76ers Joel Embiid says he is not angry about not being an MVP, but does not know what he needs to do to win.

Philadelphia 76ers senior Joel Embiid had a painful night on Tuesday, when he injured his back and added to his orbital fracture during a Game 5 defeat by Miami Heat in their second playoff series. Adding insult to injury, Embiid was asked by reporters what he did after hearing that Nikola Jokic of Denver Nuggets would be called MVP.

Embiid said he was not surprised by the news, and have been waiting for results since Tim Bontemps’ ESPN polls at the end of the season showed that many voters were leaning on Jokic. As a result, he was not really upset.

However, Embiid shared a number of ideas about who to vote for and who to vote for. It is necessary to go through the last part of the answer.

“Obviously, congrats for Nikola, he deserved it. He had a wonderful season. There is nothing good or bad. There were a lot of people who wanted it. It could have gone either way. Giannis, Devin Booker being on the best team in the league. Far, then I think every year whatever you choose, everything that relates to the issue of who will win. “

Embiid is correct because there was a group of qualified people. It turned out to be a two-man contest between him and Jokic, but Giannis Antetokounmpo could easily have won his third race and you could blame Devin Booker as the best player in the best team.

And while it has not been explicitly acknowledged, there is a descriptive part of the award. Team success, player performance and past results are important; it is not named after “the best player in the league”. This is why LeBron James does not have 10 MVPs and no matter how big Jokic is next season he has no chance of winning. Surprisingly, his story is why Embiid will win next season as long as he is healthy.

“But for me, the only thing I can say about these rewards is that, until, I don’t know how to describe them. I’ll go back to what I heard on the podcast. Bill Simmons actually says ‘f — Jalen Green.’ If you let these people vote for the prize, it would not be fair. What if Jalen Green had a chance to get supermax, or I don’t know, an All-Star character? of that kind, I don’t think it’s good.

This is just about the current MVP negotiations and it looks like a normal shot. It is also worth noting that this Simmons quip that is still mentioned was a joke (probably not recommended) that was completely removed. But Embiid’s main point regarding voting crisis that has financial consequences for players is widely divided.

“That’s all I can say about the prize. I’m not crazy. For the next two years I put myself in that position. It didn’t happen. It’s like this time, it’s hard. Anything that happens, it happens. “Before I came out it was like I didn’t know what else I had to do. Do it to win. For me and everything. It’s close – not that I didn’t look at the big picture but it’s time to put all my energy into the big picture that I’m winning the whole thing.”

Embiid wonders what he needs to do to win the MVP is the best, because he was the best fit this season. But the fact is that he did what he had to do, and he was in control of what he could do. The only thing he did was “wrong” and play well at the same time as two other well-known players in history.

The most interesting thing about this statement is Embiid acknowledging how he thinks about MVP. He may not have been disappointed with the results, but it is clear that the whole process was weighty. Perhaps the burden will be lifted from his shoulders if he stops worrying about it next season.

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