A few hours after donating the kidney, the woman found out that her boyfriend was married

Posted on 02/22/2022 10:12

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Mexican Maria Jose Lara was surprised to discover that her boyfriend had married her just hours after donating a kidney to her. The young woman’s account has been published by the newspaper Mary Claire Tuesday (2/22), but his story has already gone viral in a video on TikTok earlier this year.

According to Maria Jose, she met Matthias (not her real name) in 2016 via Facebook. The two lived in different cities in Mexico, but that didn’t stop them from establishing a relationship and seeing each other often. “I was happy, at least I didn’t have to travel to see him, or spend money on it. Matthias always offered to come and see me. I didn’t know much about him, what he told me,” he recalls.

The relationship lasted about a year and Maria Jose even had wedding plans. He knew his whole family. “When he came to see me, we would go everywhere holding hands, he would take me to work, we would go to dinner, we would go around town. He would not hide me from anyone. For so many things, I never thought of you. There may be something hidden in his life, “he says.

However, at one stage he fell ill. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and urgently needed a kidney transplant. Maria Jose remembers that she did not think twice and offered to be a donor, if she was consistent. “My family was against the grant, but I decided in advance. I will not go back. I was willing to do anything for love,” he highlighted.

With the approval of the trial adjustment, Maria Jos went to the town of Matthias, where she underwent surgery. However, after the operation, he surprised a woman who claimed to be Matthias’ wife. “I was still a little annoyed by the anesthesia when I suddenly saw a woman come into my room. She seemed very happy with a smile on her face. ‘You are an angel. Thank you very much. You saved my life. Husband’s life.

Surprised by the revelation, he was in disbelief. Matthias’ family soon throws the woman out of the house and says she is confused. Maria Jose returned to her hometown and the relationship continued to grow at a distance. However, he remembers that Matthias was getting farther away, he didn’t want to talk anymore and didn’t even pay attention to her. It was then that he decided to return to the hospital where he was still hospitalized. Arriving there he met the same woman from the day of the surgery.

I introduced myself to her: ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Maria Jose, Matthias’ girlfriend. ‘How can you be his girlfriend if I’m his wife?’ I looked up and asked what was going on. More than ever, Matthias looked stunned. I didn’t stand, I remained ‘thin’ inside me. He didn’t do anything that seemed unbelievable. No. Something in that moment. Very embarrassed and wanted to run out of there, I turned around and left, “he recalls.

After the episode, he claims he had no further contact with Matthias. After all, she says she has no regrets about donating her kidneys and saving her life to be a faithful lover. “My conscience remains clear, because I donated my kidney voluntarily. No one forced me to do anything. Today I think everything must have been part of Matthias’ plan to fall in love with her and donate my kidney. Almost six years after all this happened. “It simply came to our notice then. I was living a healthy life, both soul and body. I don’t care what happened or what he did to me. Just because I saved a life, the adventure I did was worth it,” he said. .


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