A Crazy In The Peace: See How Actors Are Doing Nowadays

Its debut Bell-air Coming to Star +, bringing a more dramatic version of the classic Fresh Prince of Bell AirSuccess of the 1990s. The plot has the same characters, now in the more modern world, but the sitcom format aside.

With the launch day approaching, it’s time to warm up to see the story of this family that made so many fans when it was aired. There are no actors in the main cast Fresh Prince of Bell Air There is Bell-airBut they have left a great legacy that was even shown at the special reunion for HBO Max.

So now is the time to see what kind of actors Fresh Prince of Bell Air Nowadays

Nicky (Ross Bagley)

Nicky is now dedicated to her work as a realtor (Image: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

Banks was the couple’s youngest son, Nicky Will’s cousin, and was too young to appear in the series. The child was played by Ross Bagley, a 33-year-old DJ, actor and realtor.

Over the years, Bagley has appeared in a few films, e.g. Little RoscalsSince 1994, and Independence Day, Since 1996, but his acting career is quite discreet. Nicky has a little boy.

Jazz (Jeffrey A. Towns)

Jeffrey is a DJ and close friend of Will Smith (Photo: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

One of the funniest characters Fresh Prince of Bell Air It was Jazz, Will’s best friend. Every time he came to the palace, there was a big commotion. Now 56, Jeffrey A. Towns continues to work as a DJ, performing at major festivals and composing some soundtracks. He is still a good friend of Will Smith.

Aunt Vivian (Janet Hubert)

The actress had a long relationship with Will Smith (Photo: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

Fresh Prince of Bell Air The two actresses played Aunt Vivian, Will’s mother’s sister, and the first of them was Janet Hubert. The actress and Smith did not fare well and their feud was public for 30 years.

Hubert alleged that she was expelled from the series because she was pregnant, because it violated her contract. Jane even said that Will Smith had done disgusting things to her and that Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton, was “bad.” But in 2020, with the characters reuniting for the HBO Max Special, they talked and forgave each other.

Hoopart, who is 66 years old, has not stopped working as an actress since she appeared in the series Love life, Gesture, In the general hospital, New Amsterdam Hospital, FriendsAmong many other productions.

Aunt Vivian (Daphne Maxwell Reed)

Daphne Maxwell Reid plays Aunt Vivian (Photo: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

With the departure of Janet, Vivian now plays Daphne Maxwell Reid, who was already known for starring in the crime series Thick leadWhich was successful in the 1980s.

The actress, now 73 years old, has several productions under her belt and is one of her recent works. trophy wifeWhich is expected to debut in 2022 and participate in the reboot Bell-air. In 2012, Reid also published a picture book The door.

Uncle Phil (James Avery)

James Avery died in 2016 (Image: Warner Bros., Most Wanted Film)

James Avery played the role of Philip Banks, Uncle Phil, and was a successful lawyer who struggled to become a judge. Besides Fresh Prince of Bell AirActors are proud of such productions That show of the 70s, Dr. Dollytal 2, Ninja TurtleAmong others.

In 2016, Avery could not resist heart surgery and died at the age of 68. In the reunion of the series, the actors could not hide their emotions while talking about the actor and the character.

Geoffrey (Joseph Marcel)

Joseph Marcel has a strong career (Image: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

Joseph Marcel Butler, of British descent, played Geoffrey Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Fun Moments with Will Smith The actor has an extensive career participating in films, series and dramas and has appeared in the most recent productions. ReachedFrom Netflix, and Holy Exorcism.

Now 73, Joseph Joyce is married to Marcel and has two children, Ben and Jessica.

Hillary Banks (Carin Person)

The actress played Will’s cousin (Image: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

Carin Parsons, who played Hillary Banks, a cousin of Will, has a few productions under her belt, but they were few after the success. Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

The actress took part in the title Sweet thing, The job, Luxury life, Among others, and has already published two children’s books. Parsons, now 55, has been married to Alexander Rockwell since 2003 and has two children.

Ashley Banks (Tatiana Ali)

Tatiana never gave up acting (Photo: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

Tatiana Ali, who played her cousin Ashley Banks after Nikki’s birth, also did not stop acting, relying on her biography as a television production. Young and restless, Buppies, Girls that love, Disappeared: Looking for my sisterAmong many others

The actress is 43 years old, married to Von Raspberry and has two children named Sheriff and Sonia.

Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro)

Alfonso Ribeiro captivates audiences with “Carlton Dance” (Photo: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

Conquering everyone with his famous dance, Alfonso Ribeiro was successful in the role of Will Smith’s cousin Carlton Banks. The actor will also be seen in several serials The New Ghostbusters, At homeAnd even in some movies, e.g. SOS of loveAlong with Amanda Baines.

Ribeiro has presented radio shows and worked behind the camera as a director. The actor has been married twice, is currently with Angela Unchrich and has three children.

Will Smith

Will Smith is the most successful actor in the series (Image: Warner Bros., HBO Max)

Undoubtedly the most successful actor after Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Becoming a major movie star. The actor has starred in major productions in front of and behind the camera, e.g. Bad guys, Hancock, Find happiness, Hitch, love counselorAmong many others

The actor, 55, has been married to Jada Pinkett Smith since 1997 and they have three children together: Jaden, Willow and Trey, all three involved in music or acting. Recently, Will Smith got involved in a controversy when he attacked Chris Rock on the Oscar stage.

Bell-air April 27 premieres in Star +.

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