A 10-year-old boy celebrates the cure for a rare cancer on Belem Street: ‘Bujin. It’s been 1 year since my bone marrow transplant For

After completing one year of a transplant, a 10-year-old boy celebrated his achievement by driving on various streets of Belem, Para with the “Buzin” banner in his grandfather’s car. Today is the 1st anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. ”

The celebration has gone viral on social media and has shaken netizens. The car ride took place on April 29, but was only released by the family on Wednesday (4).

The idea for the tribute came from Henrik Sandro Mendes, 51, grandfather of son Davy Mendes. He says he had an idea when he was in Curitiba, where his grandson’s bone marrow was transplanted.

“I made this track and I decided to surprise my grandson. Davy’s illness was a very big battle and it brought us more together. It has taught us a lot, “he said.

David’s mother, Carol Mendes, said she was pleasantly surprised.

“I am a single mother. So, my father was with me during this transplant procedure at Curitiba. He is the father and grandfather of his son,” she insisted.

The tour went through Julio Caesar, Joao Paulo II, Almerante Barroso Road and ended in Sao Bras.

In a post on Instagram, little Davy Mendes shared a message about this moment.

“1 year of the new ‘Medulinha’. I have the best grandparents in the world. “

Boy celebrates cancer cure with banner on Belem Road in a car – Photo: Social Networks / Reproduction

November 30, 2017, David’s family found out he had leukemia. In season, He was only 6 years old.

We went for a routine check-up and discovered the disease.. Davy was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which is not common in children, ”recalls his mother.

In this early stage of the disease, Octavio Lobo of Davy Belem was treated at Lobo Children’s Public Oncological Hospital.

The most invasive type of AML disease. Since the bone marrow is attacked by diseased cells, the body usually undergoes changes that develop very quickly.

After several months of treatment, on June 6, 2020, Davy Mendes woke up and saw that he could no longer walk.

“We have seen leukemia return and with the presence of tumors. He was one of the few people in Brazil to have this leukemia tumor. They even operated on his back, “said Carol Mendes.

During this time, David underwent chemotherapy and used a wheelchair. By the end of 2020, the family was informed that he would be placed on a bone marrow transplant list.

The family even took compatibility tests, but none were consistent. There has been a positive response from Curitiba, Paran. Carol Mendes and her father traveled there in April 2021.

“The His marrow came from the United States, Far away, and Davy transplanted April 29th. We were impressed because he didn’t feel anything. During her hospitalization, she even went to the surgical center and performed live and danced, ”he said.

The boy is recovering from cancer and celebrating on Belem Street – Photo: Reproduction

David’s mother says he carries two phrases in his life, which serve as a guide. One and “Every form of love is worth it“, Which he has been using since 2017. And the other is”Quitting is not an option

“If I had given up his treatment, he would not be here. There are days when we are overloaded, but we take a deep breath and survive, “he said.

Carol Mendes’ only child returned to Curitiba on 16 May. However, the return is only for diagnostic, care which should last five years.

Carol shares that her son, now healthy, is a resident of Para and dreams of the future.

“David loves Akai. If he could, he would drink Akai every day. He prefers common foods of para, such as takaka and manikoba. Another curiosity is that his dream is to be a firefighter “, he shared.

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