5 facts about ‘Killer Clown’, which has become a Netflix series

What you need to know before watching “Talking to a Serial Killer: The Killer Clown”

Last Wednesday, the 20th, the short series “Talking to a Serial Killer: The Killer Clown” appeared on the Netflix catalog, which tells the story of an unusual crime. John Wayne Gessie Who killed 33 young men between 1972 and 1976.

New production, directed by Dr. Joe Burlinger – already hit the critically acclaimed “Talking to a Serial Killer: Ted Bundy,” available on Netflix – a hit for listeners – features new interviews with key players in the case, including witnesses who have never been interviewed before.

John Wayne Gessie He was very popular in the community, dreamed of becoming a politician and sometimes did strange things like a clown. But he was also a serial killer who killed 33 boys between 1972 and 1976. Most of the dead were buried at his home in a Chicago suburb. Fifty years later, many of them have yet to be identified, even through DNA analysis. Now, thanks for a recording that was never seen 60 hours before this conversation Gessie And his defense team, we have a new perspective on the killer’s narcissistic mentality and we better understand how he managed to go without such a long sentence. ”

But, before watching “Talking to a Serial Killer: The Killer Clown”, the team at the Adventures in History website separated 5 facts about their turbulent lives. John Wayne Gessie:

1. First arrest

Married to an accountant Marilyn MyersFrom a rich and influential family, John Wayne Gessie On the day her first child was born, her life began to change. MichaelIn 1966.

After all, the day his successor came to earth, he went out to celebrate the news with a colleague. Intoxicated, he woke up naked in a hotel. Her only recollection is the sex with the man, which created a mixture of shame and excitement. Experience has changed our path JohnExperiencing sex.

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On February 29, 1967, according to the Superintendent’s report, this suppressed desire Gessie Has come to light. He called to take advantage of the fact that his wife and son were not at home Donald VurhisThe son of an Iowa state senator, watching a movie at his home.

After becoming more restrained after a dose of alcohol, she ‘certified’ a 15-year-old boy to have oral sex. He paid ৫০ 50 for the performance Donald. John He even threatened to kill her if she did not shut up.

The threat lasted until March 1968, when the boy told his family everything. The case was taken to the police station Wayne He was eventually arrested, although he denied the crime.

As the investigation progressed, other victims emerged. With an unbearable situation, he admitted. He was given the maximum punishment: 10 years imprisonment.

2. Examples in chains

Wayne Gessie He began serving his sentence in 1968. In prison he became an example. His dedication only kept him in the position for eight months and promoted him to head cook. John The quality of food provided to the prisoners was improved.

Extremely popular, he was well-liked by all parts of the prison system, from prison guards to social workers and prison superintendents. However, if life were going well behind bars, the news in the free world would have been the worst possible: his father had died.

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Although doctors cited an illness responsible for her ancestor’s death, she believed the frustration that had developed within her father was the real cause of the tragedy. John Wayne Gessie He soon turned grief into anger.

With that, he began to clash with any prisoner who considered himself homosexual, as a way to suppress his desires rather than hate sex. Nevertheless, on June 18, 1970, after 18 months of imprisonment, he was finally released for good behavior. That’s when the relationship with him Merlin It was already over.

3. Return

Undeterred, he decided to rebuild his life after returning to live with his mother in Chicago. At age 28, John Went to work as a chef, a role that helped him gain independence.

Saving every penny spent, he started a company, PDM (Painting, Decoration and Maintenance) in June 1971. About twelve months later, he bought a home for himself and his mother to live in Norwood Park, still in Chicago.

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New life was marked by a new relationship: Carol Huff. Childhood acquaintance of the recently divorced woman Wayne Gessie. For him John Revealed his sexual experience and admitted that he had been arrested.

Your life has become an open book Carol and, Who saw in him a person who has a desire to conquer and leave the past behind. A fact that helped this acceptance that two daughters Huff They liked him very much, whom they affectionately called “Dad”.

4. The first victim

But did not caress John Put away your sexual attraction to teenagers. Wayne Gessie On January 1, 1972, he began to show that he was a monster. At that moment, he approached Timothy McCoy, A 16-year-old boy, at a bus station. The two maintained an overnight relationship.

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The next morning, Gessie He went to the kitchen and stabbed her in the chest with a knife. To dispose of the body, he buried the boy under his room and covered the body with concrete.

5. Out of doubt

John Wayne Gessie Between 1972 and 1976, 33 boys were killed. The consequences for most victims were similar. McCoyIs buried at home John. To many he was beyond doubt.

Everyone said he was friendly and kind, successful in customer service, and they had nothing but praise for him. Residents of that part of Chicago even saw him as a kind and generous, extremely selfless man.

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One of her biggest activities was dressing like a clown on weekends, birthdays and city events. Unfortunately, very little was known about its past John Nor did they doubt what they could do.

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