5 winners and 3 losers from the Patriots accredited minicamp

The official New England Patriots’ 2022 minicamp is in the books, reaching the end of the first day. The team decided to stop playing its third and final game on Thursday due to weather forecasts.

Even with only two practice sessions taking place in the basement behind Gillette Stadium, however, we were able to take a closer look at the current Patriots team. As a result, several statements about the team and individual players can still be considered.

Obviously, however, they have to be taken with a pinch of salt because of the spring culture in the NFL. There was no contact, the players did not wear paper, and the main focus was on coaching and making changes rather than competing.

However, things like using and even performing well on two minicamp systems – a little bit – give us an idea of ​​where other players should go in less than two months before the training game.


QB Mac Jones: Jones ‘status as the Patriots’ first-round pick is unquestionable, but that does not exclude a second-year man from being named the winner of the minicamp. Other than that, he made a show on both occasions. Yes, he was a very fond of the offense – there was no rush or publicity – but Jones did what you would want him to do: he always throws high-end weapons and shows complete control of the offense. . New England QB1 is on the line for the second year in a row.

WR Tre Nixon: Elected 227 points behind Jones, second-year-old Tre Nixon was given a chance to run. He performed great performances throughout the days of the minicamp, and showed that he could be swayed by grabbing all the odds from the slot and the limits. Nixon will need to grow his stamina in the training camp and show that he can withstand the pressures of the media, but what he is doing this week was not encouraging.

RB JJ Taylor: With a few James White in the entire minicamp, the Patriots gave three-year-old JJ Taylor added a chance to show off his skills as a replacement. He did not disappoint, and took part in the first trial under Mac Jones. In all, the two connected six times during 7-on-7 or 11-on-11.

TE Jonnu Smith: There is no way around this, the Smith 2021 season was disappointing. The low cost of living is also a factor in making the Year 2 jump, however, and his minicamp trip was a step there. Smith took part as a very strong force and held a grudge between Tuesday and Wednesday.

CB Jack Jones: As mentioned above, minicamp is very fond of the error. That said, fourth-round rookie cornerback Jack Jones still looked good. Although he was not in a position to close in any way, he always ran with the starting defense as the corner and showed some ball skills by registering the entry and forcing the thrust. In addition, he saw action as a punt revenge and re-signed his rookie contract. Good week all over.


WR N’Keal Harry: Along with his teammates after participating in free fitness, Harry played a minor role within the Patriots case in the minicamp. He spent a lot of time with the scout team’s mistakes, which may seem like additional evidence that the end is near: the former first-choice observer of New England’s clear drawings this year’s mistakes could be surprising.

WR Malcolm Perry: Trying to make a point on the deep reception chart, Perry did not have any of the teams playing Tuesday and threw one of his three goals the next day. He also spoke of punches that resulted in his being sent off for a penalty. Players, especially near the bottom of a deep chart, should take advantage of the limited opportunities they get. Perry did not do this this week.

TE Dalton Keene: The story of Keene’s work so far has been impossible to go to the field unchanged. The minicamp was similar to the one previously selected for the third, which was reduced in both days due to injury. He has often been involved in gymnastics and a number of team art, but seems to be far behind Devin Asiasi in the race for the TE3 job.

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