5 movies that help kids understand life changes

The change in life – the way we grow up, the friends who drop out of school, the people who die … – is not as normal as it seems. And while some changes are hard for our adults to deal with, it’s even worse for the little ones. Of course, this Learning is part of life And it is essential for the development of the child, but there are ways to play to help children go through these processes. With a fiction, and There is no shortage of fun and exciting movies to watch as a family.

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Below, check out the 5 tips we’ve set aside for you so that everyone can gather in the living room of the house and press play!

1. Red: An animal that grows up


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The movie that debuted on Disney + this year and grabbed the attention of children and adults alike is a Difficult stage of maturity: puberty. Inside Red, Meilin is a 13-year-old girl who is forced to deal with all the insecurities that this period of life brings, associated with the physical and behavioral changes that begin to intensify. As a metaphor for all these worries, the girl turns into a giant red panda whenever she can’t handle it. Emotion controlWhich is at the edge of the skin.

2. Toy Story 4


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The 2019 film, a sequel to the franchise that began there in 1995, depicts Bonnie’s adaptation to kindergarten, including Pixar’s first animation. The little girl, who now owns Woody and her toy gang, gets it Fear of what lies aheadAfter all, that’s great news for him. Oh Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally He also appeared with the character Fork, a toy made of rubbish that made it difficult to understand his identity. He also feels out of place, not quite sure where his new place in the world is – a feeling we all get from time to time. Also, Woody is no longer a favorite toy and, despite tackling that problem, he continues to help Forkie make Bonnie happy.

3. Monika Gang – Lesson


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The sequel to the 2021 film Bonding (2019), Central Theme Hall Separation from friends Limoeiro neighborhood and ripening That comes from the break. After a plan to run away from school goes wrong, Monica’s parents decide to transfer her from the school, breaking up the small group they formed, Magali, Sebolinha and Cascao. These changes need to find and address their new interests The insecurity that comes with innovation, Since they were all, until then, lived only as a group. Now, they must discover their own personality and desires. The image is available in Prime Video.

4. Viva – Life is a party


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2017 Pixar animation depicting Mexican celebrations using color and word abuse Day of the Dead, The date on which the ancestors were honored with feasts, food and music. In the film, Miguel, a young boy who has not met his grandfather, is a successful musician, who dreams of playing and singing, but he Forbidden by family, Who judges the music career very badly. In his journey through the underworld, Miguel pursues his dreams and discovers much more about his family than he could have imagined. An exciting story to talk about Forgiveness, inheritance and dreams. Look at Disney +.

5. Funny mind


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Since 2015, the film has become a classic among children’s animations. Inverted Riley’s story tells of an 11-year-old girl who City change Need to deal with parents and news. The little one, whose brain was controlled by the win, is finally going through a Mixed feelings And other emotions – personality and active in a control room of the brain – that create a mess in your mind. Again, the external and internal changes are brilliantly presented by a fun and exciting script. Animation is also available at Disney +.

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