5 trophy Celtics ‘2022 NBA Finals’ 1st victory over Warriors

Al Horford, Derrick White and Jaylen Brown rallied late to give Boston the chance to win Game 1 against Golden State in the 2022 NBA Finals.

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Photo by SAN FRANCISCO – It was exactly the opening phrase that you probably think the 2022 NBA Finals, though not the way it did and probably not the team that did this.

Here are five more from the 120-108 Game 1 wins by the Boston Celtics, who immediately put the Golden State Warriors and Finals in charge:

1. Events are … multiplied?

There is only one proof in the remainder of the list: You will never hear a story about the Celtics too, ahem, green in the Finals.

The Celtics came here after a short break, were on their way to a team that had already failed at home in the playoffs, were just under 12 to start the fourth quarter, looking at Stephen Curry, who was a player, Jayson Tatum could not take the bucket. beating the Warriors right in the mouth. They are the first team to win the Finals game with two numbers followed by two numbers to start the fourth.

The Celtics radically changed both sides to come back and win Game 1 Finals.

This is not a metaphor for a team that has never heard of game champagne. In that case, in this game, against a team of Warriors with a well-known name and June basketball team, shouldn’t the Celtics fall and fall and take their medicine and pull until … not learning?

What you saw was the burning response of a group that met with bright lights. The incoming team is a seven-game series, which has won a cross-country skiing game, which did not scare or care about “events” in the Finals because, between the lines, this is another postseason game, as emphasized by coach Ime Udoka.

Jaylen Brown recalls: “Earlier in the fourth week, the message was, ‘We are back. “We know what it takes to deal with such a problem.”

About the fourth quarter (how Boston won the Golden State 40-16): Brown defeated Tatum and Boston was too big on both sides, and the destructive tactics left especially when the Warriors were shaken, because …

2. The Celtics defeated the Warriors in a match

Wait, come back? Did the Celtics really conquer small armies and shoot them from the ground? Obviously, I can throw the Finals and Warriors to the loop.

Regular titles were changed and the result was unexpectedly unexpected: The Celtics shot 51% off the bottom of the game and made seven 3s to start the fourth. Against the Warriors. Against Curry and Klay Thompson. This was a robbery charge. The tables were turned and the Warriors heads were still spinning from there. Ours too.

Boston set up a game changer to close Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals.

The Celtics wasted real time with Brown, Marcus Smart, Payton Prichard and Derrick White … who fired 7-for-10 from within four innings.

It is absurd to think that the Celtics have fired shots again, or taken this part from their allies. But: He did the same in a game in the Finals, which he stole. And it often takes a stolen game to win a title.

The good thing is that we know we can play very well, ”said Udoka. “We are proud to be able to contribute to both sides.”

3. It was not all evil to the Army

Hey, Curry is on track to win the fourth race, as well as the first Finals MVP award. Didn’t that show how he started the game, and how he finished it?

Curry does not have a list of Finals winners, which is why he is no longer an MVP competitor. He scored 21 points in the first quarter when the Celtics, for some reason, played the show and watched, leaving the Curry form. He was fast enough to finally take the 40-piece in the postseason (he reached six, though).

Stephen Curry hit the Finals – scoring 3-6 points in the first quarter

There was more: The soldiers were strong on the board, with Kevon Looney, again, to keep living and destructive elements (six). Also, Otto Porter Jr. he returned from injury to deliver 12 points off the bench and, along with Curry, was the only 3-point shooter (4-5 3PM).

As a result this became the fourth worst offender for the Warriors. Until he confirms that, Jordan Poole has submitted more than nine points, and Thompson will be a better nation again.

“We will all play well in Game 2,” Curry said. “We have already done it and we have a lot of confidence to do it again. These stories are just beginning. ”

4. You can call him Al Hungry

What does the former NBA say? Do not despise the heart of the man who wants to be the first hero?

The Al Horford Comeback Tour is busy spreading the pixie dust again, this time burning the 37-year-old player who changes 37 here, here in the Finals, where he has never been before. After his performance against the Bucks and Heat in previous tournaments, the big goal in the Finals should not be too surprising. Horford was sometimes a very good player under the second half of Thursday which, well, was a bit of a surprise, as he shared the court with a two-time Kia MVP with young stars in their time; Horford is no more.

For the first time this postseason, Horford (26 points) led the Celtics to a goal, but it was a good performance (9-12 FGs, 6-8 3PM) that put everything else in his box. As Horford sank during his 3s season in the fourth quarter, he set up defensive tactics, and used the leadership that the Celtics have appreciated since his return this season became important.

Al Horford scored 26 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists to help the Celtics upset the Warriors in Game 1.

He said: “I am so grateful to be in this place. “Going out and playing good basketball. That’s what it is.”

Here’s what he did not say: Horford may believe, at heart, may not have another golden opportunity, then he should enter it now. And while this may not be true, it is probably a good idea to allow that motivation – or desperation – to get the attention of an older player. If you were in danger in Philadelphia near Joel Embiid, and then put on ice in Oklahoma City before returning to Boston, you can understand why he felt a certain way.

5. The ball did not fall well on Tatum

But if his form of play is true, the ball will be back on Sunday.

And this is what should happen to the Army. Not only did he lose the game with Tatum misfiring (3-1 FGs), he should expect a strong Game 2 response. 4-for-19 once against the Bucks, 3-for-14 once against Miami.

Next game? He scored 39, 30 and 31 respectively.

Apparently, the Trappers and the moveers tried to force Tatum to give up the ball, which he did, in order to get a solid result. Tatum made plays for others, as his 13 assistants testified … he could not make a play for himself. He forced another shot, missed the others open, and the Warriors took the trade.

He does not expect White, the player and shooter 27% of the 3-point during the game, to get 21 off the bench and cover Tatum. White may not do well in the Finals, but similarly, Tatum would not be so cold, either.

All of this puts Boston in a good position. If Tatum goes back too far in Game 2 – the Celtics usually win after that – the list will be heated up quickly.

“I do not expect the worst to strike again,” he said. “But if it means we continue to win, I will accept.”


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