’55 years later, I received a letter from my great love and remarried ‘- Marie Claire Magazine

Mary and Raymond (Photo: Revealed)

“I was 18 and working as a journalist at PUC in Rio when my father moved to Belgium. Since I loved painting, it seemed like the perfect time to immerse myself in the universe. So I enrolled in an art school in Lausanne, Switzerland. I’ll be alone, alone. Salta was 1958.

I arrived at the Athenaeum Institute and immediately went to the Secretariat and introduced myself. I noticed a boy in the room who would not stop looking at me. From the corner of my eye, I saw that she was a handsome blonde. Liked it. After that, we would smile at each other as we walked down the hallway. Until I dared call the guy for coffee after class. Raymond Neuchâtel was from Switzerland, just 19 years old and studying architecture. In this first meeting, we talked about my travels, Brazil, art and music. He asked me if he could call me Mitsuko, which was the Gerlen perfume I was wearing at the time. Of course yes.

The tour became our routine for the next two weeks. Every day, he would wait for me at the classroom door and we would walk hand in hand on the slopes of town. We would have coffee, he would take me to the boarding house where I was staying and take the train home. Without wasting time, I just decided to test the kiss. As soon as we said goodbye I stole a pack from him. A joy.

Raymond and Mary (Photo: Revealed)

Raymond and Mary (Photo: Revealed)

For six months I lived in a dream. I wanted to spend my day making art with that guy next door. Unlike what I kept in Brazil, our relationship had no game, it was perfect. He was romantic, considerate. A lord. But my dad was on a Brazilian commission coming back to Brazil and I had to wake up. Raymond will do his military service next year, he could not think of leaving Switzerland soon. And I couldn’t keep up with the expensive life in Europe.

+ ‘I had a child with a beggar’

I will never forget the day Raymond dropped me off at the station. Looked like a movie scene. The train is following, and I see that its image shrinks in shape until it disappears well. At first, I wrote to him every week. I sent pictures and drawings. But the letter was slow to arrive, if they did. I started to get depressed. I just thought of working so I could buy a ticket to Switzerland. All I could do was speak French and English, I took a typing course. Three months later, I got a job as a translator secretary and enrolled in a plastic art course at the Instituto de Bellas Arts.

“I will never forget the day Raymond dropped me off at the station. It looked like a movie scene. The train was moving, and I could see his image shrinking and disappearing completely.”

My contact with Raymond was gradually cut off. I missed his attitude, ‘I’m going to Brazil!’. We need to have some signs that we will be together again. That’s when I met Samuel, an old friend of the Scout team, whom I had known since I was 15 years old. He got engaged, but he declared his love and then we started dating. My dad broke up with Raymond in a letter to me. And we never heard from each other again.

+ ‘I married a sex lunatic’

At age 22, I married Samuel. Soon we moved to Sao Paulo and we had three children: Carlos, Luis and Isabella. We were very good friends, comrades. But after 16 years we started to see the difference. He became a big businessman, he wanted a little lady to make cookies at home. And I was an intellectual artist. The first thing I did after entering the analysis was to separate.

The book they co-authored with Mary and Raymond: The Yellow Letter (Photo: Revealed)

The book they co-authored with Mary and Raymond: The Yellow Letter (Photo: Revealed)

Months later I met Paolo. She was the brother-in-law of a friend, has three children and recently divorced. I was about to return to Rio when he told me: ‘You don’t like it there, things have changed.’ ‘Then tell me to stay,’ I replied. Paolo went to the newsstand, bought a newspaper, and started looking for an apartment for us to live in. The marriage proposal comes after 40 days. We raised our six children together. Ten years later, he fled with his secretary and never returned.

+ “I became a magician’s assistant for love”

I was 49 years old when I definitely took charge of my life. Until then he maintained an almost parallel life as an artist. I dropped my kids off at school and went to the studio, exhibited, studied. But I still did not feel free. Watershed was an art therapy course that turned me into a professional. At that point, I realized that I didn’t need another husband, but I met my psychoanalyst, who helped me with my first divorce, and we decided to stay together. He was a teacher, a guru to me. We were together for 12 years before he died.

Tired of men, I decided to focus on my profession, my family and my grandchildren. He joked: ‘If you see me washing my underwear and folding men’s socks, you can put me in the hospital, because I’m crazy.’ I never thought of getting married again.

Mary and Raymond (Photo: Revealed)

Mary and Raymond (Photo: Revealed)

One day, I found a yellow envelope in the middle of the mail at the studio door. At first I thought it was an election campaign. Then I saw that the stamp was from Switzerland and I thought it came from my best friend Stella, who lives there. It took me a few minutes to open it. When I did, Shock: It was from Raymond, I dated 55 years ago Swiss man.

‘Columbia, May 11, 2014. In 1958, in Lausanne, I met a fascinating Brazilian woman. He lived in 2 Av. Ruchnet. I was glad to call her the delicious Guerlain perfume, which was very good for her: Mitsuko … for several months she attended the Athenium Institute, the same school as me. Her father had the honor of representing Brazil at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels. So if my name and these words have any meaning to you, please be kind to me. I think it can be a wonderful occasion to exchange some words, some memories. PS: I am sending you this letter as if I were throwing a bottle into the sea! ‘.

My whole body trembled as I read the words. I had a feeling that he was going to be implemented in front of me. I can expect nothing more than a letter from Raymond. All these years, I was amazed at what had become of her life. When I learned to use a computer, I was looking for it a few times. That may not be true.
Panicked, I called my daughter Isabella and then Stella. I could not understand what to do, what to think. Was he looking for me on an art school date? What did he want from me? Was it some stocker? The truth is, he’s the only man who’s ever messed with me.

“When I read these words, my whole body was shaking. I could expect nothing more than a letter from Raymond.”

Isabella persuaded me to respond, arguing that I had nothing to lose. I had both desire and fear. But I took courage. Two days after being completely stunned, I sat down at my computer, looked at the email address at the bottom of the letter, and started typing. I was too nervous to write anything. But I took a deep breath.

Mary and Raymond: The Love That Passed Over The Years (Photo: Revealed)

Mary and Raymond: The Love That Passed Over The Years (Photo: Revealed)

I started by saying that yes, the letter from the bottle has just reached the beach. Then, 55 years later, I questioned the reason for that communication. The next day, I got the answer: ‘Because I never forgot you!’ My heart skipped a beat. We practically started chatting.

+ ‘I felt the pain of a sexless marriage’

Raymond told me that once married for 40 years, his wife died of cancer a few months ago. And, tidying up the drawers, he found a lighter that I had given him as a gift in 1958, with a picture of me, and he decided to look for me. For this, he went to the Consulate in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was advised to check the telelists. First an attempt in Rio de Janeiro. Then Sao Paulo, where I lived. Luckily I was using my first name: Mary Porto. He then found two addresses and sent the same yellow letter to both.

We spent the whole month talking via email and Skype. It was not until Raymond took that attitude that he became so desirable. ‘I’m going to your show,’ he said. I was scared of a hell. How do I convince my family that a past boyfriend will be home for a few days? Life worked for me: When he went to buy tickets, he discovered that his passport had expired and it would take some time to renew the documents. So I offered to see him during the July break. She liked the idea and said she could stay in a separate room to make me comfortable.

Mary and Raymond (Photo: Revealed)

Mary and Raymond (Photo: Revealed)

Isabella has programmed my whole trip without telling anyone. A week before boarding, however, I decided to tell the news to my other children and grandchildren, who found it unreasonable. I flew to Switzerland for fear of death. On the plane, I caught myself thinking how crazy I was.

I arrived at Zurich Airport and he was there. Black leather coat, white hair… handsome, as usual. We hugged each other for a long time. Two hours before going home, we stopped to eat and talk. Ten days later, we were in bed and she turned blue. Naked, he pulled out a ring and put it on my finger. At age 74, I got married for the fourth time.

We have been together for eight years, alternating between Brazil and Switzerland. We do not plan for the future. Our covenant is to live today, be happy and together. At this point in my life, I learned from Raymond that love does not grow old. On the contrary, it is a fountain of eternal youth. “

“At this point in my life, I learned from Raymond that love is not an age. On the contrary, it is a fountain of eternal youth.”


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