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The recent tightening of Formula One rules on cosmetics has sparked controversy among gamemakers and executives of this and possibly any other generation. The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) announced earlier this season that it would enforce the provisions of Appendix L of the International Sporting Code – regarding what drivers are allowed to wear under their racing suits – in particular the existing laws ban. wearing jewelry. Lewis Hamilton, an excellent man whose influence and popularity have greatly contributed to Formula One’s worldwide popularity, has over 16 years of experience in the field of fashion design selected over the weekend. The habit, in fact, that he has accumulated several piercings over the years, a piercing that now contains cosmetics that he would hardly refuse to remove.

The FIA ​​apparently feels strongly about the rules and is willing to take part in the fight against the biggest star in all competitions, to the point of forcing Hamilton out of the game for a while. The British driver reiterated on Friday, ahead of Sunday’s first Miami Grand Prix, that he was ready to be banned from participating in this race or any other event, if it came. For Hamilton, it’s all just a matter of self-disclosure and what worries him: Hamilton described ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in April that another piercing – which is his right ear, “cut” and he should do so. “Cut off or something like that” to be removed for good.

But this ear piercing is obviously not the only one that can not be easily changed. Back in April, before the FIA ​​allowed the conflict to escalate, Hamilton also said he had some holes, unsightly, for which the removal would not be impossible. “I have some holes that I can’t get rid of, which are not known to most people,” he said at a press conference before the competition, in the living room. Hamilton quickly reassured everyone that he was just laughing, before starting a joke he shared with Max Verstappen about a secret point punch hidden under a Red Bull driver’s suit.

The fact that Hamilton uttered the word “breast piercing” in his fun-filled game with Verstappen shows that the joke of “other piercing” on his body speaks volumes about the beauty of his private space. man. Obviously it is not possible for Hamilton to talk about piercing any skin under his neck, but his Instagram account is helpful in making sure that a handsome and good-looking person does not have holes in his or her mouth – or, on. a little bit, nothing can be taken away from pornography:

pa, these words of Hamilton seemed like a joke at the time, nothing can take reality. In fact, Hamilton, despite being cool and brave, does not walk around 200 miles an hour with an iron object. down there.

Things have gotten worse in the weeks since then. Hamilton was given a two-time grace period to end his various dismissals, but he was just convinced that this would not happen. This set the stage for Hamilton to perform at the Monaco Grand Prix at the end of the weekend in May, under the pretext of being punished by a poor tournament manager for what he could do. one of the most successful minutes in their running game, and they are barred from participating in the Formula One signature ceremony. This can be very silly in this game.

Speaking on Friday in a casual dress that looked like a couple of jewelry, Hamilton spoke at length about banning jewelry. “If he forbids me [from racing], then we have a driver left, ”he explained, without suggesting that this would be the case. “When she told me about jewelry, she said that safety is everything. And I said, ‘What has happened in the last 16 years? I’ve been wearing jewelry for the last 16 years, so safety was not a problem then?

It’s because this story has been so difficult for me he had no choice but to sit still and realize when Hamilton, again, referred to that “other piercing” which should be unspoken but, he said, could not be removed. After the incident over the weekend in Miami, Hamilton was also seen showing off his belt:

Asked what the answer would be to the apparent problems, Hamilton said there was a lot he could do.

“I can not get rid of at least two of them,” he said. “At one point I can’t really explain where it is. But what I can say with the platinum I have, is that it is not electric, it has never been a safety issue in the past. “


There are also some of the most well-pierced ear piercings — daith, rook, tragus — but Hamilton obviously would not have thought that any visible piercing on his body could not be explained, let alone a point of reference. on them. So we can stop the whole piercing of his head, and we have already proved, using clear evidence, showing that Hamilton’s upper body was not drilled. We would not want to think that we have reduced the “other piercing” to the groin area without first removing the possibility, yet it is not possible, that Hamilton has a hole or two under his upper thigh. Fortunately, we can turn back to Hamilton’s Instagram account, where our hero sometimes shows no footprints:

Would Lewis Hamilton be rocked like this if he had platinum that was not removed from his feet?

I don’t see any platinum glow anywhere on Hamilton’s lower legs, and it seems unthinkable to say he could have a punctured hole somewhere in his Achilles tendon. For now I see that we have nothing to do but make a decision and drop: If Lewis Hamilton has a “other hole” that I can’t take it off and I can’t explain it, and what I can’t see on the day of the competition, what looks great is that we have Prince Albert’s problem in our hands.

Before admitting that Hamilton insists on being meaningless in all of this, it is worthwhile to review and question what motivates the FIA ​​to emphasize the implementation of the law, after at least 16 years looking for an alternative. Competition leader Niels Wittich reportedly said in a statement earlier this year that it was a matter of heat protection due to metal heat transfer, and that jewelry could be “shaken” when medical personnel tried to remove the driver’s helmet or overalls. sudden accident. But, as Hamilton and others have pointed out, it is difficult to accept safety precautions when these types of events can make wearing jewelry very difficult – accidents that involve the driver sitting in a burning car – are already dangerous. in a way that makes any possible injury seem less serious.

Hamilton is not the only driver who doubts that security concerns will not be addressed due to the FIA’s emergency crackdown. Aston driver Martin Sebastian Vettel lamented what seemed to him to be “human, and I felt like it was directed at Lewis.” That the governing body could not come up with something better than that we take care of this suddenly, after 16 years of not caring does not promote overconfidence.

As Kevin Magnussen explained earlier, if it is a matter of responsibility, most drivers would be willing to “take that responsibility” when the consequences of an injury seem small compared to the risks they face: “I’ll take it a little longer. to run in my wedding ring. ” It seems that Hamilton also reads the same thing, which seems to make sense, even though the areas in question are more complex, in more ways than one.

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