49ers News: 5 Internal Choices to replace Alex Mack

With Alex Mack’s retirement story set for Thursday, the 49ers now have a big hole to fill inside their frustrating lineup. Here are five choices in a list that could fill Mack’s vacations.

1. Jake Brendel

As of now, Brendel is number one on the in-depth chart for this position. Obviously, that could change in the next few months of non-playing games, but Brendel seems to be the leader of the project at the moment.

Brendel has years of experience in the 49ers system, which is great considering what he knows about Kyle Shanahan’s evil plot. Of particular concern is the lack of returners in the game over its four years at NFL level. Brendel posted less than 250 photos throughout his NFL career, and only 166 came in the middle.

2. Daniel Brunskill
Although Brunskill has more experience in the game than Brendel, he is also a pioneer in good defense, which confuses things a bit. Brunskill entered more than 500 places on the ground in 2020, but if you push it in, you are left with a hole to fill in on the right wing, and you can weaken the two-tier.

If Shanahan is planning to have a former veteran in the position, Brunskill is the best option, in my opinion. They have a playful form and have shown great potential within the air against high-flying pilots.

3. Nick Zakelj

This is my black horse on the starting lineup, although Zakelj has played many times in his career and is a sixth rounder who can be forced to switch to regular room. .

I spoke with the zakelj coach at Fordham, and coach Huettel made it very clear that he not only thought Zakelj could do well inside, but he had been planning a change for years now. Here is what the teacher said:

“Yeah, absolutely, I do. You know we threw him in the middle of the summer camp for fun. He wanted to play for the headquarters, he has been doing his job in the offseason until his senior year because he understands that you have to be important in the NFL, you have to do all five.

As a result, he forced himself to work on the inside, even in the strongest possible terms. And he looked very good in the middle. You know, we decided to get him in a few games to add A Gap, but he was a natural fit to beat us in our league, in the FCS.

I think he does well inside, he runs fast, he puts his hands on people, he can bend, he can play with strength, he works hard to finish guys because I play cell phones on the inside. ”

I asked Coach Huettel if Zakelj getting a job in the middle was something that counselors directed or what Zakelj insisted:

We talked, but to be honest, when it came time to fall, he was like, “coach can I get in?” And I was like yeah, go on. Snaps was beautiful, on the chest of a quarterback, he didn’t have to take his eyes off it, it was something special. ”

I also asked Coach Huettel where he thought Zakelj could reach the NFL level, and his response sparked a desire to move to the center.

It’s complicated. Personally, I think he could be an insider. Once again I think he is big enough to hold down in there, go one by one with three steps, and a combo load guard nose. He has the ability and the ability to play low, to move his feet, and to press to finish in it.

“I think he’ll do well inside. I think he’s very smart, and he has confirmed that in the living room the questions he asked and how he prepares to be able to go in, ID security and call everything and become a threat voice.”

4. Dohnovan West

Although the 49ers did not spend any money in the West, he volunteered to secure a $ 100,000 signature as UDFA. The West may not have the size needed to play other spots inside, but he is best suited for a central position in Shanahan’s case.

I spoke with Herm Edwards, who coached West at Arizona State, and Coach Edwards repeatedly stated that he thought West was the perfect fit for the 49ers’ conspiracy. This is what Coach Edwards said:

“You know he was a smart man. He understands football. She’s one of those children. I just think the system has a lot to do with most of these guys. I think they are in good order when you think of the 49ers. That system always has areas that are very fast, that can move and can reach a second level. He can do that. ”

When I asked Coach Edwards about what he thought the West was a good talent for, he came back to say how he thought the 49ers’ mistake would set West a winner.

“I just think he can play in the air. For that system, he’s fit for them. There’s no doubt about it. Because of all the movement and the things their dirty line has to do. All the pull and all that stuff.”

5. Jason Poe

Poe did not record any recordings during his school career. It’s a player who matches what the venue might be asked to do in the 49ers case. He seemed to be one of the best performers in the whole class, a skill that should be interpreted from day one.

Although I strongly believe in Poe games and physical gifts, I think there is a big difference I can overcome between this time and the beginning of the season when it comes to knowing the role and being given jobs with things like ID ‘. strengthen the immune system and call for protection.

By this time, I would have bet that it was one of Brendel, Brunskill, or Zakelj, but the potential for the 49ers to bring the old man through the free or perhaps commercials is also on the table.

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