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At residence with kids, gadgets saved on the lavatory flooring and in the closet deserve consideration (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @gabrielisilvacosta.arq)

Homes the place households with kids stay want some diversifications to cut back the threat of accidents. Bathrooms, the place gadgets saved in closets from moist flooring could be harmful for little ones, name for particular consideration. Below, we checklist six ideas to make this atmosphere safer for kids. Check out:

1. Pay consideration to the sort of flooring

Choosing an applicable texture for the lavatory flooring is important to making the room protected for everybody, not simply the little ones. “Ideally, flooring with a pure or satin end is used inside the bathe and all through the atmosphere. Never polished, which may be very slippery”, guides architect Isabella Castello from the workplace of Keeping Arquitetura.

While bathing, it’s nonetheless doable to add some equipment to the bathe flooring. “To keep away from fall accidents, massive surfaces or non-slip mats can be utilized. I like to recommend utilizing one thing that mixes security, practicality and wonder, enhances your decor and brings extra tranquility to your day by day life”, by Architect Renata Dutra advises.

2. Bathtub care

6 tips to make the bathroom safe for children (Photo: Fernando Crescenti)

In addition to making the bathtub tough for kids to entry, its environment additionally want to be tailored. Project by architect Edlaine Medeiros Rupp (Photo: Fernando Crescenti)

Those who’ve a tub at residence want to take some precautions to make it protected for little ones. The first level is entry to the lavatory, which should be made tough one way or the other. “Keep the door closed or set up a small gate that forestalls the little one from coming into the lavatory alone and filling the bathtub”, advises Renata.

To assist the child get out and in of the bathtub, it is value having a assist subsequent to the bathtub, resembling a ladder. Corners of niches and cabinets round the bathtub additionally want to be noticed. If you have got so-referred to as sharp edges, that are straight, it is suggested to set up nook guards.

In addition to adapting the house, keep in mind to fill the bathtub with sufficient water for bathing, examine the water temperature and by no means depart the child alone. Finally, water puddles that kind in the bathtub cut back the threat of drying out and slipping.

3. Orientation to the rest room

The rest room will also be tailored to keep away from accidents throughout use. “There are two choices: the kids’s rest room mannequin and the adaptive chair, which you match into the rest room itself and which adapts to the measurement of the little one”, explains Isabella. Another essential precaution is to use a lock to seal the rest room lid.

4. Note the entry to the sink

6 tips to make the bathroom safe for children (Image: Disclosure)

A stepladder permits the little one to attain the top of the sink in the Kipping Arquitetura workplace challenge (Image: Prakash)

If the little one wants a bench or stepladder to attain the top of the sink, architects recommend some choices to present extra security. The first is to combine the steps into the closet, which is underneath the countertop. Another is to select a sturdy bench so the piece will not tip over or transfer simply.

5. Pay consideration to cupboards and drawers

In houses with kids, medicines, hygiene and cleansing merchandise, particularly coloured packaging or liquids, shouldn’t be saved in low cupboards and drawers out of youngsters’s attain. Sharp and delicate objects resembling pliers, scissors, razor blades and tweezers must also be saved in the highest place. “I like to recommend conserving rest room paper, towels and cotton in the backside drawer. At most, what occurs is a multitude, however by no means an accident”, commented the Kipping Architecture skilled.

6. Care {of electrical} elements and equipment

Sockets want to be at the least 1.20m excessive to make it tough for little ones to entry. As with the remainder of the residence, utilizing a plug protector reduces the threat of shock.

Certain gadgets utilized in the lavatory additionally require consideration, to stop accidents. “Do not place any mirrors that may be simply moved or manipulated by kids and keep away from breakable objects at the top of youngsters”, suggests Renata. For instance, the rest room paper holder additionally wants to be properly thought out, as some fashions are delicate and might harm in the occasion of a fall.

Have you recognized what modifications you want to make your lavatory protected for the children at residence?


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