists from various circuses, theaters and music companies in the city. In combination with the Traço Cia de Teatro, they receive ongoing training to work in a hospital environment.

Take care of yourself and others

Asepsis is strict for self-care and especially for those who are being treated in the hospital unit. Coats, clothes, shoes and accessories are always clean, small programs given to children with pictures of (A) Gentes for coloring, word search and a board game are properly packaged and gel alcohol and masks of KN95 are used. The model is constant. All of this ensures safety and keeps the team ready to play.

“We follow the guidelines of HIJG’s Hospital Infection Control Service, a committee made up of professionals who are always aware of the risks and risks we must maintain, especially in the areas in which we operate,” Egan said.
(A) Gentes do Riso is a project of Traço Cia de Teatro and at this stage it has been sponsored by Casol Centerler through the Federal Culture Incentive Law, Special Secretariat for Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Federal Government.

Watch the first video clip of the recently released (A) Gentes here.

(A) People
Amanito (Rodrigo Prestes)
Billy (Alan Ortega)
Boro (Marcio Momeso)
Casildo (Casiano Vedana)
Curalina (Draca Santos)
Esmeralda (Deborah de Matos)
Flower (Gabriella late)
Greta Paschetta (Greece Miotello)
Zubi (Egan Sidler)
Linda Colapso (Raisa Muniz)
Malagueta (Pala Beatencourt)
Pacacoenco (Charles Augusto)
Pituka da Rosa (Anna Pala Grigoli)
Zicoza (Lydian mandarin)

With information from the press office

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