5-star QB Jaden Rashada is in the process of making his list into a single school

LAS VEGAS – Three new official appearances during the week saw Pittsburg (Calif.) High Top247 quarterback Jaden Rashada walking through Texas A&M then LSU and then Florida, the blue-chip passer arrived at the Overtime OT7 event Friday evening and set the show.

Rashada saw the ball clearly, threw the ball accurately and accurately, and has a passion for the hand that envies the position. With Rashada as the senior, Miami Immortals will be instrumental in winning this highly competitive tournament as the game kicks off this weekend.

Taking a short break for the next few days as he contemplates his college career, Rashada resumes the journey home. He has a Judgment Day closing on June 18 with one player. He went back to Ole Miss back in April. Other opponents not mentioned here include California, Miami and Oregon, the top seven who have given Rashada 6-foot-4, 185-pounds more to consider.

“I think he has a good choice, and it’s a great decision to make and a great opportunity for him,” Harlen’s father Harada said.

Rashada was one of the most anticipated nationals in the class of 2023, going on to his entire high school.

“I think he’s here now, he’s relaxed,” the official said Rashada. “Especially with the last run he made and all the choices he had. It looks like he’s on his way but I always tell him if you want more time. But I don’t think that’s the case. I think he’s really ready to get a house and help build a recruitment class.”

Rashada has recently been to Miami and Oregon and also knows what he is looking for in school.

“The opportunity to be with good people,” said her father. “He values ​​human beings and values ​​them. All the other things take care of themselves.

“We’ll see how it goes.”

Elder Rashada explained to each of the latter.

California: “Cal was like a second school for Jaden. A great relationship with Cal and OC Musgrave and Toler has been his boyfriend. It’s our home. It’s far behind. I think he’s ahead if he can keep writing well and can help them build a class. I think Cal is a lot harder than everything and his heart is with Cal and his relationship with the boys. ”

Florida: “Florida is beautiful. I think when I think of Gators I think of history there. I think it’s a new job for Billy Napier, I think everyone is happy with Billy. When you get there you realize that. When you are close to the people who have come with the program, you can feel that he is a real person. His personality, the way he speaks to you, the way he feels about you. We have had him with frustrating meetings, and OCD when it comes to more. I think he is a good speaker and a good teacher. I think Florida is going to do a really good job. I think it is one of the best looking youth courses in the SEC. Florida is different because it has a Cali color vibe. It has a large workforce from California. You drive around, you feel like you are at Walnut Creek or something. It doesn’t feel like you’re really south but we saw gators at school, it was different. ”

LSU: “Coach Sloan was probably the hardest-working man in the world. He’s good at reaching out and he and Jaden had a lot of conversations. There’s a lot of quarterback development there. The school has a very good location, a good reputation there, tons of talent. , after sitting down with Coach Kelly, Jaden asked him why he had left Notre Dame, and he said ‘because I wanted to play better and hit better.’ That’s why I think he’s a hard worker and he has a lot of equipment and there’s talent at LSU. “

Miami: “Coach Cristobal, a beautiful place, history. Coach Cristobal is a fan. If you look at what he has done, he has done well. Rose Bowls, I think he played a big part in what Oregon was doing in recent years. Relationships with Coach Ponce,” Broyles Award) Award-winning assistant.

Hello Miss: “Ole Miss there is a lot of sympathy with Ole Miss. She has been there four times. She does not know only the employees who left and the new staff. She and Lane have a very good relationship. She and Coach Weis had a good relationship. Apparently her brother is now in Ole Miss just signed up. So there are a lot of fun things out there. It’s a great college town. The nice people there. “

Oregon: “A very good relationship with Coach Dillingham. Dan Lanning a strong boy, a young boy, I think a stable defense. I think the Oregon tradition there, most followers in Pac 12. No more places reach about 60,000. Oregon is the largest college town you can find. With Pac 12, and West Coast so much of it is close to home. I think he has a lot of power to build a class there, with kids who know who he is and who’s a good footballer. He’s been at Pac 12 for a long time and I don’t see any change.

Texas A&M: “A&M is a good opportunity, for someone with good football, it’s in the SEC. It’s Texas. Texas football is great. The biggest thing probably is when we got there, I see the engine under the hood, hood, dickey, very good staff. But having more time with Hali and I see how he manages the quarterback position, his development history there, the success of the school.The schools he attended, the players he sat under, Jameis and so on, and one of the five coaches who won the National Championship. kids I did last year, they had the highest recruiting team in the country.I think everyone is expecting great things from the guy who has been there and done it and appreciates the place they play.I think of all the places, if you look to go to college, Texas A&M and culture a little strange there.It’s Texas.It’s not a far cry from California.Many good stuff is T exas A&M. “

Many good things are happening with Rashada.

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