a big party and laughed because of “remuntada” – Olbianova

★ VIDEO ★ Chapeau. This time the hat have to be eliminated to have fun the victory of Olbia, the protagonist, within the derby quantity 108, of “remuntada” (which not all three thousand joyful spectators might guess) in opposition to the unloved (however the feeling is mutual) “cousin” (!) of Torres.

The big party, final evening, with an viewers that has not been seen for a few years: maybe the final home of “Nespoli” began in 2018 at house derby in opposition to Arzachena. Nothing to do with the 1993-94 championship, when he was sitting on the Gallura bench Franco Coombawho escaped from Olbia to Serie A (together with Cagliari).

Fresh from 5 consecutive victories within the first spherical of the primary spherical, the whites met and Torres in entrance of lower than 5 thousand spectators, cheered by the cashier of Olbia on the time, led by the supervisor. Mauro Putzuand supported by Bruno Selleri, Free Balata, Francesco Sotgiu. Unforgettable, the signal displayed within the Curva Mare: “We – it’s written in giant letters – take a look at you from above”.

The victory that helped to “revenge” the unhappiness that Gallura felt, to learn the crew of Sassari, a common enemy, which within the historical past of the crew has had professionals corresponding to. Zola, Ennas, Morosi or return a few years Palmisano, Trudu, Walter Tolu, Tamponi. From Olbia we bear in mind the excessive protection duels made by Truddaiu, Leoncini, Mariani, Gallu (which is Sassari), along with the legend Frattin.

Yesterday, indicators of magic weren’t seen: the 2 followers used to precise their emotions, full of laughter, some weight and generally welcome. As the title of the ultras discovered Olbiesi (extra clearly) to Candles and invited (and a little tough) to make use of them not for “Faradda”, however for different sexual actions.

Not a dangerous response to Sassari when, turning to the opposite facet, they shouted, with a musical cadence: “You are all kids of Giulini”, simply repeating the everlasting hatred for the rossoblù group of Capo di Sotto.

But probably the most spectacular choreography of the well-known “those that don’t soar, Sassari and” (additionally praised by Sassari), repeated a number of occasions to emphasise the massive presence of supporters of the crew at house. They all jumped: probably the most harmful, legal professionals with out a double-breasted swimsuit, politicians (Rino Piccinnu additionally wore a white scarf), college leaders (Gianluca Corda was additionally proud of Juve’s victory within the Cup), Berchiddesi, Oschiresi, Budhusuini, all. on the Olbian facet.

The (minor) Tempiesi, however, have been chosen a number of occasions by the followers of Sassari, on the facet of Torres. An excellent present, apart: the Sassarese “in ciabi” known as Gavino, who has lived in Olbia all his life, didn’t need to soar. And his pals requested him why: “I am unable to – he lied surprisingly-: my knee hurts”. To snicker.

The final stone: the monks. There have been two of them: Father Isidoro, of the Capuchin Church (crimson and blue shorts beneath customized), sitting along with Torres followers and cheering a lot throughout Scappini’s purpose; And Don Gianni Sini, parish priest of Salettea favourite from Olbia, and a well-known exorcist.

He additionally labored onerous to… return his pal’s prayers and subsequently the victory is because of him. But are you aware why? Don Isidoro – not many know, and his option to assist Torres may be very respectable because of the tough and priceless work he has been doing in Sassari for a few years – in the past. Demichele of the surname. His father, the late Saverio, was the mayor of Olbia for a few years. After all, they are saying politics has nothing to do with soccer.

Below is a video taken exterior Nespoli earlier than the assembly:

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