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The National Human Rights Ombudsman (ONDH), affiliated with the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH), recorded a total of 7,447 rape reports in Brazil in the first five months of 2022. Of the victims, 5,881 were children or adolescents – about 79%. During the same period last year, ONDH / MMFDH recorded 6,279 rapes. Of these, 4,475 were children and adolescents, representing a 76% increase in cases involving vulnerable groups.

For Mauricio Cunhar, MMFDH’s national secretary for children’s and adolescent rights, the numbers are alarming. On the other hand, they reveal that the population is increasingly aware of the importance of reporting. “Our whistleblowing channels are gaining notoriety even in the most remote areas of the city. And the more information we get, the more we will be able to work effectively to protect our children and adolescents from all forms of sexual abuse, “the manager said in a statement on the federal government’s official website.

79% of Dial 100 rape victims are children and adolescents (Photo: Daniel Patino / Photo)

Rape is the most serious form of sexual abuse, but children and adolescents in the country are also victims of other forms of sexual abuse, such as intimate touch, oral sex, masturbation or forcible penetration. On the website, psychologist Iramaiah Ranai Gallarani, a master at mental health and psychosocial care, clarifies some important precautionary information. Look!

Signs of sexual abuse

Signs and symptoms of sexual violence can be psychological and physical, such as sexual attitudes that do not match age, display knowledge of sexual activity beyond their developmental stage, frequent masturbation, games that give access to intimacy, behavior changes, school drop performance and sleep disturbances. . In addition to genital and tooth injuries, recurrent urinary tract infections, vaginal or anal bleeding, fissure or anal flaccidity, hymen rupture, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and miscarriage.

What to do if in doubt

Report it via dial 100, even if it’s just a suspicion (Dial human rights). Complaints can be made anonymously. The Guardian Council is an essential body for the protection of children and adolescents.

Damage due to sexual violence

Scholars in this field point out that the consequences of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence include disturbance or inability to predict a healthy adult life, emotional and sexual dysfunction and sexual dysfunction, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, And impaired academic performance, as well as apathy, substance use and abuse, and personality disorders. In this sense, situations of violence require support, care and support for individuals and their families, in order to minimize the effects of the violation being inflicted, to repair the damage and to provide care within their needs and realities.

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How to protect children

Signs of violence are essential for protection! In addition, creating an environment of exchange and dialogue based on a welcoming and non-judgmental relationship. Many parents and caregivers scold or disrespect what their children say, eventually pushing them away. Setting an example is the most appropriate way to educate a person in integral protection reasoning, through the use of accessible language, teaching and evaluation of respectful behavior, through attitudes that increase self-esteem and self-confidence in children and adolescents. Breaking with stereotypes that reinforce the use of the same control, aggression and domination, especially by men, is essential for building healthy and protective relationships.

It should be noted that psychoeducation is essential anywhere, that is, helps children, adolescents and adults to identify situations of violence, perceive risk, be aware of limitations about body and type of care, and have access to information on the subject. How to ask for help. Access to information is essential to prevent violence, which should be encouraged from an early age.


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