8 Perfect Hotels for Traveling with Kids on July 04/27/2022

For many families, the school holidays are a great opportunity to pack your bags, discover new destinations and have fun at the resort. The high season duration, however, requires a little more planning to get better rates and conditions – so the advice is always to organize the tour in advance.

Below, check out some great hotels for those who want to Traveling with the kids in July.

  1. Borban Atibaya, Atibaya (SP)
  2. Beach Park, Aquarius (CE)
  3. Rio Cointe Resorts, Rio Cointe (GEO)
  4. Hotel Fajenda Mazaropi, Toubate (SP)
  5. Tauá Grande Hotel Termas & Convention Araxa, Araxa (MG)
  6. Villa Inglesa, Campos do Jordao (SP)
  7. Mavsa Resort, Cesario Lange (SP)
  8. Portobello Resort & Safari, Mangaratiba (RJ)

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Hotel for traveling with children in July

Check out the details of the eight recommended Brazilian hotels for those who want to Traveling with the kids in July.

Borban Atibaya, Atibaya (SP)

Famous Turma da Monica welcomes families to Bourbon Atibaia. Characters like Monica, Sebolinha and Chico Bento keep the crowd alive and even have special themed areas. The complex also has dozens of leisure activities such as swimming pool, court, archery, spa, airsoft, bowling, rock climbing and trail.

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Beach Park, Aquarius (CE)

Those who want to survive the cold and freezing temperatures can bet on a trip to Beach Park. The site has three hotels and an entertainment complex for those who want to have fun on the water. Also, you can enjoy a spa, gym, sauna, massage tent, jacuzzi and sports court.

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Rio Cointe Resorts, Rio Cointe (GEO)

With 472,000 square meters, the complex appears to be a good option for enjoying heat (even in winter) and Traveling with the kids in July. With one of the great attractions of the hot park area Lazy river And mega ziplines. The site has five hotels and an artificial beach in the middle of Serador.

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Hotel Fajenda Mazaropi, Toubate (SP)

Selected eight times as the best Faganda Hotel in Brazil, Mazzaropi is perfect for family trips. Located in Taube, in the heart of Sao Paulo, the hotel has entertainers that offer fun assurances for adults and children in particular, who can participate in a variety of activities related to the region’s culture.

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Tauá Grande Hotel Termas & Convention Araxa, Araxa (MG)

The ecological path and the beautiful scenery fascinate those who walk through the Araxa (MG) complex. While parents relax and enjoy the area’s medicinal water, children can enjoy a special program led by monitors. Also, you can ride a bike and practice stand up pedals.

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Villa Inglesa, Campos do Jordao (SP)

Campos do Jordao (SP) is one of the best destinations in Brazil for those who want to enjoy the winter. Known as the Brazilian Switzerland, the city is home to some of the best hotel accommodations for family travel, such as Villa Inglesa, which offers comfortable accommodation and attractions for travelers of all ages.

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Mavsa Resort, Cesario Lange (SP)

In addition to having a series of leisure activities for children and adults (such as a water park, court and recreation team), the resort is a place for those who like gastronomy. Visitors can enjoy eight meals throughout the day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks and snacks, afternoon tea, happy hour, dinner and dinner with soup.

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Portobello Resort & Safari, Mangaratiba (RJ)

With a full infrastructure, the resort is home to more than 300,000 square meters of safari accommodation. This tour is ideal for families who can ride in a 4 × 4 car and see about 500 animals from the Brazilian, European and African fauna.

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Plan your trip

Now you know some cool hotels Traveling with the kids in July, It’s time to plan a roadmap. Be sure to check all the details before even packing your bag. Here, you can buy cheap air tickets, car rentals and hotel bookings from our team as well as tour, transfer and event tickets with more convenience.


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