49ers’ Trent Williams admits playing in the NFC Championship was probably a mistake

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It was the most successful game in the career of Trent Williams who was a frustrating former. His San Francisco 49ers won one from a Super Bowl appearance. The fight had serious injuries, however. Williams competed in a Grade 2 gym in a previous tournament, a race against the Green Bay Packers. However, after exercising a week ago in the game, he wanted to go to the football field in the NFC head-to-head match against the Los Angeles Rams, even though he only had one leg.

Looking back, that was probably not the best way to do it.

The young man admitted that his parents’ injuries were the worst he had ever worked on.

“I have no business out there,” Williams shared. “It is very difficult for me not to be out there, knowing where we were and what we are trying to achieve. But looking back, I probably should not have pushed too far. [Colton McKivitz] I would do a better job on two healthy feet than I would do on one.

“And looking back is 20/20, of course. But it was hard for me to tell my teammates not at the time, but looking back, I think maybe I pushed too far.”

In this game against the Rams, the injured Williams earned the lowest grade of Pro Football Focus of the season-52.5. It was his lowest grade since Week 17 of 2018 (38.0).

Williams admits that his knee did not return to normal until April, about a week before. This week is his first return with the 49ers as the team begins its official camp.

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3 hours

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