76ers-Heat: Joel Embiid shows his courage, helping Philadelphia win Game 3

PHILADELPHIA – Two things we cannot ask for is Joel Embiid’s strength and determination to win. Less than 24 hours after removing the NBA concussion plan and wearing a protective helmet to protect the broken orbital bone he suffered in the first leg against the Toronto Raptors, Embiid was under Game 3 against the Miami Heat, trying to help his own. the team wins the most important victory after leaving the first two games without him.

Just as being fresh from concussion and dealing with a broken face was not enough, the MVP finalist is also playing with a torn ligament on his toe that will require surgery after the season. Such an injury-free clean-up series made many players dress up on the sidewalk, but Embiid was on the pitch, giving it his all, and his presence was crucial. With a big man on the line, the 76ers managed to pull off a 99-79 victory, their first round, which is now 2-1 in favor of Miami. But even though the Heat is still at the top of the list, the overall shape has changed.

On the count, Embiid did not have his best performance – although 18-point, 11-rebound performance was heavy with evidence of Embiid’s control – but his presence on the ground changed dramatically in Philadelphia. , on both sides.

Ironically, Embiid ordered a lot of interest from Miami, as he always does, with the Sixers shooting about 50 percent from a long distance (16 of 33) with direct results. With Miami focusing on Embiid, Sixers shooters, such as Danny Green (seven out of nine from a long distance) and Tyrese Maxey (five out of six), were given more space to work with. It is no coincidence that Philadelphia produced 3 more games in Game 3 than Game 1 and 2 combined (14). Embiid fired just five of 12 shots from the ground, but came on the wrong line and made eight of 10 attempts.

On the other hand, she was extremely miserable. Sitting down, Embiid provides Philadelphia with kidney protection that his backups, such as Paul Reed and De’Andre Jordan, cannot. There were countless times throughout the game when Embiid’s presence on the pencil prevented him from getting inside by forcing the driver to reconsider what he did, throwing the ball out or shooting hard instead of rushing the kidneys.

Bam Adebayo’s personal performance was limited to Embiid’s return. Adebayo in particular had his way of battling Philadelphia’s internal defense in the two opening games of the series. In Game 1 he had 24 points, 12 rebounds and four assists. In the second game he placed the same numbers: 23 points, nine times and three assistants. He missed six total shots in both games.

On Friday night, Adebayo only had nine points, three rebounds and one support. He missed seven of the nine attempts to shoot. You can call it the “Embiid effect.” After the game, Embiid admitted that watching Adebayo win the Sixers in the first two games bothered him, so the delay between the Heat was crucial.

In Game 1, the Sixers placed 114 defense as a team. In Game 2, that increased to 125.3. Friday night, their team’s defense was 89.8. Again, the effects of Embiid.

“I feel like I’m proud, defensive,” Embiid said after the game. “And I feel that’s when my presence really makes sense, at the defensive end. That’s why it’s one of the biggest reasons to play. [tonight]I thought I could really touch it. ”

In addition to that defense, Embiid’s return brought a commotion to the Wells Fargo Center on Friday night, and the team regained some control. The Sixers also admitted that they played bravely knowing that their leader was with them in the war, even if they were hindered.

“It’s game time. It’s winning time. It’s the playoffs. Joel knew how much we wanted him, and he gave up,” James Harden told Embiid after the game. “His control on both sides of the ball is very important to the team. He is very important to the team. This is why he is the MVP, and we have eaten and we must continue to push.”

Although there were speculations about when, and if, he will return to the game, Embiid said the chances of never playing against Miami were not what he had in mind.

“When we found out what had happened, I didn’t think [not playing]”Embiid said. It was either Game 1 or Game 2 or Game 3 or 4. I just did whatever I could to try to get back.”

Miami are now back on board, as they do not have a clear answer on the issue of reducing Embiid, who will continue to regain form after missing a basketball game for a week.

For Philadelphia, Embiid’s return came just in time. Most teams have come from a 0-2 series limit. No team came back from 0-3, and the first two games provided little evidence that the Sixers could have won the game against the Heat without Embiid.

Now when he comes back, the series is at 2-1 and is very different from what it was the day before.

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