# 5 Texas A&M wins Oral Roberts by opening section, 8-2

Game # 56: # 5 Texas A&M 8, Oral Roberts 2
Notes: Texas A&M (38-18, 19-11), Oral Roberts (38-19, 17-7)
WP: Mika Dallas (6-3)
LP: Ledgen Smith (7-5)
Box Score

Remember the old days of Texas A&M when unchanging security and suspension were a cause for concern?

That was a different time. And it looks like a different team.

Highly seeded Aggies (38-18) performed well in all three divisions in an 8-2 victory against Oral Roberts (38-19) who has a fourth seed in the NCAA baseball Tournament College Station opening Friday afternoon at Blue Bell Park.

A&M goes to winner’s bracket on Saturday. The Aggies face the winner of Friday night’s clash between TCU second seed and third Louisiana.

Starting singer Micah Dallas (6-3) (6-3) allowed one run in five innings to win the A&M victory. To the left of ORU Ledgend Smith (7-5) picked up a loss despite showing solid form which he dropped three times – two untrained – and won six in 4.1 innings.

Jamie Maury, TexAgs

Menefee released seven in 3.0 IP.

Smith received less treatment as a gem – defense plus two games – thwarted Oral Roberts’ threat. So did Joseph Menefee, who threw in three innings for a good rest.

Menefee conceded just two hits and one run and hit seven of the three.

“They have two excellent stadiums,” ORU head coach Ryan Folmar said of Menefee. “If you want one and throw it away, you are in trouble. I think we have met several times. ”

Speaking of relief, Austin Bost shot three times in the seventh home, and Jack Moss fired two times in eight innings, making Aggies easier to breathe.

“No matter how well we played defense in our last game (the 9-0 SEC Tournament defeat in Florida), we played very well,” A&M head coach Jim Schlossnagle said. “I think we played two games during the Micah (Dallas) innings. (Trevor) Werner made a manager game.

“(Dallas) got out of trouble, kept us in the game. Moo (Menefee) calmed the storm, and Austin’s house was in a lot of trouble.”

The Aggies made eight errors in three games in the SEC Tournament. Their safety also appeared to be a concern in the second inking. A throwing error in Dallas led the Golden Eagles to a 1-0 lead and put two runners down one by one.

Jamie Maury, TexAgs

Jordan Thompson’s second-placed midfielder put Aggies on top, 2-1.

But Werner hit hard in the third inning and played twice to end the inning.

MacU’s Mac McCroskey led by a third and one inning, but one afterwards, Dallas got Jackson Loftin to start playing twice.

ORU also had runners on corners when two came out on top in the fourth, but Werner played well to overcome the threat.

“We spent time (security) all week,” Schlossnagle said. “We did a number of different things. We tried to make things look like a game vs. just hitting the bottom balls one after the other. We tried to do things like sports and play football. Most of the time, we have done a good job today. ”

A good defensive performance helped the Aggies defend a 3-1 lead that they built on Jordan Thompson’s ability to run two homer runs and Bost sacrifice flies.

That leadership was highly esteemed in the seventh year.

Menefee, who revived Dallas in the sixth, released one. He appeared to have come out of the innning by causing Jake McMurray to hit the ball made by the tailor, but baseman second-hand Ryan Targac interrupted it with two errors.

Undaunted, Menefee beat McCroskey two fighter and three fighter Caleb Denny.

“[Menefee] almost had a last game, “Schlossnagle said.

“That’s how the team has been all year. Something bad happens, and they just retaliate. ”

“That’s how the team has been all year. Something bad happens, and they just retaliate. ”

– A&M head coach Jim Schlossnagle

The downing shot of the inning was a knock, and it was a beautiful thing.

Kole Kaler and Jack Moss were down with one outside. Folmar brought in Kaleb McCullough on the right, the third Golden Eagles striker.

One later, Bost set up a 2-0 pitch that hit the top of the left wall and hit the Rec Center on the jump.

ORU managed to run in the eighth, but the Aggies responded under the innning with Moss’ doubling Thompson and Werner.

“He mixes me well all day long,” Bost said. “Left (Smith) is good for a reason. He brought in the right (McCullough), and lost good wounds.

“Then he brought in a running ball. I was able to get my hands inside and shake it well. Good things happen when you make the right changes.”


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